Monday, April 18, 2011

Sarah, The Electorate And The Impending Doom

Folks, I apologize in advance for the rant that follows. As I started responding to a thread on another site, it hit me once again that the problem is all of us. Until we as a people realize that, we are in deep doo doo. The thread was on Flopping Aces, one of my favorite sites as it has frank open and sometimes some quite vicious discussions as to the issues. It concerned the absolutely marvelous speech Mrs. Palin made in Wisconsin the other day. My response was as follows.

Sarah is what she is and we are blessed to have her as a spokesman. One thing for sure, she has a set that this wishy washy poor excuse of a president wishes he had!

Having said that, it must be pointed out how so many of us on this site have in fact pointed out more than once that this catastrophe that is now our government and in turn the fiscal disaster we face is in fact the fault of every piece of S… politician of either party who has chosen to put their power lust at the forefront rather than what is right for the country! Entrenched RINO scum is every bit as responsible as is the Marxist/ Leninist wanna be dictator and his lemmings on the Democratic side. I and so many others on this and other sites have in fact pointed this out.

Being as the MSM, the Dems led by the President and the entrenched idiots both elected and appointed are on a “spend like hell, make sure the electorate is beholden to us” rush to disaster, it once again has to be pointed out that the problem is D.C. in general but the electorate also has to accept a major part of the blame. They as always choose the candy rather than accept the responsibility. As an example, it has been proven time and again that a robust economy, stimulated by lower taxes has resulted each time in higher revenues to the Treasury. Yet we continue to spend an average of 42 cents above every dollar taken in! And what do we get from our leaders?

Tax them more! We can’t stop ourselves so the hell with the public! Just be damned sure we are allowed to keep our power! Oh please MSM, make sure to keep the people ill informed so as to not jeopardize our phony baloney jobs! And the electorate, their heads firmly buried up their asses somehow keep electing these morons! Let someone speak against it they are either vilified by the opposition or as is the case ridicule from the MSM.

Those are the pure and simple facts, not all the rhetoric and caustic crap from the Ivans, Gregs and others of both sides who refuse to look beyond their own ideological idiocies! If I sound caustic or mad, I am.

Our country is going down the tubes and one seems to think nothing can be done. But there is a fix. It’s called revolution through the ballot box! We as a country must get rid of the garbage that is destroying us! We must take our country back. It is the responsibility of every citizen. We as an electorate are judge and jury. We must find these clowns guilty of the high treason they are committing that is leading this country to it’s doom! I’m dead serious about this!

It doesn’t take an elitist moron for one to see how screwed up we have become as to the very ideals that once made us what we were, the greatest country ever. Too many are now just selfish to the point they refuse remember they are Americans first!

Most folks on this site (as well as here on my site) have seen my rants and raves, so you know how strongly I feel about this. Just an hour ago, SandP downgraded the nation’s debt outlook to negative! And what did we get from the morons in the administration? “It was a political move!” As always, they refuse to acknowledge the truth choosing to point a finger rather than suggesting a real remedy.

As to Sarah and the others. The facts remain they will be slammed by not only the Commie leaning Leftists, but also their own party. As pointed out above there are far too many who in the end care only about the power. Hell, just look at Rove! Even now, he and other moderate (God, I want to gag on that) Republicans are leading the charge against anyone who does not toe the D.C. line!

This isn’t about just Sarah or Obama or any of the other crap anymore and hasn’t been for quite a while. This is about our country. The electorate had better come to it’s senses now. We are out of time!!!!@

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  1. S&P downgrading the nation's debt outlook is not political - not downgrading it would have been political.

    That's my two cents, which is more than the U.S. government currently has.