Sunday, May 12, 2013

People Died! Obama and Company Lied!

I have to say the events of the last week or so do not surprise me in the least bit. One only had to be paying even the slightest bit of attention to the Fast and Furious scandal to realize this administration along with the scum RINOs were more than willing to stonewall and openly lie so as to protect their sorry asses! It didn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that this sorry horse’s ass we call a President doesn’t give one damn about the public and for sure doesn’t feel the murder of a U.S. citizen amounts to a hill of beans other than to falsely promote his anti 2nd amendment gun confiscation program. As anyone with a brain that is not packed in sawdust knows about this, I’ll leave it at that for the moment.

And of course we now learn the IRS has been targeting any group with a Tea Party/in effect conservative leaning label and just moments ago I now see that they were also targeting Jewish groups! The White house chooses to shrug their shoulders and say it is not their fault. After all, the IRS is run by two Bush appointees! Hip boots can’t keep the shit from creeping into my pants as the public is fed it’s pabulum for the masses consisting of lies and misdirection!  This is not the first time and administration of either party has used the IRS as an attack dog against those who are in disagreement with its policies and it won’t be the last. But don’t think for one moment anyone will convince me they were not ordered by someone in this administration or its party to do this! It might not have been ordered directly by the so called President, but as the titular head of the party and such, the bullshit line of “it’s agencies acting like they always do” is a crass reminder that this President doesn’t have the balls to take the final “the buck stops here” responsibility for anything! 

The two ongoing scandals above are just examples of a government out of control. This of course is the fault of not only the lying scum bags from both parties but in fact an electorate that cares more about Lindsay Lohan or some lurid murder trial or who won American Idol or whatever other asinine thing there is to care about (along with the I am owed everything mentality). And of course let us not forget the propaganda industry known as the MSM that even when the facts are there and open (as in the Benghazi disaster which we will discuss next) chooses to trumpet and in fact carry on the lies of this treasonous President and his sad sack administration! As the hearings unfolded Wednesday it was apparent to anyone who chose to open their minds that this administration from the President down lied to their teeth! Some call it political. Some call it moronic stupidity. Some call it miscommunication. Bullshit! The President of the United States, The Secretary of State, The Press Secretary and more all lied! And apparently the then Secretary of Defense had his head so far up the President’s ass that he also came out with some bullshit line as to “we couldn’t just send our people in there without knowing the situation”. We know they had real time video! We know they were told that the consulate was under attack. And we damned well know the “video” excuse was complete balderdash.

I want to make one point as to the above that I have not really seen any one expound upon much and if I am wrong on this assertion I would ask someone to please show me that. It is my understanding that for hours, one of the hero Seals reported he had the mortar position that was shelling the consulate “lit up” while they were begging for help. I understand that this means he had a laser aimed at the position which in turn a fighter could have homed a missile or whatever in on. It is also my understanding that as the battle lasted for some hours, there was in fact plenty of time to get an F16 over there which could have blown the sorry Muslim Al-Quida whatever they are called bastards directly to hell! Yet or Secretary of Defense said we couldn’t do that?! And what about our Commander in Chief, you know, the one who was informed and went to bed because he had to be up early for a trip to Vegas! Where and when does this shit stop and someone take responsibility? When do the lies stop? Ooops! Forgot! Our government is now made up of lying scum that the public chooses to believe over what was once the basic tenets this country was founded on.

I am embedding another fabulous commentary by Judge Jeanine from Fox News. She lays it out and says it so much better than I can.

Just remember this!
People died! Hillary Lied!
People Died! Panneta Lied!
People died! Susan Rice Lied!
People died! Jay Carney Lied!


 Well after the fact he openly lied to the entire world in front of his anti-American allies at the U.N. Good Grief! How is it that even now the media and defenders of this treasonous bastard can in fact keep defending him with in the face of the facts? If someone can figure that one out it will be a first! The MSM has major scandals in front of it but is choosing to ignore it! Where is the bloodlust that was shown in scandals of the past? Where are the journalists? Where are the patriots? Where is the electorate? Someone has to answer this. American citizens were murdered and this President and others do not give one damn! Well I do and it’s about time this country gets its collective heads out of their asses and does something about it!

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