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Obama, The Deplorable Little Man "Who Feels He Is A King"

As one can imagine if they follow my rants at all, I have no use for the slime ball that is the current President. My main thrust today was originally going to be another rant about the now apparently accepted use of open blatant lies as coming from our government as well as the MSM and of course, I will in fact get to that a bit further into this in my next post a bit later today. 

However, I want to at this time address two occurrences this weekend that have me fit to be tied to say the least. Let me preface this by reminding everyone I do in fact despise this President and everything he stands for. For those who feel me and others are full of hate or racially biased when it comes to Chairman Obama, I will simply say “blow it out your ass”. The disdain I have for this President and our leaders go far beyond anything the leftist wingnut apologists will ever understand. It in fact goes to the epicenter of what I feel is the open contempt this President shows towards our country and our founding ideals as well as to his open despite for anyone or anything that not only stands in opposition to his march towards Soviet Style dictatorship but also his sheer lack of common sense as to our allies and his open embrace of Commie like bastards around the world. I have ranted about this more than once, but yesterday was the final straw!

First, as we all know, Nelson Mandela died Friday. Well of course, Obama put on another B.S. performance as to the great loss and so on and so on. Then we got the announcement that he and a Congressional troupe are going to the funeral.

Quick reminder here:  This no count piece of crap couldn’t be bothered to attend the funeral of one of the world’s greatest leaders, Margaret Thatcher, but he sure as hell can rush off to the funeral of one of his like minded Commies!

“The White House said last night that President Barack Obama is expected to travel to South Africa to bid farewell to Mandela along with numerous other world leaders including British Prime Minister David Cameron.
It’s expected, and would be surprising if he didn’t go. But, it wasn’t that long ago another national figure passed away and not only did Obama not attend the funeral, he sent no official White House envoy:
“The US sent a distinctly low-key official representation to Lady Thatcher’s funeral, with a delegation led by George Shultz and James Baker, who both served as US secretary of state while Thatcher was in power.
While Barack Obama was invited, he has opted to send a presidential delegation comprising no serving politicians.” 

Why does my stomach tell me that immediately after putting on his B.S. “oh I’m so sad one of my heroes died” performance, he then turned around and did a gleeful dance thanking his lucky stars for Mandela’s death at this particular time which would hopefully take some of the heat off his sorry ass? 

How sad is it that one would think that any President would think that way, but in my case I believe it! He sure as hell didn’t give one damn about one of our strongest allies! Oh, one other word om this. I will rot in hell before I lower my flag to half staff in honor of a confirmed communist. Bite that lefties!!!

The Mandala thing is of course enough to frost my balls, but something happened yesterday that if I did in fact have even an ounce of respect for this rancid cancer that is our so called leader, I flushed it down the toilet and with quite honestly what I will call a hateful scorn for a completely classless America hating scum ball that I am completely ashamed to even acknowledge as our President. And for those lefty wackos who time and again accuse myself and others of “hating” this clown, I will admit that as of yesterday, hating him could be an apt description of my feelings at this moment!

As all know, yesterday was Pearl Harbor day. I waited all day and not once did I hear or see a word from the Commander in Chief and so called leader of this country! Not one damned word! His rancid ass couldn’t be bothered to attend the ceremonies in his supposed home state of Hawaii, he couldn’t mention it in his whiney “blame everyone except his own sorry ass” as to the health care fiasco and the sorry economy yet he was able to once again “mourn” his Communist buddy’s death.

Over 2,000 brave men died that day! Countless others gave their lives and more in defeating the Japanese and German menace and this country owes so much to the men and women who in turn gave us this great country and the freedoms we enjoy. And what do we get from the Commander in Chief? NOT A DAMNED THING!!!! 

Over at Virtual Mirage, I saw the following post:

“We've been surprised a few times. September 11, 2001 stands out as does December 7, 1941. Those of us who served in the US Navy have the date burned into our souls because we were not prepared for what the Imperial Japanese Navy did to us that Sunday morning. That the Japanese paid and their home islands were burned does not change the date or the fact.

Today, dark forces are working to diminish what many paid the ultimate price to preserve. An apathetic America behaves as though freedom is free and hand-outs are simply the way we should reward laziness. That's not what built the nation. That's not what preserved the nation. That's not what made us exceptional -- but it's what 'the mob' seems to pine for.

The Constitution is still the constitution. Duty, honor and country are still the hallowed core of who we are. I pray that we will not stray past the point of no return.”

