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Leftist Hate vs Reality? Time To Wake Up America!

One note before I go on. Anyone who has followed me at all will recognize most of the tail end of this particular post, especially in regards to the Tea Party. It is something I not only deeply believe in, but is in fact something that has to be said again and again. We silent majority Americans have got to drown out the destructive garbage coming from the hard left (as well as from the right)! This is long (sorry bout that!), but as I say in the main body below it has to be said.

There is a wonderful site I follow called Flopping Aces. ( . They have some great writers and contributors, and the comments are quite colorful and varied from both sides to say the least. 5 or 6 days ago, one of their folks posted a number of videos showing the vile hatred spewing from various lefty loons. The post was titled “Left wingers are animals” by Dr. John.

As expected, the lefties on the site took the writer to task for having the horrible gall to even equate a human to an animal citing how hateful that was and in turn ignoring the very proof in front of them as is normal for hard core ideologues of any persuasion. Early on in the thread, which by the way is one of the longer ones I have seen, I posted the following. (Note: I’m leaving things as I posted the comments. There are referrals to a few of the folks who comment on this site. Again, let me say they it is one of the best sites out there for discourse and I really enjoy engaging with everyone on there. One other note. I refer to Skook who actually goes under the moniker of Skookum when he posts. Among other things he is an ex racetrack (blacksmith) as I am . I just want to point out that he is in my opinion one of the greatest writer I have ever read. His stories are warm and reflect a life well lived).

“I’m not sure what a poor animal has ever done to be equated with these dregs of society! I’m sure Skook would agree with me as in the case of a horse for example. Noble and proud animals who surely are a far better example of life then these lowlifes!”

Over the next couple of days, I kind of forgot about it until I looked at my email as I get alerts from their site as to comments. Man, I couldn’t believe what I was reading as to the arguments going on between the commenters. As usual of course we had the racist hatemonger charge being bandied around as well as a rabid disregard for any facts bring put forth. In fact, the feel of the thread was becoming in my view extremely snitty. As there are way too many posts on this, let it suffice that when I finally caught up with it 3 days later, I got into one of my “I’ve had enough of this crap snits”. So let’s go on! My next reply was as follows:

“Long one here folks, but I’ve got my dander up!

My My, we’re getting a bit snitty here. For the record from my little place in the world. First and foremost it needs to be noted that the saner minds on this site (Mata, Bees, Skook and the others) are always first to point out there are loonies on the fringes in both parties.

Having said that, the main facts speak for themselves. The hatred, racist accusations, disdain for any opinion different from their own as evidenced by the leftist Democrats, their leaders and in turn the portion of the electorate ( I wonder a lot about those making the most noise. Losers like them tend to be the takers and not responsible voters) cannot even remotely be described as civilized. And as I said early on in this thread, animals should be insulted to be compared to the trash passing themselves off as “liberals”.

For the Gregs, Riches and others out there, I notice every one of you pretty much march to the hateful tune being put forward by the Dems. I will say one of you at least acknowledged the media’s leftist bias and then in turn defend them! So, I ask something I’ve asked more than once. What the hell is the matter with you people?! You defend the lies put forth (or the truths hidden) by the MSM and the party. You not only try to justify bit in fact glorify the pure vile hatred as put forth by these idiots. You lecture anyone with an opposing view to be tolerant. Just because they might be “expressing it badly, they still might be correct in their assertions”, those assertions being anyone on the right is a racist hateful person who only wants to get rich or whatever off the backs of the lazy idiots who only want to take!

I have been to 3 so called Tea Party meetings. I have not seen anything comparable from the right as to what we are seeing from the left. In the Town Hall meetings I have been too, the hate has come from the left. I have not seen people from the right trying to take over or disrupt meetings as what is happening from the left. And I sure as hell don’t see the right day in and day out throwing out the race tag or whatever other class warfare item they can when they cannot justify their positions.

The fact that from what I see the left will only put out the propaganda that they feel all should hear is bad enough. But for them to put out the Bull S… arguments that I have seen through this thread while refusing to even remotely acknowledge the compromised media is absolutely beyond me.

As near as I can see, the leftists have just about succeeded in their quest at indoctrination of the masses. They lash out at the truth yelling as loud as possible to block it. Their double standards are all they want one to see. The hate spewing from the left, be it the Al Sharptons, the Trumkas or any off the others is a sad commentary on what was once a great country.

Look in the mirror folks (this also goes for those far right idiots)! I believe the quote goes “We have seen the enemy and they enemy is us” (sorry if I got it wrong)? Well that’s what you have.

