Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Thanks and Rants

On this Memorial Day weekend, I first and foremost want to express my eternal gratitude to the brave people who have given their lives to preserve my freedom as well as honor those who serve today. I am able to sit here and express my opinion (or go into one of my tirades, LOL!) because of the freedoms these brave men and woman have fought to preserve. I and everyone in this country are beholden to them. My heartfelt love and respect to all of our military! Thank you!!!

I was happy to see that the President has asked for all of us to honor our military people. Yet in many ways, I found it disingenuous at best. After all, it’s hard for me to take at face value he really wants to honor our fallen heroes when he is trampling on every right they fought for! And to add to the insult, he can’t even have his sorry ass at Arlington to honor our dead! I’ve voiced in the past my feelings about this leftist idiot in the White house and the fact that he is stripping the U.S. of her very identity. As such, I do not sense an ounce of pride or sincerity coming from the President as to our military. To me, the only reason he asks at all is for political cover.

A few other things on my mind today. Korea! They attack a South Korean ship and sink it. China says it cannot make a decision as to whether the evidence, which is quite conclusive, supports the charge. N. Korea threatens everyone as to what will happen if there is any reaction against them. The President says he will stand by his allies and then turns and gives lip service to China. N.Korea of course, as does most of the rest of the world, sees us as a paper tiger at best and happily goes about it’s business, sneering at every remark from our inept administration.

Moron Alert! They have a bomb! Good Lord!How many times do I have to point this out? We have 32,000 troops stationed across the border in S. Korea. There is a madman in charge in the North. They have a delivery system. You cannot negotiate with madmen (OOPS! I forgot. Obama doesn’t have the balls to actually be strong. To busy playing Chamberlain games). This guy is so out of touch with reality, he thinks he can open his mouth and the world will bend to his every wish. He hasn’t learned anything yet after over a year in office. Maybe the U.N.can help! What a joke. No different then having a member of his administration refusing to state that “Radical Islamists” are part of the problem as to terrorism. You can't negotiate with hard line ideologists. Obama of all people should realize this. After all, he steadfastly refuses to listen to anything he disagrees with.

While we’re on the foreign relations subject, I was wondering about this. Who in the hell came up with the idea that we should apologize to China for the Arizona law? Can someone please tell me this? We’re apologizing for a state that decided to enforce our laws? We’re apologizing and telling one of the most evil countries in the world we’re wrong? A President who refuses to enforce our laws for his own political gain allows one of his lackeys to discredit our country and laws? Yet, he refuses to meet with the Governor of Arizona. He is having his Attorney General review and probably file suit against a law they never read, but happily bad mouth. And finally, he sends 1,200 troops, but won’t let them do anything! All for political gain. I noticed a story today about Falcon Lake on the border and how pirates are actually robbing people at gunpoint on the lake. And what are we doing about that Presdient Obama! Answer! Not a damned thing!

I have one last rant today, something that the more I think about it, the madder I’m getting. I have never been more sickened then I was when the President of Mexico addressed Congress. The man basically told us we had no right to make or enforce laws that would secure our borders and stop the flow of illegals. He lectured us! And what happened. He gets a standing ovation from the Democrats in attendance and a nice approval from the President! In other words, these people are more then happy to subvert and/or ignore our laws to gain the Hispanic vote. This to me is tantamount to TREASON! Who in the hell does he think he is, coming into our Congress and berating us? And just what kind of scum does it take to stand and openly agree with this? I’ll tell you what it takes. Hard left Socialist garbage, led by the most Anti-American ideal president in our history. These treasonous bastards are willing to put up with anything in order to keep their phony baloney jobs, country be damned!

Finally, I mentioned in my last post, my trip home to Chicago for the Stanley Cup playoffs and the wonderful time I had. I also had a chance to see my sister Donna, her husband Rick and one of their daughter, Erin. Erin entered her first horse competition on Saturday, placing first and took 2 seconds on Sunday. All in all, it was the perfect weekend.

Finals start tonite! GO HAWKS!!!!

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