I answered as follows:

“I couldn't have stated it better! I join you in your prayer we will not stray but in fact somehow circle back to the foundation of our country, the Constitution.

As we watch the administration openly berate and step on the Law of the Land, one has to wonder if this President even remotely cares about the significance of Pearl Harbor day as well as the sacrifices by so many from that day forward (as well as the sacrifices from our country's beginning). The open slap to the face by a government that now refuses in many cases to teach our history is in my eyes a horrible affront to those many whom made the ultimate sacrifice to give me and all others the freedoms we enjoy.

As you say, Duty, Honor and Country.”

I for one have more than once commented on what I feel is an openly shown disdain by this President towards or men and women in arms. I fell he does not even remotely believe in the ideals these men and women fought for. I also feel he only regards our armed services in the same way every dictator around the world has. I do believe he would have our troops fire on Americans to get his way. Many will call me a hard right whatever in this regard, but let me assure you this goes much deeper than ideology! I love our country and I honor those who gave so much to give me and my family a chance at a good free life. I believe in our country’s basic founding tenets and I will be damned if I will be silenced as to what I perceive is a steadfast march to Soviet Style dictatorship. 

I really do feel this cancer that is President Obama hates this country as it was founded and furthermore hates our men and women in uniform if they actually support the basic tenets of our country and their military oath.  
Please note. I happen to feel this President would in fact use armed force against our citizens. I do in fact feel this President has broken the Law of the Land on numerous occasions, lying, bullying and doing whatever as he tries to establish his idea of a dictatorship. I believe deeply he is a traitor to our country and furthermore fell he should not only be impeached but in fact tried. Call it hate or whatever you want, but my country comes first and I will freely now say I do hate anything that would or could lead to our downfall. For you lefties who now have their panties in a wad, get over it. I was raised to love my country, not stand by and watch as my Freedoms are taken away and my grandchildren’s futures are stolen from them by a government headed by a Commie head case!

I have two items below, the first from Right Wing News and the other by a retired General. The first should scare the hell out of every citizen in this country! And make no mistake, this President does not believe in free rights of any kind including the right for self defense:

“Within the upper echelons of our military there still remain men and women who are committed to the fundamental laws of the land. But assuming that all members of our military will be there to support the Constitution of the United States when our nation needs them most would be a mistake.

Understand this: There are those within their ranks who would turn on their oaths and forcibly seize the very rights our Founders fought so hard to preserve without giving it a second thought.

The following opinion piece, penned by Lt. Col. Robert Bateman, shows in stark detail exactly what we’re dealing with and argues in no uncertain terms that the American public must be disarmed in order for the United States to survive.

The ideas proposed by Lt. Col. Bateman in It’s Time to Talk About Guns and the Supreme Court are nothing short of shocking.

This is coming from an active military commander, and though not officially sanctioned by the administration, his work is obviously a propaganda piece designed to give the gun grabber initiative direct support from military leadership.

Guns are tools. I use these tools in my job. But like all tools one must be trained and educated in their use. Weapons are there for the “well regulated militia.” Their use, therefore, must be in defense of the nation. Shooting and killing somebody because they were not “upset enough” over the loss of a college football team should not be possible in our great nation. Which is why I am adding the following “Gun Plank” to the Bateman-Pierce platform. Here are some suggestions:

1. The only guns permitted will be the following:
·         a. Smoothbore or Rifled muzzle-loading blackpowder muskets. No 7-11 in history has ever been held up with one of these.
·         b. Double-barrel breech-loading shotguns. Hunting with these is valid.
·         c. Bolt-action rifles with a magazine capacity no greater than five rounds. Like I said, hunting is valid. But if you cannot bring down a defenseless deer in under five rounds, then you have no fking reason to be holding a killing tool in the first place.
2. We will pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers. That is because I am willing to wait until you die, hopefully of natural causes. Guns, except for the three approved categories, cannot be inherited. When you die your weapons must be turned into the local police department, which will then destroy them. (Weapons of historical significance will be de-milled, but may be preserved.)
3. Police departments are no longer allowed to sell or auction weapons used in crimes after the cases have been closed. (That will piss off some cops, since they really need this money. But you know what they need more? Less violence and death. By continuing the process of weapon recirculation, they are only making their jobs — or the jobs of some other cops — harder.)
4. We will submit a new tax on ammunition. In the first two years it will be 400 percent of the current retail cost of that type of ammunition. (Exemptions for the ammo used by the approved weapons.) Thereafter it will increase by 20 percent per year.
5. We will initiate a nationwide “buy-back” program, effective immediately, with the payouts coming from the DoD budget. This buy-back program will start purchasing weapons at 200 percent of their face value the first year, 150 percent the second year, 100 percent the third year. Thereafter there will be a 10 year pause, at which point the guns can be sold to the government at 10 percent of their value for the next 50 years.
6. The major gun manufactures of the United States, less those who create weapons for the federal government and the armed forces, will be bought out by the United States of America, for our own damned good.
Excerpted from Esquire Magazine via Sipsey Street Irregulars

