Sunday, December 22, 2013

Free Speech and a Merry Christmas!

The holiday season for me is a time to reflect on and give thanks for the good things Sue and I have experienced and the good people we are blessed to know and love.This includes people from all walks of life and we value their friendship and their love. 

Sue and I hold our religion seriously and are proud of it. I am Jewish by birth, but most of my family are Christians. We do not force it in peoples faces and we certainly do not ever deny anyone the right to disagree with our BELIEFS. That is what discourse is for. However, the beliefs Sue and I hold true are being attacked from every quarter. The war on religious belief in this country is real, the politically correct thought police be damned. It is open warfare and Christmas aside, has probably never been more openly blatantly practiced than in the Duck Dynasty / Phil Robertson Fiasco!
 A religious man expressed, maybe crudely, but none the less expressed his opinion of Homosexual activities. He expressed it based on his religious beliefs and his upbrininging. Yet we see nothing but hate and vitriol aimed at him. He is a racist and a bigot yet all he did was express his beliefs in a supposedly Free Country. It always amazes me how the left only will put up with free speech they approve of, but what the hell, that is what a dictatorship does.

The thought police now tells us what to think and say. Religion is bad. Sodomy is good. Boys u8sing girl's bathrooms is fine. and on and on! No common sense, but worse no recognition of the right of the people to voice their opinion. The Bill of Rights was not written to grant us our rights. The Bill of Writes was written to protect those rights from a tyrannical government! Yet, voice your opinion and not be in lock step with Comrade Obama's Gestapo Thought Police and you are branded a hater or worse. And as far as I'm concerned, the thought police and all can go directly to hell. And by the way, they don't pass go and collect $200.

Here is the wonderful Judge Jeannine. I can't say it any better than this!

We are coming up on the birthday of the Birth of our Lord. Those who rail against this should just turn their head and respect it as we believe in it. I really don't care one bit if it offends Muslims, Kwanzans or whatever one wants to call themselves. We believe in it and that is our inherent right. We do not believe in homosexuality and that also is our inherent right! Take these rights seriously people because they are being stripped from you as I write this. It's not a joke, this is a fact. It is amazing when everything is taken away from you, you then ask "what the hell happened!?" Usually to late to do anything about it by then so take heed.

Sue and I wish everyone out there a Very Merry Christmas! May everyone be as blessed as we are!

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