Saturday, January 4, 2014

My New Year's Manifesto

Over the last few days, I realize I have gone off on one of my tirades, some of which I’m sure certain folks find quite repulsive to say the least. And as all can guess, I really don’t give a hoot about how they feel. I only ask that when I write or say something that folks reading it will respect my opinion. I am open to legitimate argument provided it is fact based. I say that because I try my best to base my statements on fact be it historical or whatever. Am I perfect at this?  Probably not, but I try. 

Contrary to the beliefs of many I talk with, I do in fact listen to all sides, just as I read up on Obama as much as possible before I cast my vote against him. Talking points just piss me off. Spouting the same tired rhetoric, be it he’s racist or he’s against the poor or a multitude of other he’s this or that inanities piss me off. I hope I have been and always will be open to have my mind changed if presented a factual reason to do so. Unfortunately for the hard left (and I’ve said many times, many on the right) they cannot or will not debate civilly and with facts. As such, as I have said many times, I really don’t have much use for them. My wife says I do not suffer fools lightly. Some of that comes I’m sure from the fact that I have in my life done many foolish things and hopefully learned from my mistakes. That is called growing up, again something those on the left especially seem to miss. It really isn’t that I don’t suffer fools lightly. It’s that I try my damndest to live my life straight forward and honestly. What you see is what you get. 

One only has to open their eyes to realize the narrative as put forward by the Media, this administration and so many others is full of not only lies and coverup, but is in fact pushing an Anti-American hard left Socialist agenda that also espouses stripping us of our basic Freedoms and Rights. To many people have died giving me those rights and I’ll be damned if I will sit back and take it. 

There is a great song in the musical “CATS”. The title is “One Voice”. It goes as follows:

Just One Voice,
Singing in the darkness,
All it takes is One Voice,
Singing so they hear what's on your mind,
And when you look around you'll find
There's more than
One Voice,

Singing in the darkness,
Joining with your One Voice,
Each and every note another octave,
Hands are joined and fears unlocked,
If only
One Voice
Would start it on its own
We need just One Voice
Facing the unknown,
And that One Voice
Would never be alone
It takes that One Voice.

Personally as one sees on this and other sites I realize I am not just one voice. But at the same time, I also realize that many voices must speak out against the coming tyranny that is this Government and unfortunately our elected leaders. As I have said many times, I say this with sadness because our forefathers did not give their blood for this. Yet, it has to be said, be it one voice or many. 

My wife and I are conservative in nature with what I said above, hopefully open minds. Our oldest daughter is a hard core liberal. Don’t know what we did wrong J but that is the way it is. Do we love here any less? NO! And at least in her case, she can and will change her mind if convinced, something the hard core ideologues on both sides refuse to do. Either way, in our discussions I told my wife these are my resolutions for the New Year. I would like to share them with you and hopefully all will realize how deeply concerned I am for our country, our future and most of all our basic rights.

1: I resolve to speak out on issues as in regard to the fight against our founding principles as being waged by the left and those RINOS who prefer riding along with the enemy in order to keep their sorry assed positions: Freedom of Speech is not a “privilege” granted by a benevolent government like so many on the left espouse. It is a God given right guaranteed by the Law of the Land, our Constitution. I will be damned if I will stand by and allow anyone to spit on the law of the land and this right.

2: I resolve to never be politically correct. I will call a black murderer a black murderer. I will call a white murderer a white murder. I will call an illegal alien an illegal alien. I will call a Muslim terrorist such as Major Hassan a Muslim terrorist

3: I will fight the current trend towards disarming the American public. This leads to tyranny and dictatorship as history has shown

4: I will always try to listen to both sides and if persuaded can and will change my mind, however I refuse to listen to the tired vitriol that is the leftist point of view in which anyone who disagrees with their position is an enemy

5: As to the Constitution, I will continue to speak out against those like our President, his Attorney General and others who choose to ignore it and create their own law. This is tantamount to treason, illegal and must be pointed out to all

6: I resolve I will continue to call it as I see it. That is my right. Argue with me if you want, but I would hope you at least respect my right to say my piece as I have always respected the rights of others in this respect. We may not agree, but that is the way of life.

7: I will continue the best I can to fight the creeping cancer that is the hard left liberal creed. It is not what I learned this country to be and I will hopefully uphold our founding principles to my dying day
That folks is how I live my life. I’m a simple hard working man with a wonderful loving family. I see my grandchildren’s future being taken away from them and it pisses me off. I see our basic rights such as Freedom of Speech and thought being taken away from us. I see a President and his administration that has branded anyone who speaks out against their policies as “home grown terrorists”. Just think, one is a terrorist for disagreeing with their leaders. And what is worse is that the watchdog that should be the Press is in propaganda mode for those who in a flash will turn on them once they are not useful anymore.

This if you want is my little Manifesto. Those of you on the left and the wussy RINOs like Rove and others who have chosen to go to war Against we of the conservative ilk should beware. I am serving notice that I and others will fight you to the end in whatever way we can. I refuse to give up my country to the likes of what is called our “leadership” and the brain dead electorate which has chosen not to take its most sacred right, the Right to Vote seriously.

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