Saturday, May 9, 2015

Defending Our Right to Free Speech

In my last few posts, I defended Pam Geller and her right to Free Speech as it comes to the so called "insulting" the Muslims and their radical murderous genocidal brethren. somewhere along the way. I also mention the fact that political cartoons, illustrations and speech are not only part of that right but in fact were quite instrumental in our own revolution among other events over the course of history. 

The great Megan Kelly once again reminds us of not only the importance of free speech but also the fact that all speech is protected under our laws!

Let me once again make something perfectly clear. Pam Geller and those who speak out against the new Nazis, Radical Islamists and all who hate and kill in the name of some asinine religion or belief are doing us and more the world a great service! Never again must countries stick their heads up their asses and ignore the holocausts and worse being committed by the scum of the earth! 70 years ago we defeated what at that time we thought was one if not the worse evil ever in Nazi Germany, something that should never have gone as far as it did if we and oters hadn't ignored the facts that were right in front of us.

Not learning from one's is bad enough but to then not only make the same mistakes and in turn find excuses for the very scum that is hell bent on death and destruction to those who oppose them is beyond idiocy. It is sheer ignorance and worse and what is in fact really bad about this is we the people stupidly elected a President who with his lackeys apparently hates this country enough to not only "understand" the radical Muslim scum and there so called complaints but then is turn is willing to look at us and declare the ideals and principles he is supposed to defend are in fact null and void. All I can say to that is rot in hell Obama and all who refuse to stand up to the evil that is radical Islam and for that matter Anti-American leaders here in this country!

No one has the right to tell me what to draw, write, speak or think and in my eyes absolutely no one has the right in any way to tell me to condone those who equate in my eyes to Hitler and past genocidal maniacs.
 And make no mistake of this. This same statement I am making as to the Muslims and their Radical kind stand right up there with my thoughts about black on black crime and the bullshit notion that White Privilege is the cause of a crime rate in black neighborhoods that is at least ten times worse than other locations. It is my right to state my feelings on that or anything no matter how bad anyone thinks they are. Thugs are thugs be they Radical Muslims or rioters! One may not like that statement, but it is my right to think it and say it.

Free Speech is a bedrock principle that if co-opted by the Politically Correct as well as politically bankrupt leaders and worse hard core leaders with Communist or worse ideals will lead to the destruction of this country. This so called President of ours backs the Muslims to the hilt, famously saying Islam will not be slandered! Well guess what folks, they slander themselves! I for one refuse to cowtow to the chicken shit idiots who feel I and others should keep out thoughts to ourselves and not "insult" Muslims or anyone for that matter. In point of fact, the actions taken by the Radical Jihad, out of control rioters and most of all our lawless President and congressional leaders is an insult to me and all others who love this country! And anyone who feels I do not have the right to express my feelings on this or any other subject can go directly to hell!

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