Sunday, May 1, 2011

Can You Say Dictatorship?

It’s really hard to know where to start today as there is so much idiocy out there that is beyond comprehension for any clear thinking human being. So before I get off on my tirade for the week, let me send out my heartfelt concern for the folks in the South who have gone through a terrible ordeal due to the tornado outbreak. Our thoughts and well wishes to all and I urge everyone in this country to dig deep and help these folks as much as possible. After all, we are Americans and we don’t have to be forced by our government to do what is right! Folks need our help now! Please give all you can.

Now, away we go. Today I want to mainly once again address the outright Marxist/Leninist agenda that is this President and his lackey’s apparent badge of honor. As is the case with this kind of leadership, one can see we are slowly creeping into a dictatorship, one that is destroying the very core of our country and for sure is against every principle we stand for. This includes the horrible penchant of the Left and their propensity to hurl out the racism charge when they are out of arguments. They choose to use vilification rather than fact, lies rather than truth. Such is the way of doing business as evidenced by this administration.

This last week saw the President finally release his full birth certificate. While I for one cannot be counted as a birther as they are calling people who question his birth place, I do wonder why he chose to spend millions to keep from releasing it. Makes one question his true motives. Was it political? Was it to take the focus away from his failed absurd policies and agenda?

Whatever the case, I have to wonder why questioning his true origin is considered to be racist! I have to wonder why questioning anything he or his administration does is racist! Overt reverse discrimination as to the dropping of the Black Panther Election fiasco being questioned by fair minded Americans is racist?! Wanting our immigration laws enforced is racist?! On and on it goes and no matter what we question as seeming to be strange as to this administration’s policies, we are branded racist. Tavis Smiley spouts this will be the most racist campaign ever. How does he know that? Easy! He and this administration want it made perfectly clear that any opposition to this government at this time is racist. Over 45% of whites voted for this clown, yet we are racist! Media on the whole has branded us all racist. And heaven forbid if one even remotely says stop blaming Bush! Once again, we will be branded as racist. It really doesn’t matter to the scum in the media and the administration. Question anything, you are a racist! Sure seems like that to me!

As such, I wonder if the distinguished gentleman quoted below will now be tossed into the racist category along with us conservatives. This is a very telling observation, one that we have been trying to point out for some time. One note here: Mr. Alford says he voted for Obama because he was black! On one hand is there anything more racist than that? Did this gentleman in fact ignore his role as a voter and choose to vote by color rather than responsibly voting for the best qualified? I applaud his courage for what he says below as he will certainly be a target of this administration.

From Laura Ingraham: Harry Alford, president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce

Alford: "[Obama] is anti-business and … [Obamunism] is starting to look Marxist to me."
Ingraham: "Marxist? You voted for him."
Alford: "The worst mistake I ever made in my life."
Ingraham: "Why did you vote for him?"
Alford: "Because he was black, and that is a lesson that I will take to my grave."

Mr. Alford’s comment as to Marxism leads to my next point, one I have yelled about more than once and that is the co-opted MSM media and their refusal to even remotely adhere to even the thinnest journalistic standards when defending this Socialist wanna be dictator in the White House. I’ve been taken to task more than once for constantly referring to him as such, but in seeing what happened in San Francisco the other day, I do believe that I am in fact 100% correct that assertion.

A reporter for the SF Chronicle, Carla Marinucci, was banned from the press pool for daring to take a video of an event that included a protest against His Majesty, King Obama! (And yes, I mean that in the meanest satirical way) How many times have I and others pointed out that a co-opted media will in fact be shoved aside if it even remotely started to do its job? In this case a reporter who, when one reads her stuff is for most cases purely an Obama supporter, is shunned for actually doing the right thing. As one well knows by now however, doing the right thing is an invitation to have one’s legs cut out from under them by this President!

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

- The White House told media outlets Friday that it did not threaten to exclude The Chronicle from pool coverage of events in the Bay Area after the paper posted a video from an event in San Francisco last week, contradicting statements from the paper's editor, Ward Bushee.

Bushee said Friday the White House press office is not telling the truth.
"Sadly, we expected the White House to respond in this manner based on our experiences yesterday," Bushee said in a statement. "It is not a truthful response. It follows a day of off-the-record exchanges required by key people in the White House communications office who told us it would remove our reporter, then threatened retaliation to The Chronicle and Hearst reporters if we reported on the ban, and then recanted to say our reporter might not be removed after all."
Bushee said The Chronicle's report on the matter Friday was accurate. He also asked that the White House issue an on-the-record notice that Chronicle senior political reporter Carla Marinucci remains eligible to be the San Francisco print pool reporter if indeed she has not been excluded.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said The Chronicle "violated the coverage rules that they - and every other media outlet - agreed to as part of joining the press pool for that event. If they thought the rules were too restrictive, they should have raised that at the beginning. However, no reporters have been banned from covering future presidential events and the White House of course would have no problem including any reporter who follows the rules in pool-only events."
From what one can see above and in fact this is all verified many times. We now can see that this President holds the American public and our country’s ideals in such disdain that he openly asserts his control on the so called “Free Press”! For God’s Sakes people! Most of the mainstream co-opted media have ignored this! This quote from Chairman Obama (thanks to Skookum at Flopping Aces) says everything one needs to know as to his want of full control of the media.

“The main reason we wanted to do this is, first of all, because more and more people, especially young people, are getting their information through different media. And historically, part of what makes for a healthy democracy, what is good politics, is when you’ve got citizens who are informed, who are engaged.”

