Monday, June 20, 2011

A Quick Word As To Our Anti-American Ideals President

Just a quick word today, but a subject which I am hoping to go into in great detail Thursday. As all know, I and others have railed on and on about this President and his disdain for the laws under which we live as pertaining to him. Combine that with the lies and ineptness shown by this clown not only in foreign policy, but everything pertaining to this country's present and future, one has the feeling the brain dead electorate in fact elected a czar or a dictator ala Chavez.

I for one solemnly believe this man is a hard core Soviet style leftist Socialist. furthermore, his words and actions support this contention. He hates Israel! He hates anyone who would dare question his deity! He certainly considers the Constitution nothing more than a piece of toilet paper as evidenced below!

"I think it is an imperfect document, and I think it is a document that reflects some deep flaws.”
– Barack Obama on the United States Constitution, (Sept. 2001).

In Alan Caruba’s Warning Signs blog , there is the following statement.

“When republics begin to ignore their founding documents, they are literally committing suicide and, in Obama’s case, it is an assisted suicide.”

While I agree with him as to the assisted suicide term, the facts are much deeper in this case. We have a President who in openly choosing to ignore our founding documents (something that was there for all to see if a deaf and blind brain dead electorate had bothered to ignore the lies and look!) destroying our country from within! Are We the People going to stop this? I wonder when we numbly march to the polls (those that even bother) and keep electing lying scumballs from both sides who don’t give one damn about our ideals!

As amazing as it was to watch Bill Clinton come up with new definitions and/or parse words as to his actions, he is an absolute amateur compared to this lying sack of S…. who is the current inhabitant of the White House!”

This guy doesn’t even try to conceal his complete and utter disdain for the law if it doesn’t suit him. He is in his mind a god or something and certainly feels we mortals are to stupid and beneath him to question his elitist brilliance!

This is about a man who is against everything this country stands for! I will, as I said above go into much greater detail on this. This is a warning! The future of our country and way of life, our freedoms and our childrens depend on all the people understanding we are being delivered to the Third World by Obama! Lies, race, bias or whatever. It's all part of the plan to destroy us from within.


  1. Joe,

    Thanks for your comment at Dittos Rush. Glad to meet another conservative.

    I can actually believe that Obama said:
    "I think it is an imperfect document, and I think it is a document that reflects some deep flaws.”

    Of course a growing number of Americans are realizing that Obama is a incompetent leader and the failure of his Presidency reflects his deep seeded flaws!


  2. James,

    Thanks for looking in and I will be following your fine blog. I've had a few personal issues so I'm behind on my sight but should start catching up today.

    While Americans are starting to realize the incompetence, too many still either don't get the fact or don't want to believe the fact that this guy is also the most Anti-American leftist leader this country has ever seen. Way too many folks with their hands out and refusing to adhere to our country's founding principles.

    Welcome Aboard!