Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lord Stanley's Cup Home In Chicago!

I couldn't stop today without a note as to my beloved Blackhawks. As are most Chicagoans, I am literally in Heaven! 49 years is a long time without a championship and even more so as we get on in age. I only could hope that this would happen as it can be in many ways a once in a lifetime thing!

Kudos to the Chicago Blackhawks. All businesses should take a lesson from Rocky Wirtz as to how it's done as should all sports teams.
( Need I say anymore about the Hawks organization then to point out the fact that they have stated Dale Talon will get a Stanley Cup ring? That one act in itself is enough to show what a class act they are) Great players, great coaches are not the entire story here. A city is comprised of many people of various persuasions. Yet it has been proven over and over that sports can tie people together in ways that would be unimaginable.

The fever when I was home for the Semi-finals against San Jose was epidemic to say the least. When we reached the finals, I was thrilled. but nothing prepared me for the rapture of the Hawks actually winning the cup! Great rally put on by the city Friday.

Friday morning as I watched the parade, a thought occurred to me. The city united as one! 2 million people showed up to honor their sports heroes! 2 Million! They were orderly and polite! Chicago didn't go berserk as other cities have in the past when a team has won a championship. As I kidded to a friend of mine, nothing was burned! No inane rioting. Just joyous celebration. That right there was enough to make me proud of my home city. But it got even better.

I've alluded in a past posting of mine to the singing of the anthem in the United Center and how amazed I was at the passion of the fans. Well kids, that was nothing compared to Friday. 2 million people singing the anthem, cheering wildly but again you could hear them singing. If you look at my other post today, I'm sure you can sense my disenchantment as to what is going on in our country. Yet every time I get low, something happens that renews my faith. And folks, let me tell you there is nothing more electric the seeing 2 million people singing the anthem tears falling down their faces! One city united as one!

Thank you Chicago Blackhawks! Rocky, you have done your city proud! To the players. An amazing run. One Goal! And that is how you played it! You have given this city a special thing! We in turn give you our love!

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