We’re out of time here folks! Tough decisions have to be made. not the posturing or the bull shit lies coming from the President, his lackeys or the entrenched RINO bastards who think we can just keep rolling along! Hell, you folks on the left actually feel anything I make belongs to the people! And you can all go jump because it belongs to me! Even now, one could take every dollar from every facet of this country and NOT PAY OFF THE DEBT, FORGET NORMAL SPENDING! My and your kids and grandkids are being stuck with this and you’re out there spewing hatred and worse. The President has the balls to tell a flat out lie his budget will cut the deficit when he still spends more than taken in? Ryan’s budget is accepted with scorn as being hateful towards whomever but at least is an attempt to if nothing else start the discussion. OOPS! Can’t have that! Discussion isn’t allowed by the left if it counters their position. So we’re right where we’ve been!

It’s time for those on the left and the right to understand one thing. I and others do not owe anyone a damn thing other than the equal right to succeed. Morally we all need to help the truly helpless. Other than that, those who refuse to help themselves don’t deserve anything from me or my government. We are out of time as far as addressing this country’s deficit. The fact that those on the left (and some on the right) are so intent on keeping their handouts and entitlements and in turn are willing to accept our fall into third world status disgusts me. Thoughtful discussion is fine. throwing out hate is bad! Since we all know the truth is now easy to find if one wants to look, something the left definitely doesn’t want to do as some on the hard right, it’s time for everyone to get their heads out of the sand and be real for once in their lives.
Just a quick example: When one has a Congresswoman who says she can’t understand the new members of Congress who insist things should be Constitutional when passed, one has to figure the party is now completely ignorant of any recognition of our country’s true ideals.

Play time is over folks. gloves off. It’s time for the hate mongers(and those few on the right who we have heard from, minuscule as opposed to what’s coming from the left at this moment) on the left to stop their yelling and vitriol and start acting on the problem at hand! Take the co-opted media to task. Take the political scum who refuse to act responsibly to task. Take the 40 or more percent of the “I wants” to task. This isn’t a free ride by any stretch of the imagination kiddies. For those of you who are moronic enough to actually justify the antics of the cretins as evidenced above, this probably goes against your very fiber but you need to get your heads into the game. And the game IS NOT THE VILE TRASH ONE IS SEEING FROM THE LEFT AND FOR THAT MATTER THIS PRESIDENT!

As always, the left refuses to acknowledge the truth choosing to point a finger rather than suggesting a real remedy. This is about the future of our country! The electorate had better come to it’s senses now. The hate has to stop! We are out of time!!!!@ “

A bit later, a gentleman named Rich Wheeler, a regular on the site replied as follows (please note. Rich was gracious in his reply to the following. I rarely agree with him, but he is one who is always willing to engage in discourse, a rarity for the left. Don’t think I or others have changed his mind on anything though. LOL!):

Reply from Rich Wheeler:

Joe T. Short note. Tea party consists of 80%-90% disgruntled white Repubs. To continue to paint some “rainbow picture ” is disingenuous .Let’s get real on that. Their approval sits at 27% and dropping. Sarah has disappeared in the polls. Will Michelle replace her?

For better or worse left leaning MSM, as evidenced by ratings, is no more powerful than right ranting Fox and Limbaugh.

I see crazies on the fringes of left and right. The over zealous protestors in Wisc. have been condemned. When people say BHO’S GOAL is to destroy the country and the Constitution I WANT TO THROW A NET. Why would a man who owes everything to his country purposely try to destroy it? Is he a Russian communist plant.? A Manchurian Candidate? C’mon Has any other Pres. in history TRIED to destroy his country.

I am a Dem and a Patriot A USMC V.N. VET. I love my country and have fought for it. As mentioned before I get real tired of those who tightly wrap themselves in flag and Constitution but have never served in our great country’s military.

As one can imagine, I couldn’t leave that one alone, now could I? So, I once again went off on one of my tirades. Again, most familiar with me realize this is all stuff I have discussed in the past exactly like I say below.

“Good lord Rich! Do you just read off a list of talking points or something? Get this straight once and for all. I don’t give one damn about ratings, polls or whatever. I give a damn about the truth as it should be put forward! I care about this country as it was founded, not about the Marxist/Socialist Dictatorship that the left seems to espouse!

