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Correct Spelling For Liar: OBAMA

I’m wondering about something today. I’m hoping that the elections of the past week reflect at least a bit of the answer to the question I’m about to ask, but I’m not sure. So I pose the following. When is the co-opted press as well as the vast majority of the people in this country going to figure out that this administration and the leftist pigs in both houses of Congress are nothing but lying sacks of you know what? A few cases in point:

490,000 new jobs created according to the press releases. Good God! This lie was so blatant that even the NY Times had to comment on the phoniness of the numbers. No need to go any deeper into that one except it is well known that they were either extremely temporary census jobs or just cooked numbers. Lies! Lies! Lies!

Or how about this one? We were promised no one would have to lose the medical plan they were on if they didn’t want to. Oops! LIE! Nancy, Harry, Obama and the rest of the scum bag Democrats knew this yet voted for it anyway, all the while telling the public the people who were warning about this very thing were the liars!
Below some more from various news sources:

“Internal administration documents reveal that up to 51% of employers may have to relinquish their current health care coverage because of Obama Care. Small firms will be even likelier to lose existing plans. The “midrange estimate is that 66% of small employer plans and 45% of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfathered status by the end of 2013,” according to the document. In the worst-case scenario, 69% of employers — 80% of smaller firms — would lose that status, exposing them to far more provisions under the new health law. The 83-page document, a joint project of the departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and the IRS, examines the effects that Obama Care’s regulations would have on existing, or “grandfathered,” employer-based health care plans.”

A related thing here: Today we have the Liar in Chief and Harry requesting the Republicans get on board and restore the 21% cut in Medicare payments to the budget. What cut you ask? The cut that the administration and it’s lackeys openly lied about as they were pushing thru their Socialized medicine plan the one they swore wasn’t there. The one that they now want to restore adding still more billions to the deficit! This along with 50 billion for more jobs which we all know government cannot create in the first place. Why more job stimulus. Oops, back to the first lie!

And of course, we have this whopper. The administration lied about the experts who supposedly called for a six month moratorium on drilling. Again from various news sources:

Oil Engineers Fight Drilling Moratorium
Technical experts who advised the Obama administration on improving the safety of offshore drilling operations say they oppose the administration's moratorium on deepwater drilling. Halting the work risks "harming thousand of workers" who "were and are active responsibly and are providing a product the nation demands," they said. The eight experts, all longtime petroleum engineers, reviewed Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's recommendations on improving the safety of drilling in the wake of the April 20 oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico
In a statement released at a Senate hearing Wednesday, the experts say they never agreed to the administration's six-month moratorium on exploratory drilling on the outer continental shelf.
"This tragedy had very specific causes. A blanket moratorium will have the indirect effect of harming thousands of workers and further impact state and local economies suffering from the spill. We would in effect be punishing a large swath of people who were and are acting responsibly and are providing a product the nation demands," the statement said.

What about the fact that the President is supposedly advocating hard sanctions against Iran? That’s what he told us! Now, we have this! This is on various sources also.

“The Obama administration is worried that proposed congressional bills targeting Iran's energy sector would harm ties with Europe, Russia and China, the Los Angeles Times reported. By Haaretz Service and Reuters Tags: Israel news Iran nuclear Barack Obama The Obama administration is working to soften U.S. congressional legislation that, if passed, would target Iran's energy sector, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday. According to the report, administration officials have begun negotiations with congressional leaders, who are crafting bills that would punish companies that sell refined petroleum products to Iran or aid the country's oil industry. The Obama administration fears that such legislation would harm relations with Europe, Russia and China, whose support was essential in passing on Wednesday a fourth round of UN sanctions against Iran. There is strong support in both houses of Congress for U.S. sanctions that would be stricter than the new UN sanctions imposed on Iran. The congressional legislation would apply only to U.S. polices and agencies and would not be binding on other countries. The European Union is also reportedly considering additional measures to supplement the UN sanctions. In its negotiations with congressional leaders, the Obama administration is seeking the authority to waive U.S. punishment against companies that have cooperated on efforts against Iran's nuclear program. Iran has vowed to continue its nuclear program, which it says is for peaceful energy purposes, despite the new UN sanctions. On Saturday, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi, was quoted in the Resalat daily as saying that Iran would unveil a new nuclear achievement in the next few months.
Posted by Captain Jarred Fishman, USAFR at 3:48 AM “