You won’t see the establishment media publishing arguments from top military leaders in support of the Second Amendment. Sadly, however, those who would take away our right to defend ourselves have been given a limitless platform to push their agenda to the masses.
Hundreds of thousands of services members, both active and retired, have put their lives on the line to uphold those rights which have made our nation great. There’s no doubt that they will do so again when the need arises.

But on the flip side of that coin are potentially hundreds of thousands of others who have no qualms about “just following orders.”

A report earlier this year from well connected philanthropist Dr. Jim Garrow claims that there is a new litmus test for military leadership:
I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks.
“The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”.
Those who will not are being removed.
Obviously, Lt. Col. Robert Bateman passed the test with flying colors.
This post was used with the permission of Joe for America.”

Now, let’s look at real bravery, because one can guess Herr Obama will send his IRS and whatever other Gestapo like outfit he can find after Retired Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely.

WASHINGTON – A retired Army general is calling for the “forced resignations” of President Obama, other administration officials and the leadership of Congress for the direction they’re taking the nation, his list of grievances including the systematic political purge of hundreds of senior military officers in the U.S. military.

Retired Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely told WND he is calling for nationwide rallies and protests to demand the resignations and added that a peaceful “civil uprising is still not out of question.”

In his capacity as chairman of the organization Stand Up America, Vallely issued what he termed a “National Call to Action” to force the resignations of Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Vallely, formerly the deputy commanding general of Pacific Command, said the current crop of leaders must be forced to resign by the “demand resignation” process, which he explained requires massive grass-roots protests and social networking. As an example, he cited the public and media pressure that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

Impeachment, Vallely said, is not a viable option because of “partisan politics.”

“Our federal government continues down the path of destroying America,” he said. “Americans must now stand up and put America back on the right track.”

In issuing his national call to action, Vallely said the federal government has not subsided in “sucking the oxygen” out of America.

“And we call to action all branches of government to do your constitutional duties and not be led astray in the cultural and moral decay of America. We have witnessed far too many lies,” he said, as well as “deception and the corruption of the republic.”

Vallely reminds Americans that the Declaration of Independence itself states that whenever “any Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem more likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”

Vallely said the nation he long defended is self-destructing “before our very eyes,” because of “our inept and incompetent leadership in Washington.”

“The battle is on,” he added, “and we shall not retreat.”

The quote below, although relating to health care does in fact relate to this administration and it’s no count leader:
After indignant denunciation of Republicans for trying to amend “the law of the land” constitutionally (i.e. in Congress assembled), Democrats turn utterly silent when the president lawlessly tries to do so by executive fiat. — Charles Krauthammer

In turn, let me also refer to Jonathan Turley, certainly not a Right Winger by any stratch of the imagination:

“The danger is quite severe. The problem with what the president is doing is that he’s not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system. He’s becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid. That is the concentration of power in every single branch.

“This Newtonian orbit that the three branches exist in is a delicate one but it is designed to prevent this type of concentration. There [are] two trends going on which should be of equal concern to all members of Congress. One is that we have had the radical expansion of presidential powers under both President Bush and President Obama. We have what many once called an imperial presidency model of largely unchecked authority. And with that trend we also have the continued rise of this fourth branch. We have agencies that are quite large that issue regulations. The Supreme Court said recently that agencies could actually define their own or interpret their own jurisdiction”

Wake up people! Yes, I absolutely despise the President for his open hatred of this country and her ideals as well as his complete lack of gratitude to our military and more! But I hate him even more because in his words and actions, he is willing to deliver this country to third world status or worse! There is no honor in this President. There is no truth, only lies and deception. There is nothing other than a hard left Communist wanna be dictator and if this nation does not come to her senses now, all is lost!

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