Monday, July 5, 2010

Business As Usual. Lies Of Our Leaders In D.C.

I was going to title this column “Moron Alert” in reference to the lies, deceit and idiocy being put forth by the scum in D.C. As I began writing it though, I realized I shouldn’t refer to it as a “Moron Alert” as I’ve done in the past as this would in fact be unfair to innocent morons, you know, the “locked in ideology, closed minded out of touch kind. So instead, this is my “You Lying Sacks of Crap! What kind Of Idiots Do You Take Us To Be?” tirade. Note: There’s a chance I’ll be a bit crass today. My apologies in advance.

First and foremost. I noticed a week or so ago Sarah Palin was being taken to task for comparing our facsimile of a President to Adolf Hitler. Gee Whiz Sarah! Where have you been and what took you so long to do so? In other words, I fully agree with her premise. Once again, the quote I’ve used in the past! “Who made the following quotes? How fortunate for governments that people they administer don't think. The broad masses of a population are more amendable to the appeal of rhetoric than any other force. Make the lie BIG, make it SIMPLE, and eventually they will believe it. The answer: ADOLF HITLER ! This quote is fact! It happened and is happening now! Anyone who cannot see this has their heads so far up their asses that there is no hope for them! Good for you Sarah! Keep it up!

Next, we have the sham hearings for the Supreme Court nominee. After the usual grandstanding and for all practical purposes no deep questioning of any kind, we got the following asinine statement from the nominee! “Elena Kagan, the solicitor general and President Obama’s nominee to replace the retired Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court, vowed that her approach to judging would be “a modest one,” “properly deferential” to Congress and the president.”

Question. Who in the hell do you think you are Ms. Kagan? You’re going to be “properly deferential” to Congress and the president.”? As a Supreme Court justice that isn’t your job. Good god. What kind of blithering idiot are you? The job of a Supreme Court justice is to uphold the law of the land, not kiss the President’s or Congress’ ass! How dare you! And by the way, do we not have even one Senator with balls enough to question a statement by a nominee that is against everything a Justice is to stand for?

I’ve gone on in the past about the lack of balls on both sides of the aisle, but in this instance the fact that the Republicans didn’t bother to question the veracity of that statement just shows how far gone the imbeciles in Washington truly are. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by that though. After all, we have Lindsey Grahmm (I happily attack both sides of the aisle if warranted) dismissing the Tea Party movement as a passing fad. That’s what entrenched politicians do when their fiefdoms are disrupted. Ignore our basic ideals and lie or distort. “Hitleresque” in every sense, isn’t it?

Of course, the lies and B.S, keep coming. “The Southern borders are more secure then ever!” Our moron in charge states as he also wants a path to citizen ship for all the illegals now in the country! What don’t you understand Obama? No citizenship for any illegal! Let them go back and come in legally as my ancestors (I have to wonder about yours as you are so open to law breakers becoming citizens) did.
“We’re heading in the right direction as to jobs!” Oops! Another bald faced lie! That’s ok. We’ll give $2 billion to “Green Jobs”. Whoopie Doo! Maybe a quarter of that will translate to anything resembling jobs. NOT!

And of course we got the “we only have a small percentage of the proven oil reserves in the world statement from the President. LIAR! “We’ve been on top of the oil spill from the very beginning! We are doing everything possible to fix this problem.”. Incredible Bull S…!

How about “I only met the man once” as to the former Illinois governor. Gee Mr. Pinnochio Nose. Pictures prove otherwise. I also like this one. “Many of the problems with the economy are the fault of the other countries that are now in trouble with their debt”. Of all the crap spewing from this clown this one almost takes the cake. Listen up idiots! We are in trouble because of out of control, socialist spending by our Marxist president and his leftist cronies. This piece of garbage in the White House is purposely leading us down the same path that has destroyed numerous countries. And I and others are called traitors for pointing this out.

Of all the inane asinine statements to date, the one from Chairman Nancy has to be close to the top. “Extending unemployment benefits is a sure way to create jobs”! This is beyond asshole status. This rates right up there as “Hello. I’m completely out of touch with reality. Therefore, I’m just going to talk out of my ass” status.
Finally, on this July Fourth weekend, we are celebrating the greatness of our country, or at least most of us are. Not our President and his minions however! In the last week or so, this President has stated the U.S is going to have to get used to the fact they are not the leader of the free world anymore. He and others have made it clear to the rest of the world that he is willing to accept the mediocrity of the rest of the world over American excellence. He has shown how openly he despises the very values our country was founded on. In other words (please, accept my apologies for the swearing) he is willing to bend over and take it up the ass, to be a no count lying asshole and do whatever else is necessary to turn our country over to the third world, socialist cretins he serves!

I know this has been a bit rambling today, but I wanted to put it down exactly as I feel. Is the President comparable to Adolf Hitler? You’re damned right he is, as he is comparable to Lenin, Stalin and many others including our friend in Venezuela. He lies, deceives and distorts the facts. He is leading a takeover of every personal liberty we have. He has openly defied the law of the land. The man is a traitor as is every person in D.C who backs his Anti-American agenda. And forget leadership. This man is a follower. Unfortunately, the ideology he believes in is destroying the very core of the greatest country on earth. And I and others are accused of racism or traitorous intentions or, and I like this one,” being extremists to the point of revolution”.

So, let’s address that really quickly. The Declaration of Independence was, as I was taught, the treatise that spelled out the reasons for revolting against the British. I don’t expect the close minded or oblivious folks out there to realize that. After all, they don’t teach our heritage anymore as it should be. However, the fact is that on this July Fourth weekend, revolution is in the air. As in past columns, I wholeheartedly support a revolution. A few columns back, I reiterated that very statement. Revolt! It must be done, through the ballot box. Swamp your elected representatives with phone calls, emails or whatever. You are the government, not the brain dead assholes who are so desperate to hold on the power. For what it’s worth, I have no intention of living under a Socialist state in which I’m told what to think and what my rights are. Take your country back now!

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