Can anyone out there explain to me how this is not one of the most Anti-American things we have yet to see from this clown? Hold up on that question for the moment because there is something even worse as to how illegitimate this man is as to his right to govern our free society.

It has been reported that Boeing has built a second assembly line in South Carolina for its jumbo jet production. This of course opens up thousands of jobs in Carolina! As has been barely reported (one really has to look for it) the union clowns in Washington State are now in a huge snit even though “Boeing has made it clear that none of the production jobs created in South Carolina has come at the expense of jobs in Puget Sound and that not a single union member has been adversely affected. In fact, Boeing says IAM employment in Puget Sound has increased by approximately 2,000 workers since the decision to expand in South Carolina was made in October 2009.”

Yet we now have the NLRB filing a suit against Boeing! The NLRB claims that Boeing is being “retaliatory” against California’s International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and that is why Boeing is choosing to open its newest facility in a right to work state. Below is a column from the WSJ by Gov. Nikki Haley:

From the WSJ:

Obama’s Silence on Boeing Is Unacceptable
The president’s appointees have moved to block the company from building planes in my state. He owes us an explanation.

In October 2009, Boeing, long one of the best corporations in America, made an announcement that changed the economic outlook of South Carolina forever: The company’s second line of 787 Dreamliners would be produced in North Charleston.
In choosing to manufacture in my state, Boeing was exercising its right as a free enterprise in a free nation to conduct business wherever it believed would best serve both the bottom line and the employees of its company. This is not a novel or complicated idea. It’s called capitalism.

Boeing has since poured billions of dollars into a new, state-of-the art facility in South Carolina’s picturesque Low Country along the Atlantic coast. It has created thousands of good jobs and joined the long tradition of distinguished and employee-friendly corporations that have found a home, and a partner, in the Palmetto State.
This a win-win for South Carolina, for Boeing, and for the global clients who will see Dreamliners rolling off the North Charleston line at the rate of 10 a month, starting with the first one next year. But, as is often the case, a win for people and businesses is a loss for the labor unions, which rely on coercion, bullying and undue political influence to stay afloat.

South Carolina is a right-to-work state, and we’re proud that within our borders workers cannot be required to join a labor union as a condition of employment. We don’t need unions playing middlemen between our companies and our employees. We don’t want them forcefully inserted into our promising business climate. And we will not stand for them intimidating South Carolinians.

That is apparently too much for President Obama and his union-beholden appointees at the National Labor Relations Board, who have asked the courts to intervene and force Boeing to stop production in South Carolina. The NLRB wants Boeing to produce the planes only in Washington State, where its workers must belong to the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

Let’s be clear: Boeing is a great corporate citizen in Washington and in South Carolina. The company chose to come to our state because the cost of doing business is low, our job training and work force are strong, and our ports are tremendous. The fact that we are a right-to-work state is an added bonus.
Who or what in the hell gives the government the right to tell a privately owned company where it can do business. If Boeing chose to completely close the Puget Sound plant (it did not) and move the entire thing to a “right to work state” hoping to cut its costs and in turn its prices to the users of its equipment, what gives the government the right to stop them?

WHO IN THE HELL DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE?! The union cries and the government is willing to fight against the very principles that drive our free market system? This scum is willing to cost a company and in turn workers crying for jobs in Carolina billions of dollars because a union is upset? WHO IN THE HELL GAVE THE UNIONS OR THIS GOVERNMENT THE RIGHT TO TELL ANY PRIVATE ENTITY HOW WHERE TO PLACE THEIR OPERATIONS!

And as the Governor states above, why not one word from Chairman Obama?! Well, at least I can answer that one. The man can’t say anything against the unions. After all, they (the main union leaders! Unfortunately there are far too many union members, all hard working people who have chosen to ignore what their leaders are doing) march in lockstep with the hard core Socialist in the White House. One other word here: Some folks take me to for calling the President and his asinine allies Socialist. They say I don’t know what I’m talking about. I believe much of that is the fact that thanks to the indoctrination by the leftist pigs in education who steadfastly refuse to teach the evils that Socialist governments have led to time and time again, they are in fact ignorant as to what is actually going on. When I refer to Socialist, I am always referring to the Leninist type of Socialism that overtook Russia, one that if we would only open our eyes is slowly creeping into every facet of our society. That in the end is called a dictatorship! If the two examples above as to the press and the right of a company cannot be understood as something that is against every principle this country was founded on, if we choose to remain blind to the loss of our sacred rights, if we choose to believe the Commie dictator in the White House, than this country is in deep do do!

Wake up America! Your country is being stolen from you while you watch and do nothing! Someone has to fight this creeping disease that is destroying us from within! Your President, his appointees and his administration is leading this country into third world dictatorship status. It is not up to the government to control our lives! It is up to each and every one of us! It is my right to question this no count of a President! He works for me! For me and every other CITIZEN (not the illegal immigrants he is also cow towing too) in this country! He is not a king! He is our employee and we need to fire him! Wake Up!


  1. Our side has most of the guns, if a military coup didn't put an end to it all first

    I think it was Tojo who said it would be impossible to occupy the US, ever cuz "there would be a gun behind every tree, under every rock" or words to that effect

  2. Very true R.R., but while Tojo had the right idea, at that time there wasn't a brain dead indoctrinated populace that voted in leaders who are soley intent to among other things confiscate our weapons.