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Anti-American Hatred: The New Way It's Done

This is another long winded one folks. apologies in advance for that.

Although I didn’t want to go onto this particular subject again, events of the last week or so have me so boiling mad that I have no choice but to vent my spleen. The subject? Immigration issues, race baiting and the utter disdain for the United States by the very people who go out of their way to foment the hatred we are now seeing.

Let me address the Arizona debacle one more time. Over the last week, we have had demonstrations galore against the Arizona law by not only the “Latino” population, but also the race baiters and Anti-American scum that usually make their repulsive appearances when they see a chance to inject hate into anything they do not like. It’s bad enough we have the usual suspects such as Jesse, Sharpton and others spewing their sheer bigotry, but we also have the leaders of our country standing in line to vilify those of us who believe laws are made to be obeyed. We’ve heard from Hillary, Gibbs and most other politicians who’s only real concern is pandering to the “Latino” community to aid their political careers. Heaven forbid they actually state they would want to enforce laws that are already on the books. Might piss off the very people they subjugate the most.

Sadly though, this goes all the way up to the President. Every time you turn around, he manages to inject racist hate under the guise of “social justice” into the conversation. His speech the other day clearly shows his disdain for all law abiding citizens in this country if their views counter his. 60% of the people in this country, including many Legal Immigrants agree with the Arizona law. Yet our President chooses to not only ignore the fact that “illegal” means just that, but instead he injects racist hate as a means to an end.

I for one will stand tall with the people of Arizona and everyone else in this country that wants the laws of our land enforced. The fact that this administration, as well as every other lunatic out there who feels that the vermin coming across the boarder illegally have “rights”, while the citizens of our country have to bend over and take it up where the sun doesn’t shine as people are murdered and crime becomes more rampant is way beyond my comprehension. Murder is ok as long as it is politically expedient for our racist leaders! Despicable!!

Of course, the idiocy couldn’t stop with that. Nope! Instead we got to watch political correctness and in effect more “injected racial hatred” along with Anti-American sentiment go berserk. Of course, I’m referring to the case in California where kids were sent home from school for wearing patriotic T-shirts. By now we should be used to Anti-American garbage from officials and such, but this one has sent me over the edge.

The following from various news sources:

According to published reports, the five boys were sitting at a table when they were ordered to remove American flag bandannas and turn their flag t-shirts inside-out. When they refused, they were taken to the principal’s office.

“They told us basically we take it off or we can get suspended,” Matthew Dariano told KCBA, the FOX affiliate in Monterey.

“They said we could wear it on any other day, but today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it’s supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it today,” said Daniel Galli, in an interview with the KTVU in San Francisco.

The students were allegedly told that Cinco de Mayo is “not the day for patriotism.”

“I have no problem with them wearing their Mexico flags,” student Dominic Macio told KCBA. “I just thought I’d show my pride, my American pride.”

Mexican-American students at the high school said they were offended by the American flag displays and demanded action. Some students demanded the boys apologize because it was a Mexican heritage day.

When it comes to an apology, the boys and their families said, “Fat chance.”

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Julie Fagerstrom told the Morgan Hill Times. Her son is one of the students in trouble. “I’m an open-minded parent, but it’s got to be on both sides. It can’t be five kids singled out.”

Other students were allowed to display the Mexican flag as well as dress in the colors of the Mexican flag. The school even sponsored a group of professional dancers who performed and play Mexican music.

Or this:

Later Galli commented on the episode by saying, “They said we could wear it on any other day, but today is sensitive to Mexican Americans because it’s supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it today.” “They said if we tried to go back to class with our shirts not taken off, they said it was defiance and we would get suspended,” Dominic Maciel, Galli’s friend, said. The boys were sent home to avoid suspension. They had a grudge as they were not allowed to wear their American Pride on their sleeve, literally. Their parents are upset and called this incident as “total nonsense”. But to many Mexican students at Live Oak this was a big deal. “I think they should apologize cause it is a Mexican Heritage Day,” Annicia Nunez, a Live Oak High student, said. “We don’t deserve to be get disrespected like that. We wouldn’t do that on Fourth of July.”

