Friday, July 16, 2010

Gee! I Just Found Out I'm A Racist!

Today, I want to expound on the fact that I and millions of good honest Americans are now branded as RACISTS and HATE MONGORS by the very people who practice it openly and blatantly. Before I do that however, one quick thought on the oil spill in the Gulf.

Yesterday, BP appears to have been able to cap the well. Good for them. Granted, it took more time than any of us would like, but that’s what can happen when drilling that deep and not being able to put divers and human hands directly on the problem. I’m sure we’re going to hear more of the same as to the blame , etc. One thing I do not want to hear tough is this. “Thanks to the efforts of the Government, we got this capped as quickly as possible”. President Obama, this is a time you should keep your lying mouth shut. The only thing you and your administration has done in this crisis is use it for your own political needs. I happen to be one of those that believe you and others are thrilled this happened so you could push your Anti-American Socialist agenda forward quicker. After all, never waste a crisis.

This is one time I surly do not want to hear you take credit. You and your administration did nothing but hinder every effort being made. And that’s a fact. BTW: I forget what Democratic moron made this statement, but “BP is not laughing all the way to the bank and is not hoping this will facilitate a raise in prices” They have lost and will continue to lose billions of dollars because of this and no company wants that (unless you’re a Democrat in this corrupt time of Government). My bottom line: You didn’t do squat Obama! Nothing!

Now, let’s go to my main subject today. I am a Racist and a HATE
MONGOR. It must be true! After all, the NAACP says so. Jesse and Al have said so. Democratic morons have said so. Hell, someone here in my workplace says so. I’m racist because I have a copy of Glen Beck’s “Common Sense” on my desk. It must be true. After all, a person that works with me says he feels that is a form of hate speech for me to have that book anywhere in his presence. He actually goes on to say that books like that should be taken out of circulation and burned so as not to spread the hate. No Shit, this really happened! Of course, those of you out there who know me at all can imagine my “Blow it out your ass!” reaction to this.

So, I got to thinking. The Main Stream Media, Obama and his “Goebbels faction” (that’s propagandists for those of you who will want to slam me for the comparison), the NAACP and the other usual suspects claim I,Tea Partiers and basically decent Americans are RACIST. As such, I thought I’d put forward my beliefs for all to see. You know. The really racist hate stuff I and others spew every day.

So, where to begin? How’s this for a start? The only thing I owe anyone in this country is the equal right to succeed. I owe them respect as an equal in my eyes. I owe them the right to speak their minds whether I like it or not. I do not have the right to censure them. I do not have the right to force anyone to think as I do. While I feel all Americans should help those who cannot help themselves. I do not owe a damn thing to the millions of people who refuse to get off their fat asses and help themselves! And I sure as hell don’t owe anybody anything for past sins or actions. OOPS! Racist thoughts according to the current fad!

I am opposed to the Socialist takeover of our government by the Bozo in the White House. I stand for the ideals put forward by our founding fathers! I am against the takeover of corporations by the government. I am against the government bankrupting my children and grandchildren. I am against quotas. I am for people earning their way on merit and effort! I am against the vision of this president to transform this country into what I feel is a Socialist third world country. I oppose the very essence of what this administration and it’s lackeys in Congress stand for. OOPS! Racist! According to “those in the know”, if I stand opposed to the President’s policies, it’s because he’s black. Heaven forbid that maybe I feel his policies are tantamount to SHIT rather than his skin color. Must be true though. After all, Jesse and Al say so as do our friends in the MSM.

I am for Capitialism in it’s truest sense. I am against the confiscation of hard earned wealth. I do not believe in any way shape or form I owe anyone my earnings just so they can be equal. I’m not rich, but I have worked and slaved to reach the top of my chosen field. As such, I don’t need to be told I owe those who want a hand out anything. Again, I owe them the right to try to succeed and if on merit and effort they can beat me out of a job or whatever, so be it. Then it lays on my shoulders for lack of effort. OOPS! Racist! Listening to the crybabies out there, there are too many roadblocks in their way. Let me tell you right now. The main roadblock out there for anyone right now is the asinine assumption that they are owed! Guess what folks! Life isn’t like that. Get off your asses and earn it! OOPS Racist!

And last but not least, illegal immigration. What is it that people cannot understand here? Arizona wants to in effect enforce federal law that the Federal Government refuse to enforce. OOPS! Racist! We want the borders enforced. We do not want amnesty for “ILLEGALS”! They broke the law. While we are a country of immigrants, the Government refuses to even use the word illegal. Why. OOPS! Can’t ask that! Racist! We won’t use the words Muslim Terrorists. Why? OOPS! Can’t ask that! Racist! The President and those in Congress who are all hell bent to get these people on the fast track to Citizenship all claim Racism if anyone questions their blatant political motives. OOPS! Racist thought there!

I’m reminded of George Orwell’s “1984”. If memory serves, and please grant me some slack here, because I haven’t read it in over 40 years. Anyway, if memory serves, there was a term in the book they called “Newspeak” or something like that. Isn’t that what’s being practiced everyday by the very people that are accusing me of others of Racism and Hate? Lies and propaganda. Twist the words. Twist the truth. Repeat it over and over until it is the truth! “NEWSPEAK” was an awfully lot like our friend Goebbels who I mentioned above. He and his leader , with their openly blatant lies endeavored to turn their country against a race and in turn tried to exterminate them. Strange isn’t it? Why just the other day, I saw a Black Panther advocating the death of Whites. I saw a Black Pastor saying whites cannot be Christians. And of course we have our friend Obama. I have not yet seen one word of repudiation from our intrepid leader as to the overt racism from his own party. In my eyes, it just leads me to conclude that he, as leader of our country is the biggest racist of them all. OOPS! Racist. I forgot. You aren't not allowed to argue against anything in this country on moral or factual grounds. That in itself is considered Racist. How do I know this? The propagandists say so!

The fact that in this day and age the left has to openly play the race card is easily one of the most Anti-American things I have ever seen,right down to the Justice Department and their inane idea of dropping the suit against the New Black Panther Party! If the testimony is true and prosecutors have been told to not to go forward in cases of White against Black, then in the end, we definitely know who the real racists are! It’s not me. It’s not the millions of people in the Tea Party movement! It is the very people doing the accusing! Jesse, Al, the NAACP, Obama and all others who not only fling it out there but also refuse to refute obvious lies and distortions! They are indeed the true racists in this country! In turn, that makes them our country's worse enemies! They are destroying the very fabric of our society from within. The Racism claim is just another means to a way for achieving what they really want, the descent of America into third world Socialist status. Following, but never leading.

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