Friday, April 8, 2011

Random Comments: The Scum That Is D.C. Politicians!

Today, I am beyond mad. We are being told so many lies by this administration and government in general. We are told a legislative branch that had an insurmountable majority couldn’t pass a budget due to the minority blocking them. We’re being told the economy is improving. We’re being told inflation is minimal while fuel and food prices are going through the roof! We can’t drill for oil here, but we can give money to Brazil to do it! All of this spite aimed towards the American people continues unabated while the powers that be happily go about the destruction of our country!

First today, I have to comment on the pathetic performance art being put forward as budget negotiations! Can anyone out there tell me what those idiots do not understand about the fact that spending must be cut?

Moron Alert! The President is being portrayed by the scum in the MSM as being the “adult figure” as to the budget negotiations! What am I missing here? This guy has been AWOL from day one! He sure as hell hasn’t bothered to do any leading on the subject, that’s for damned sure! He and his Democratic cohorts had an insurmountable majority yet chose to not pass a budget last year. He’s out there with the best of them blaming the other side, but he sure as hell isn’t blaming himself! Leading? Adult Figure? The man wouldn’t know leadership if it crawled up his rear end!

Lost in all of this is the fact that one hardly hears any mention of the Dems failure to pass the budget last year as required. From the lying sack of crap in the White House to the propaganda industry they control, it's not their fault! And let’s not forget that space cadet Harry Reid! Today, he’s whining about the fact that the cherry Blossom Festival might be jeopardized! How so many in the public refuse to recognize the failure on the Dems part is just an indication of how indoctrination in the schools combined with the welfare society these scum bags on both sides of the aisle is destroying the very fabric of this great country!

As if the lies about the budget aren’t enough, we have the wonderful lost kids in government telling us we’ve turned the corner! The economy is recovering fine! Ask them. They’ll tell you so!

Joke of the year, but not funny. It’s being reported there were only 382,000 new unemployment claims. The economy added 216,000 jobs last week. The economy is turning around!!! Everything is fine now! Trust your government. Their tax and spend policies haven’t destroyed business! It’s turning around! Must be true! Katie said so!!

OOPS! Moron alert!!!!! If I’m looking at the weekly figures correctly (after all I am a dumb Neanderthal conservative and not a “learned head up my ass elite Ivy League genius” like our hallowed leader), that translates to a net loss of 166,000 jobs! That has been the same pattern every reported period, yet we get the “things are turning around” lies from the no counts in D.C.!

Someone has some “splainin” to do Lucy! The lies continue to pour out as the country goes down in flames, a pattern we have seen way to often in past failed hard left Socialist dictatorships! Someone has to start listening to the truth before it’s too late!!

A comment as to the insane murders going on in Afghanistan that were caused, according to the Muslim wackos by the idiot Terry Jones. (Note here: My son-in law is over there and unfortunately saw 2 children he had grown quite close too killed by these morons! He is upset with them as well as Jones, but like he said to me, the free speech here at home should never be used by ideological morons to justify this kind of moral outrage: His words)

Terry Jones is not responsible for this (and yes I concede he’s an idiot). Unfortunately as usual we have the “America should feel guilty about everything” legion out there that refuses to put responsibility on the shoulders of those who deserve it, namely the murderous radicals blinded by religious or cult like fury! I posted this on another site a couple of days ago, but it fits right in here also.
“And yet we have people here and in other countries informing us we should not and will not be allowed to exercise our constitutional freedoms under the guise of hate speech, intolerance or whatever one wants to call it! Burn a Koran, you will be charged with a hate crime. Burn the bible, that’s fine! Criticize Mohamed, you are a hater. Piss Jesus? That’s art!

Why isn’t everyone in this country outraged? LOL! I’m assuming I’ve posted enough here so one can imagine the word outraged doesn’t quite fit what I feel about this nonsense !

One doesn’t have to agree with the Terry Jones (the man is just another self-centered religious bigot) of the world but we sure as hell have to defend his right to do as he did. If I’m supposed to turn the other cheek when some commie bastard burns my flag, I sure as hell need to do the same in this and any other case! As much as I hate to admit it, he is correct on one thing. The idiocy we are now seeing over there does prove one of his points. The intolerance of these religious fanatics is beyond reason.

One other thing here as long as I’m on my soapbox. It is high time the people of this country stand up for their ideals. If I want to draw a satiric cartoon of Mohamed with his virgin harems, that is my right in this country. Yet, we have a rabid element starting with our President that wants to take that and other sacred rights away form us! We have a press who is afraid to offend and as such will not publish the truth about so many things. Personally, I don’t care who worships what! But I sure as hell care when one infringes upon another, especially with violence (Irish take note. Same idiocy there as I’m an equal opportunity disser. I mention this because once again religious fanatics are setting off bombs in Ireland. Same idiocy in my book!).”

Another comment. While the budget impasse has been going on, our erstwhile leader decided he had to go speak at an event with that wonderful racist Al Sharpton. Gotta take care of what’s important I guess. The hell with the country’s deficit problems! Priorities!

Gotta be careful here. I was taken to task on another website by someone who didn’t have the balls to comment on my site (I don’t and won’t block anyone. I want the feedback) as being a hard core white racist! My, crime? Using the President’s words. actions and associations against him in my assessments and comments as to his sad sack administration. Whenever one points out inconsistencies (can’t use the words “outright lies and hypocrisy”), I and others are branded racist. If one points out the shameful actions by the DOJ as to the Black Panther voter intimidation, we are branded racist. If one points out the need for self responsibility rather than earning one’s way, we are branded racist. And on and on!