Or what about this:
By Scott Herhold

Mercury News Columnist

Let us grant that the four boys at Live Oak High School who wore American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo were not behaving sensitively toward their Latino classmates.
Let us acknowledge that they were immature, even offensive, when they picked a Mexican holiday to exhibit their patriotism.
It was a more subtle message than the Border Patrol T-shirts that some kids tried wearing in the San Jose Unified District. But given our battles over immigration, it was not a wholly friendly message.
Let us grant all that. It was still a mistake for an assistant principal to ask them to turn the T-shirts inside out or go home. It was a mistake not to let them wear the flag.
I don't say that because I'm a big flag-waving patriot. I loathe the simple dictums of the tea party movement. I hate the Arizona law that allows cops to demand papers on the street.
But as a professional rabble-rouser, I believe in free speech, even offensive speech. And I don't think an American flag T-shirt meets the standard for squelching — not even on Cinco de Mayo in a Morgan Hill high school that is 40 percent Latino.

Hell, at least Mr. Herhold wants to let them in effect speak their minds. But look closely at what he says. What they did was offensive! It was a mistake and out of taste! Mexican American students “were offended” by the American flag! Because of the “immigration issue” it is wrong to display OUR NATIONAL COLORS! And the Mexican students want an apology!!! Excuse me?! Who in the hell do these people think they are? This is beyond political correctness folks! This is sheer utter hatred being shown by people who are reaping the benefits of our great country. Apologize my ass! It’s damn well time we shove it right back at these ingrates. This is the United States, a place where everyone has the right to Freedom of Speech and expression (that is unless the administration doesn’t like your stand on something) The really sad part of this incident is that 2 of the students are half Latino, yet they chose to express their love of country. Our Country!

I have had it up to here with this Bull! I do not and will never begrudge anyone their heritage. I for one am Norwegian and Jewish. My grandparents came into the country legally and earned their citizenship as have millions of good law abiding people from all over. I’m proud of my heritage. But I sure as hell do not force it on other people! I do not demand respect for some phony baloney holiday and I sure as hell could care less whether they wear something that depicts their home countries. But to have some ingrate demand an apology from an American citizen for showing our colors is an affront to my way of thinking. This is the United States! It’s time love of our country and her ideals was put back on the front burner. Those of you who don’t like my feelings on this can bite it! I refuse to allow anyone of any ilk to tell me or any person in this country what they can think or say. This is what has happened in this case. It is a combination of insane political correctness, racism and hatred put forth by people who want what this country has to give but hate what we as a country stand for. I’m sick of it!

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, the President and his lackeys have happily injected racial hatred and/or class warfare into just about every thing they do so as to push forth their Anti-American agenda. Yes, I am calling the President a racist of the worst kind. Again, he buries himself in his own words.

I’m sure the last thing he would want to do is piss off the Hispanic population and take a common sense stand as to the 5 kids in California. I have gone through God knows how many news stories from all sources (I admit I could have missed something, but I have looked at close to 600 stories and postings on this) as to the Flag controversy. I have yet to find one word from the administration, Congressmen, Senators and of course the usual race baiters I mentioned above. What about it Mr. President? Do you actually hate what this country stands for so much that you and other leaders refuse to take a stand for the rights of these 5 teens? Is your sorry political hide so important to you that you choose to ignore the disrespect shown to the American flag and our citizens just so you can get the Mexican-American vote?

One last question. Why do you even bother to wear the American flag on your lapel, Mr. President? I really wonder about that because almost every action I see coming from you is dead set against the very basic ideals this country was founded on. I have in the past pointed out how I feel about your Socialistic leanings as well as your wimpy apologetic posture towards the world in general. And now you and others choose to ignore blatant Anti-American Freedom of Speech issues as to our flag! Why is that Mr. President?

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