Monday, July 26, 2010

The Obama Way: Racism and Hatred

First and foremost today, I want to address the Shirley Sherrod fiasco.

Number one! The original video, as used should never have come to the fore. Someone (Brietbart for starters) really had their head up their asses on this one! I’m a little surprised at O’Reilly on this on as he almost always does his homework and he was the first to not only apologize, but also to chastise himself for not doing his complete due diligence on this one. Good for him. He was wrong and admitted it! Something you will never see from these lying sacks of crap in the White House.

Number two! They were afraid of Glenn Beck? Well folks, I don’t get to watch him as often as I like, but in this instance, I did in fact see his show when he ”DEFENDED” her. I for one am sick and tired of the insane over and over assertion that “Fox is Racist!” The left absolutely refuses to acknowledge the fact that the main racism is emanating from their camp! Blame the conservatives. Blame Glenn Beck. Heaven forbid you blame the rancid racist bastard in the White House! If she was so maligned, why did the White house order her fired before it hit the major news?

Number three! I have watched the entire tape now as well as looked up anything I can find as to Shirley Sherrod. My main question is this. What is this woman even doing with a government job? From my little point of view, she exhibits the same kind of rancid racism as does our president and the Democratic Party! Funny how the White House threw her under the bus isn’t it? Nice convenient diversion for the propagandists and the MSM. Throw out the race card so as to hide the other garbage going on. Also, it’s quite interesting how the MSM, NAACP, Jesse, Al and their minions and of course the horse’s asses better known as our elected officials happily throw the race card out on numerous occasions, but are strangely never taken to task by most media outlets. But let one moron on the right use anything that can even remotely be seen racial in nature and it becomes the worse hate crime since slavery!

Please note one thing here. The original incident was wrong! Period! It was wrong because people jumped to a conclusion due to an edited piece of tape that was purely out of context. Someone dropped the ball on that. But, what about the co-opted press as a whole? Why are they not doing their jobs? Why are members of the media actually discussing amongst themselves ways to combat the scourge from the right? We now have the leaked memos of Journolist members actually plotting and following thru with attacking anything on the right. Of course, this is “gotcha journalism” according to those defending this garbage. No, it’s “you no count lying bastards, you’re in the tank for the no count scum inhabiting the White House” journalism! They got caught.

Sometime back, I compared this President to Hitler. The lies and propaganda coming from this administration is the worse I can remember. The fact is that with a co-opted media as we now have our very foundation is being rocked to the core. We do not have a Free Press. We are vilified when we mention this fact, but it’s true. Hell, the co-opted press even wants to “Silence” bloggers like me. You know, those of us that want to see the truth, not Socialist pabulum for the masses. Yet, the very people spreading the lies claim those few that try to get the truth out are the enemy and should be silenced. It has to stop! Freedom of the Press is defined in the Constitution. Freedom of Speech! Yet the major media outlets actively push the administration line. Tell the lie over and over and it becomes the truth. Practices like this in the hard core Socialist countries like Venezuela, Cuba and our friends in Russia are expected. Here, it is tantamount to TREASON! Racism and hard left propaganda, all being orchestrated by the bastards in the White House and Congress and those of us who see thru the lies and deceit are branded as racist or hate mongers. I for one am tired of it. I want my country back and I want these lying bastards out, both in government and the press!

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