Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lies And Deciet, The New Government Standard

We start off with Judge Jeannine and another dead on commentary as to the scum that is this administration and in my view government in general:

The Government released the job figures this week and after the magical manipulation (in my world we call it bald faced lies) they came up with the laughable figure of 6.7% unemployment or a drop of .3% in the unemployment rates. Lies from any leader are bad enough, but to have an administration purposely change the facts to fit their political narrative and in turn ignore the realities of what is really going on is as I have said in the past is tantamount to treason or worse. To have a leader who condones and in fact is pushing an agenda that is destroying our economy and then in turn lie about it is unacceptable!

But what the hell! I’m just a dumb conservative and I’m sure I haven’t near the brain power of the leftist scum that is telling us we don’t know what we are talking about when we take issue with their numbers. Conservatives are just hateful and if they use logic in making their decisions, those decisions are based on racism and hate, certainly not the facts. And I’m sure in the exulted minds of those “educated” lefties, there isn’t one conservative who can do enough basic math and figure out the truth. So what the hell, at the expense of once again being labeled an uneducated sloth, I’m going to give it a try anyway.
Fact: The Government reported Employers added 74,000 jobs in December as payroll growth slowed significantly after several months of solid gains.

That's the smallest number of job gains since January 2011. The unemployment rate fell from 7% to 6.7%, lowest since October 2008, the Labor Department said Friday. The decline was mostly due to a 347,000 drop in the number of Americans working or looking for work.
Yet the jobless rate drops, drops to 6.7 percent?

“America’s unemployment crisis is grossly understated. According to the Economic Policy Institute’s latest research, in November 2013, the labor market had 1.3 million fewer jobs than when the recession began in December 2007. Because the potential labor force grows every month, mainly because an average of 75,000 legal immigrants enter every 30 days, the economy would have to have added 6.6 million jobs just to get the labor market back to where it was six years ago. Counting jobs lost plus jobs that should have been gained to absorb new workers, today the U.S. economy has a 7.9 million jobs shortfall.”   Written By : Joe Guzzardi

Now, let’s take it one step further. Last week I saw a report that there were roughly 330,000 new applications for unemployment. For the moment, let’s leave facts such as this one for example: “Only 62.8% of the adult population is participating in the labor market, meaning they either have a job or are looking for one. That matches the lowest level since 1978. People have simply just given up looking for work.” Seeing the government figures the rate MINUS the people who have dropped out of the job market, the real unemployment rate is at least 13% or more. Now, correct me if I’m wrong here but 330,000 new unemployment applications minus the 74,000 new jobs created result in a net loss of 259,000 jobs even before the lying scum starts manipulating the numbers so as to mislead the public as to the reality of the situation which is dire to say the least.

Again, this is just based on basic math, something we conservatives cannot possibly understand anymore that we should expect our leaders to actually balance the checkbook. After all, facts cannot and will not be allowed to get in the way of the narrative and that narrative is the destruction of the American economy in favor of a hard left Socialist government dependent society. One only has to listen to the blabbering nabobs such as Nancy and Comrade Obama who have the nerve to say extending unemployment benefits is one of the great job creators! Good God. Can these people have their heads any further up their asses?! This isn’t a disconnect with reality. This is open political bullshit being put out there as pabulum to the masses! Tell the lie over and over until it is the truth as the public apparently would rather hear and react to bullshit instead of truth. Shame on all of us for that!

Judge Pirro last night laid (can't seem to find the video today but I will post it ASAP) into the administration as to their lies and hypocrisy and among other things she mentions Benghazi, the IRS and of course the worse scandal in history, the GWB traffic jam and the fact that within 24 hours, our “esteemed” Attorney General mounted a criminal investigation within 24 hours of this “scandal” hitting, one of course aimed at a political enemy of the leftist scum Democrats (and don’t think for one moment the RINOS aren’t helping out here). 

Benghazi: people died! One year and four months and they still blame the video! (after all, isn’t the NY Times the mouthpiece?)

IRS: Basically the IRS (as it has in the past but much more openly now) is investigating and/or going after political enemies of this administration. They got caught but only now does the administration appoint an investigator and what a shock a pro-Obama lackey.

And let’s not even go into the lies about healthcare (6,286,357 Americans who had health care plans before ObamaCARE have now lost their coverage because of ObamaCARE, yet we were promised we could keep our plans), the lies as to the support being given to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia, the fact that the Feds will charge a hate crime against one white copy cat (knock out game) while claiming there is no evidence that shows racial hate as to the hundreds of reports and videos of blacks punching whites and so much more!

At American Conservative Daily, I found the following, and I am 100% in agreement:

“Finally just think about this list and ask whether any of these items have been adequately addressed and explained or whether they have simply faded away. There are more but let's start here:
  1. Basic administration scandals such as Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservative groups and NSA data collection programs,
  2. The incompetence surrounding Obamacare from inception to rollout and whether it has all been carefully crafted in that way in order to quickly fail and move the country to socialized medicine. After all we know that government is incompetent, but could they have really screwed up this rollout as badly as they did unless it was done on purpose,
  3. National debt being pushed to unsustainable level not only under the Federal Reserve's nose but with it being a willing participant,
  4. Trillions spent on economic revival with absolutely nothing to show for it,
  5. An administration that seems to be hellbent on fostering racial divisiveness,
  6. A foreign policy so incompetent that once again it is hard to believe that its failure wasn't the master plan all along. The collapse of the 'Arab Spring' with the Muslim Brotherhood gaining power and the resurgence of al-Qaeda in Iraq after our troop withdrawal are only two examples that were predicted by everyone except the Obama administration. This administration is currently giving Iran the cover that it needs through a charade about diplomacy to continue along on its merry way to nuclear weapons. And of course who can forget the famous non-redline redline in Syria.
  7. This administration has quietly (only because the mainstream media fails to report it) moved the US to the point where over 50% of the people are on some form of government entitlement. And, when Republicans talk about entitlement reform or the fact that extending unemployment benefits need to be paid for in the budget, the racism card is liberally played (see #5).
A large percentage of Americans sadly seem to have their heads stuck squarely up their asses and my fear is after five years of Obama lack of leadership that the country may have already passed the point of no return!

Folks, whether one wants to admit it or not, we have a government that is completely out of control. Furthermore, its express purpose is to push us into a Communistic society. This President and far too many of our elected officials have openly lied as to their objectives and with the help of a Press that seems to have orgasms every time Comrade Obama speaks has convinced far too many of the “people” that the ideals we Conservatives and true free men hold dear are in fact the very things that are destroying this country. They are wrong, but we must stand up to the lies and fight back. Ignorance is no excuse once your freedoms are taken away if one chose to ignore the very open warning signs. Open blatant lies by our elected officials and the refusal of the electorate to recognize them as such is but one step to our downfall.

I’ll leave this with a quote I found from George Orwell:  “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

Our society is almost at the point where far too many of the people are at the stage of hating those who speak the truth. Wake up America!

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