Sunday, January 12, 2014

Prime Minister Sharon, May He Rest In Peace

I have a few things on my mind today as to the lying, hypocritical cancer that is Barak Obama and his administration, but before I get to that other post, I want to comment on a great loss the world just had and that is the death of Ariel Sharon, the ex-prime minister of Israel. This was a great man whose love for his country was unquestioned. He was a steadfast ally of the United States and a man to be respected. So as usual, seeing it is about Israel, a long time ally of the U.S, our so called President, as he did when the Great Margaret Thatcher died, is once again choosing to skip the funeral of this great man and sending Biden instead.

“Vice President Joe Biden will lead the U.S. delegation to the memorial service of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, according to the White House.

“I look forward to leading the U.S. delegation to his memorial service, to pay respects to the man and to pay tribute to the unshakeable partnership between the United States and Israel,” said Biden, expressing his condolences to Sharon’s family and Israel.

Sharon died Saturday after a massive stroke in early 2006 left him comatose for eight years. He was 85.”

How is it that the press refuses to see and report on the open contempt this scum in the White House has for our allies and Israel in particular. Say what one wants, but Dame Thatcher and Prime Minister Sharon were a damn sight more important to this country than Mandela was! (And for those of you that will call me racist with that statement, please be advised this is not a slam personally at Mandela. Of course one minded fools refuse to open their minds so as usual you can blow it out your asses because in the greater scheme of things my statement is fact!) Yet, we sit back and watch as this President openly disses our allies and embraces our enemies both outside our border and within.

My heartfelt sympathies to the Sharon family and the people of Israel. We have lost a great man!

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