Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day - 2011

Today as we all should know is Memorial Day. Sadly, there are far to many people, some old, many young who for whatever reasons choose to vilify our Armed Forces. Be it the anti-ROTC nuts on the campuses around the country, to the now indoctrinated mind numbed robots being turned out by our schools, to our leaders, many who are so blind to our basic ideals they choose cut down our military, to the fervent anti-American, hard left, or radical Muslim (I could go on and on)elements, these people all forget one important fact!

The men and women of our armed services have laid their lives on the line to not only protect our country, but the rights of all of us. As such, the people who opt to demean, badmouth or debase our military, our President or each other are allowed to do this thanks largely in part to the sacrifices of our fighting forces! Our most sacred rights, Free Speech and the Free Vote have been established and protected by these fine folks! Many have paid the ultimate price. Many are injured and scarred. Yet all gave to their country! Now, in this day and age, soldiering is voluntary, yet thousands still choose to serve their country!

While I wonder sometimes just how so many of us refuse to recognize not only our basic ideals, but also the people who have sacrificed so much, I also realize that this is what can happen in a free society, one that has as one of its basic tenets the rights of all to share their ideas with all, boneheaded or not! But the utter disdain and vilification aimed at our soldiers is uncalled for and asinine!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank all who have given their service in order so I and all can live our lives in the greatest country the world has ever known! I am allowed to state this as I am right now due to the efforts of those who not only came before me, going back to our founding father's time to now,but every man and woman who has fought for my country!

The founders defined the basic tenets we now live under, but men and women had to fight and die to actually establish those rights in actuality! We have them and our military to thank for what we have now! We as a people must always remember that Freedom is not free! It comes at a price, something that many have paid for with the ultimate sacrifice! I live free thanks to them!

To our military! Bless you all! May God protect you as you defend me and all of us! My heart and prayers are with you all!

One last thing. As most who follow me know, my son-in-law is in Afghanistan at this moment. Dave, be safe! See you in August!

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  1. Well stated Joe and thanks for saying so!

    May God Bless and look after Dave and all of our military past and present.