Monday, April 11, 2011

Blackhawks Back To Defend Lord Stanley's Cup!!!!

Before I get off on my tirades for the day on my next post, I would like to point out that my beloved Blackhawks have made it into the playoffs, albeit through the back door. All records are even now and they’re getting their injured players back. Big hopes as always! One other comment on this!
Last night I watched a great hockey game. The reason I mention this (not only because the Stars loss got my beloved Blackhawks into the playoffs) is because quite honestly, I'm at the point where I could care less about the other three sports, especially football and baseball. The way these sports have become what they are on the professional level has pretty much destroyed them as an enjoyable attraction.

Now back to the Minnesota Wild. In the other sports we hear all the garbage as to the "professionalism" of the players, the integrity of the teams and all the other B.S. Yet let a team in any other sport be eliminated from contention they will at once fold up their tents and just go through the motions. Get it out of their hair and go home, the hell with the fans, you know, those who pay through the yang to watch Professionals!

Last night, we saw a team going nowhere play with pride! We hear it all the time from the talking heads, but we never see it! Last night we did. I salute the Minnesota Wild Hockey team. They could have laid back and helped eliminate a bitter rival. They didn't! This is a lesson not only in pride, but in doing your job to the best of your ability every time, everyday! I would not think twice about using that team as an example of what sports and sportsmen should be for my grandkids! I cannot honestly say that about any of the other sports!


  1. "Blackhawks have made it into the playoffs, albeit through the back door'


  2. LOL!!!! Wouldn't be the first time in this league.