I commend you for your duty! There is no higher sacrifice. However, the fact is that this country is now nothing but a sad shell of what it once was and that disintegration is being caused by the hard left slant taken by our leaders. As I say above, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to open their eyes to the truth. It just takes someone to open their eyes!

Do I believe one could refer to Obama as a Manchurian candidate? Yes, I do. Do I believe he is purposely destroying the country? No, I don’t! I feel he is hopelessly indoctrinated in a hard left agenda that always leads to ruination wherever it has been tried. He believes it’s good because as like so many in the electorate he refuses to budge off his agenda no matter what is proven otherwise. I also personally believe he does not feel the laws pertain to him. That is my feeling as shown by his performance the last ten years. It is in his words and actions and guilt by association when you see who he has surrounded himself with. I do not believe in the agenda being put forward by the left, pure and simple. I do not believe in anything other than my country and the ideals she was founded under. As such, I cannot in good conscience support anything coming from this administration.

As you point out, there are crazies on both sides. Unfortunately at this time the vast majority of the hate is emanating from the left. Again, that’s just fact at this time.

I am a member of the Tea Party. I am not a disgruntled Republican however. I and most of us are disgruntled Americans! As I have said in the past, we are at this point because the electorate on both side chose to either not bother to vote or those that did couldn’t take the time to take their most sacred right responsibly! There is blame on both sides, don’t get me wrong. Doesn’t change the fact that everything being put forward by the left and RINOs is hastening the destruction of this country!

One word here as to the “ranting” of Rush and others. If the silent majority would in fact get off their asses, do their homework and wake and up to the disaster that is now our government and the loss of their liberties left and right, they’ll have to coin a new word other than ranting. As the left seems to feel the only way to defend their asinine policies is to out yell the other side, heaven forbid if the majority of Americans start sounding off. A hopeful pipe dream on my part I’m afraid as it appears that most in this country only give a damn about what the Government can give them, never realizing people like me don’t own them a damn thing.

You fought for our rights, a country that was founded by a revolution for those very rights. While I have no problem with the freedom of people to say what they want, I do have a problem with people of any ilk who refuse to speak out against the hate, lies and deceit that is now part of the public discourse. As I said, it can be bad from both sides, but in my 60 years I honestly do not recall not only anything like what is going on now, but I sure have never seen this kind of garbage coming from the sensible thinking right!

I do believe you love your country and as such, I find it even harder to understand your positions. As my assessment of Obama, that’s the conclusion I come to from his own words. Please do not take offense at this. I personally relish the discourse when I get the chance."

Rich sent a nice reply with no offense taken but of course, I had more to say.

“As long as I’m on one of my mini-tirades and please Rich, know this is not aimed at just you and the left, but everyone in this country, I want to add a few more things.
We the people sometimes do not pay attention to all that is going on, but once we open our eyes, we act. The hateful noise coming from the hard left at this time leads me to the following. I am hopeful this is the start of a second revolution that will restore our country’s soul. I’ve said before that we need a revolution but we are the only country that can have one that is done peacefully through that ballot box. As to the Tea Party, my feelings are well known but apparently need repeating!

It is apparent beyond all doubt that the establishment on both sides are deathly afraid of the so called Tea Party (and thus the electorate in general) and they well should be! For those of you who prefer to live in a cave, the Tea Party from my view is not just about returning to conservative principles. The people who are aligning themselves behind this movement are looking for so much more. We are looking for men and women of principle! We want representatives that obey the will of the people, not their leaders or their own power lust! We want a return to the bedrock principles this country was founded on! We sure as hell do not want to be told we are racists, hate mongers or all the other names we are called just because we disagree with the direction this country is being taken. We believe in free speech, not hate speech!

The Tea Party movement is not a fight for the heart and soul of the Republican party! A co-opted media led by a hard core left wing wanna be dictatorship government would want you to believe that it is in fact all about the Republicans. And they would be dead wrong! The Tea Party movement is a fight for the heart and soul of our country! It is a fight to return us to what made us the greatest country in the world! How sad that entrenched politicians on the right along with the tone deaf clowns on the left cannot or refuse to understand such a basic tenet!

Freedom comes at a price kids! Sit on your hands and take, take, take, you’ll lose everything! Take responsibility, work and earn your way, respect the rights of others to pursue those same goals and live as true Americans! Those who fought and died to make this melting pot the greatest country this world has ever known deserve that from all of us and if we act now, there is a chance to save it all. But time is running out and the fact that even now most of the current political class would rather punt and destroy our grandkid’s future is disheartening to say the least. Add the hate we now see and we are in free fall! “

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