Sunday, May 10, 2015

3 Hotties With The Balls To Stand Up To Free Speech And Evil - Where In The Hell Are The Rest OF Us?

Free Speech And The Balls To Defend It. Hell knows our President who favors curtailment of Free Speech and implementation of Sharia or worse doesn't have any balls. And one can sure make the argument politically correct bastards and bitches (as to this particular conversation, Bill Maher does in fact have some balls, but the rest on the looney left, forget it) do of all stripes don't have any balls given their savage attacks on Pam Geller and those of us who feel we have to stand up to the threat that is Radical Islam and worse a revival of Jew hatred added together with Christian hatred.

Yesterday I posted Megan Kelly's (Hottie!) response to the Garland Texas fiasco and Free Speech. As all know, Pam Geller (Hottie!) hosted an event that resulted in the death of 2 Radical Islamist bastards and for that we must give thanks. And most likely, Ted Cruz put it best.

QOTD: "Thankfully one police officer helped them meet their virgins." 

Now we have Judge Jeanine (Hottie!). As all who follow me know, I really love her and her views but I do disagree with one small point she made in which she feels Pam did not have to do the event per say. In this I vehemently disagree. These things must be said over and over. Examples must be made that we, the American People will rot in hell be fore we let anyone of any stripe take away our Freedom of Speech and thought.   In every aspect of her opening, Judge Jeanine is dead on. And in her discussion with Pam, it is more apparent than ever that Pam Geller has a set of balls to rival any man in this country as do Megan and Judge Jeanine.

Pam Geller is a shining light in a world of cowards. Her point as I have pointed out in past posts is not just Anti-Jihad, but in fact has been a much broader subject. She is fighting against Antisemitism. She is fighting against the horror that is a return of people every bit as bad as Nazi Germany and furthermore she has steadfastly pointed out the horrors of the genocide against Christians by the Islamic Bastards practicing their so called Jihad. And for this she is vilified?

As she has for some time now, Pam has done the world a favor. She has exposed not only the radicals for what they really are, but she has brought out into the open the hatred that the left and all politically correct morons have for the bedrock principles of our country.

As for my Hotty! Comments. Isn't it a shame that 3 beautiful women, people that in the eyes of the Radical Muslims as well as the scum who hate this country from within have no right to even open their mouths (let's not forget, in the Islamic culture women are lower than slaves) are out front showing not only the moral fortitude to stand up to evil, but a courage unrivaled by far to many in this country and the world in general. That is the definition of courage when one stands up for their basic ideals and beliefs. How sad so many refuse to grow the "cajones" these fine women have

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