I’m repeating something I put forward months ago. I know I get repetitive sometimes, but I cannot stress these points enough! Please note as to below. There are reports that the Democrats have “operatives” infiltrating various Tea Party meetings.

“Who made the following quotes? How fortunate for governments that people they administer don't think. The broad masses of a population are more amendable to the appeal of rhetoric than any other force. Make the lie BIG, make it SIMPLE, and eventually they will believe it. The answer: ADOLF HITLER ! “ The similarity to Germany in the 30's is scary. As then the nation is now bankrupt both money wise and leadership wise! As then the Big Lie sells, the truth is conveniently forgotten until it is to late! In Germany in the 30's "meetings were held were populated by party supporters. All meetings had "plants" to ask the easy questions. Dissent was shouted down.
At the same time, the government had plants in any meeting that opposed them. So as much as things change, things remain the same. Now when the silent majority exercises their rights, we see a repeat of history, just as in the 30's, just as in the USSR. Talk down to the people, insulting our intelligence, all SOP for the majority of politicians of either stripe. The interesting thing is the absolute blatant disregard of the electorate. They see us as stupid or worse. And why shouldn’t they? We keep electing these bozos to office.

Congress has been asked to raise the debt limit that at this moment is a staggering 13.3 trillion! And these bozos have the gall to announce the recession is easing? LIARS! Any person out there that can balance a checkbook knows this is nothing but political tripe! It's not even about the lies any more.

The truth will win over the BIG LIE if presented to the people and as long as the people are paying attention as they should be with their responsibilities as voters! It is up to the people and a non co-opted media to stop this administration in it’s tracks as to the lies and hypocrisy emanating form the walls in DC. Now as to all the folks who still believe and defend the president there is this. You say we spread fear. You're darned right we do! You should fear the truth as it will trump the lies and deceit emanating from DC! Yes, I am openly calling the President, Harry, Nancy and all other politicians who back this administration LIARS! That is the truth, a truth that has to be spread. You damned well better fear us!

And to those of you who want to get on my case about comparing this sad sack of a president to Hitler as many will, I say this. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? The lies being put forward by this administration are every bit as bad or worse as any dictatorship in the past or present! The practices of this administration as to public disclosure closely mirror Hitler and others.

Moron alert! No, I am not comparing the murderous atrocities, only the political aspects. Unfortunately, there are way to many ill informed people out there who only see that one side of folks like Hitler, not everything that led people like him into power!

The lies and misinformation are helping destroy our country. This administration truly believes that the Big Lie told over and over will in the end become the truth. You don’t like to hear that from people like me. Well that’s just to damned bad! It’s time for you to get your heads out of your behinds and see what is really going on, not just listen to your so called leader! I do not trust this man or his party hacks! As such, I wear as a badge of honor the vilification from those of you leftist ideologues who can only march to the lies and deceit which you are more then willing to defend if it suits your idiotic notions of Socialism!

Last, but not least I stumbled across the little gem below. I cannot say whether this is true or not, but I sure as hell could believe it. Again, in his own words! “ Quote from Obama’s book: Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction..

"Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, in which President Obama told him that he was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the stepson of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda.

`Atlas Shrugs listed two sources for the quote: Web Today, in which the quote is the 6th item in an enumerated list and Israel Today, in which it appears on page 12, in an article entitled Obama and the Muslim Agenda. The two sources are essentially identical."

Need I say anymore?

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