Any way one looks at this, if they will just open their mind and actually look and listen, read and study, and take their so called leader at face value as to his words and actions, the end result is clear. They would have to come to the conclusions I and others have. I believe in guilt by association, by one’s words and one’s actions. Obama is exactly what he has always been. A Marxist/Socialist/ Anti-Israeli/Anti-American ideals hard lefty. Pure and simple. He will lie and ignore the laws of the land to achieve his set goals. And since he and his lackeys have no sound basis as to explain their wayward actions, they and their followers will continue to throw whatever they can put there to turn the attention away from their deceit. And the racism charge will always be number one. I know. I’ve been branded as such for simply pointing out the facts!

And it gets even better! Saw this headline on a site:

Despite Huge Fuel Cost Increases, Networks Criticize Airfare Hikes

And what do we have in the media? They are taking the air to task for raising their prices. The hell with the fact that fuel prices have almost doubled as this President apparently wanted! After all, he said so in his campaign. And of course, just the other day he chastised a citizen at a meeting telling him if he’s that worried about the prices the citizen should trade in his gas guzzler for a more efficient car. Once again, our chief loony tune had to talk down to a citizen who is worried about being priced out of even being able to go to work. The hell with the fact that this person didn’t even say what he was driving. He just had the veracity to question his President, you know, the person this citizens taxes are paying the salary on.

I found the following on Alan Caruba’s “Warning Signs” site. As always, he hits it on the head! Not really much I can add here without going off on a tirade so I’ll let it speak for itself!

“In two years, the nation has accumulated debt at a rate more than 27 times as fast as its entire prior history since the day George Washington took office. In January 2009, when President Obama was sworn into office, the national debt was $10.627 trillion. Today it is $14.052 trillion and rising.

The leadership that the world has long looked to America to provide has dissipated. The nations of the West, in particular the European socialist nations, have also spent themselves into penury. Portugal is the latest to cry out for help. Greece, Ireland, Spain, all once among the great powers, have drained their coffers with cradle-to-grave assurances that the government would always pick up the tab.
After two years in which every regulatory obstacle, including an illegal “moratorium” on deep water drilling for oil was imposed, the price of West Texas crude oil went from $38.74 a barrel to $99.02. Other commodities, soybeans, sugar, and corn have all seen similar increases. The price of corn has more than doubled in just twelve months.

America has enormous reserves of oil, coal, and natural gas. It has long been a giant agricultural economy, but all this potential wealth is being throttled by men and women in the Obama administration who think Americans must be forced to change their driving and eating habits. In a consumer-driven economy, they want Americans to consume less.

When President Obama was sworn in, there were 2,600,000 long-term unemployed. Today there are 9,193,000 Americans in that category. People living in poverty in America have, in just two year’s time, gone from 39,800,000 to 43,600,000. This occurred during a time when massive “bailouts” were undertaken by the government. They are now widely regarded as failures.”

Finally, I ran across this little gem. As we have witnessed the Union thuggery in Wisconsin and around the country with the MSM of course pushing the union side. Either way, it’s not the least bit surprising that a union morn would liken his job to slavery. After all, when one watches some of these government employees do their job, it sure seems like they’re being paid to do nothing! Heaven forbid they’d actually have to work!

From Right Wing News: Warner Todd Huston:
“John Gage, national president of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), recently said at the National Press Club that if there is a government shut down and his member’s luxurious paychecks don’t get paid out on time, he’d use using the 13th Amendment as his legal basis.

The 13th Amendment essentially ended slavery and indentured servitude in 1865 at the close of the Civil War. Gage says that having to work during a government shut down and if their paychecks are not issued in a timely manner, then these poor, poor government union members are somehow just like the slaves.”


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  2. Would you settle for a Canadian Whiskey summit? Unfortunately, something in beer has always turned my stomach. "Wiser's Oldest" would work just fine. LOL! Unfortunately on that, I'm on my last bottle though.

    I'm easy to find if you ever get to Vegas. I'd look forward to something like that.

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  3. Keep your whiskey, I gave it up years ago but I can bring my own beer.

    Ummm, you should know I am from HOCKEYTOWN so it would be a given that I am a fan.

    p.s., Compare how many times the Detroit Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup compared to Chicago then we can talk!

  4. My friend Big Mike is every bit as delusional when it comes to hockey. We have a great running rivalry and discourse for sure. Back in 85 or so, the Hawks swept the Dead Things in a playoff series. Mike had this little Red wing player key chain like thing. I actually built a small coffin for it and had it sitting on his desk when he came in, complete with tombstone, cotton lining, the works. We still have a lot of fun with it. I'm an original

    BTW: I guessed the Hockeytown part from a post of yours a while ago. i just couldn't resist my urges. six kind of guy so when the Hawks are out I'll root for the Wings usually. And i hate to admit it, but when those guys of yours are actually on their game, they are indeed fun to watch from a pure hockey fan perspective! That's all i can concede right now though. LOL!

  5. Clarification. I'll learn to type and proof read someday.

    BTW: I guessed the Hockeytown part from a post of yours a while ago. i just couldn't resist my urges. I'm an original six kind of guy so when the Hawks are out I'll root for the Wings usually. And i hate to admit it, but when those guys of yours are actually on their game, they are indeed fun to watch from a pure hockey fan perspective! That's all i can concede right now though. LOL