Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Debt Crisis - Treason of the First Degree or Incredible Bull!

I really wanted to focus on the horrendous story that is still developing as to Project Gunrunner and the ensuing cover-up being orchestrated by the lying sons-of-bitches in the DOJ, ATF and it appears the White House itself as there is now proof of emails, etc. sent to key White house personal. As such, I still have the feeling we have not only criminal activity but in fact a cover-up by Obama on down which in my view should already have led to impeachment proceedings! Unfortunately, the so called debt crisis is giving our friends in the MSM propaganda industry a good excuse to ignore it! I will come back to this in a later post. Let it suffice for the time being that the administration in this case as most others is full of bull!!

Now onto the debt crisis. Be warned, I'm beyond mad and am writing as such! First and foremost, let's state some fact! Democrats have not even introduced a budget in over 850 days! Moron Alert! They had an unstoppable majority but they actually announced they didn't feel they should do budget stuff going into the last election so as not to hurt themselves! The Democratic majority refused to do their jobs! They did however in the first two years of this Commie administration pass completely insane programs such as the failed stimulus bill, Obamacare ans so on, not even bothering in some cases to read the bill and certainly not giving a rat's ass about the consequences of their actions or where the funds would be coming from! As such, this administration alone is adding over 1.2 trillion dollars a year to our debt!

As evidenced over the last few days, there are also some assholes known as Republicans who also will and have vote for anything that might lead the electorate to believe the incredible lies and false promises put forward by these folks who are in my mind 100 times worse than street prostitutes!

Having given a super brief outlook of where I'm coming from, let's look at the last week or so. Obama: "I have a plan". Bullshit (thanks to watching Airplane the other night, I will be a bit crass. I only eish I could have found a gliph of the seat belt signs from the movie) ! Where is oh mighty leader? Watching the news conference yesterday, "Lick Your Shoes Carney" wouldn't even answer a question about it! Why, because you have no plan!

The House has passed two bills, both flawed as they not only allow the raising of the debt ceiling, but do not cut spending. Of course, we have Comrade Reid who refuses to even allow debate on those bills, much less a vote! Nope, instead we get more incredible bullshit! "This is the worse piece of legislation in history" OR how about "I will allow a vote om my plan" You know, the plan he just made up out of the blue to at least make it look like the Senate, sorry bunch of bastards that they are (after listening to Mcain, Brown and of course Snow and Lisa I don't feel bad lumping them in with the rest of the bullshit artists)just so he can feed us even more crap of the Republicans are blocking everything" variety.

Moron Alert! The stench from the Senate, bad as it is pales compared to the White House! These aren't mere lies coming from the Senate leaders. This is on the verge of treason as the majority of Senators are more than willing to bankrupt the country rather than face up to not only their responsibilities but in fact the truth! The truth is they are spineless gutless wimps whose sole aim in life is to continue their lies and deceit all in the name of power! Disgust from my end? No sirree Bob! I'm beyond that. Hate comes to mind! Hate for the fact that our elected officials of both parties and the morons who keep voting them in are so willing to sacrifice this great country for their own power lust! That is My belief. If it doesn't stop, we are through as the country we once knew to be the greatest ever!

So let's look at a few more things here. As I noted, the house passed two bills, neither of which were going anywhere as it was felt by the leftist scum that it would tie their hands as they continue raping the citizenry until they control every last thought and cent. Moron Alert! Neither bill cut spending! Why is it these bastards keep telling us they are cutting spending? Along with the debt ceiling bullshit (bullshit in that why do we even call it a ceiling when over the years both parties ignore it and raise it)there is the fact that not one bill, rather passed or not as well as any of the so call "plans" (that's bullshit for what is actually more of the same) in fact increase the debt! And not by a small sum!

Every thing I've seen indicates the debt going up another 750 billion a year! That's another 7.5 trillion in debt over 10 years! Where is the cut in spending? Our friends in Washington will tell us they cut 300 billion a year! Really, then why are we going deeper in debt? Moron alert! If you spend more than you take in, you go deeper into debt! As has been in the past, instead of responsible actions taken by our elected leaders. we in fact get more incredible bullshit thrown at us!

Now of course let's not forget about the President! I've watched every thing in the last few weeks I could. What exactly did the President and his propaganda ministers actually do or say? One could say in fact NOTHING worth listening too! We've had at least three instances of the President openly lying to the American people. We've had the usual scare the seniors and class warfare as to Social Security checks, etc. We've seen the Treasury Secretary and his "the world is coming to an end" bullshit. And let's not forget not only the race bait garbage but also the fact that Tea Partiers or conservatives in general are in fact "terrorists" if the oppose the Soviet Style confiscation of and misspending our money.

That would be bad enough if it wasn't so pathetic. The MSM said Obama is the only adult in the house. Yet we saw Obama waste an entire news conference blaming Bush as usual, and in fact pointing out what he opposes! Not once did I hear him say what he stands for! Not once! He asked for compromise then turned around and told the opposition to kiss his royal ass! We saw his "call my bluff" line which when in fact it was called, he once again ran away and hid! He reached out to the people! Normally Presidents do this to inform the people. In this case, he wanted the people to cover his sorry ass! As usual, he lied!

I would love to be able to talk about this with a modicum of respect for our elected officials and the offices they hold. I wish there were more than just a few out there who would stand on their principles and do what's right! Compromise? I wish there were more brave people out there who would say enough is enough! As Gene Krantz once said, Failure IS Not An Option!" Yet we have the majority of elected officials who are in fact willing to accept just that. Abject Failure! And why? Because the do not have the intestinal fortitude to bite the bullet and swallow the medicine as needs, something we all need to do and now!

I know I might be kind of meandering on this, but I hope one get's my point! I'm not including news clips, etc. today. I am in fact ranting and raving as loudly as I can.
The lies have to stop. The inaction by our elected officials have to stop! The spending of more than we take in has to stop!Someone has to lead! As it has been proven beyond a doubt that the President is nothing but a follower and of failed principles at that, some brave soul in D.C has to lead! Some brave media outlet has got to throw away their leftist elitist agenda and report the truth!

President Obama is nothing but a bullshit artist as are most politicians. That is fact! Real leaders are rare! We sure as hell are not seeing anything even remotely resmbling leadership. All we see is "Incredible Bullshit"! When will it stop?

This country is already bankrupt monetarily as far as the government. We the People, as it has been pointed by the President and his moronic sidekicks, are too stupid to understand what is going on with the budget and the debt. That was in his own and others words! We don't get it? Those of us who have to who have gone bankrupt, those of us who work 3 jobs just to keep our heads above water, those of us who would end up in jail if we did what this President and legislative bunch is doing, those of us who just want our children and grandchildren to have a chance of possibly making it, we don't understand! Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

I'll tell you miserable bastards in D.C. what I don't understand! I don't understand why you look down on us as the scum of the earth! I don't understand why you refuse to adhere to the very principles that made this country great! Most of all, I don't understand why you cannot stand up, show some spine and do the job we elected you to do. I don't understand why lies and bullshit mean more to you than your constituents! I don't understand why you are willing to destroy this country! And I sure don't understand why so many of you claim to be Patriots when in fact in your inaction towards something as basic as the debt and the budget you are in fact committing treason of the worst kind! You are allowing our country to be destroyed. And that my friends is the most INCREDIBLE BULLSHIT OF ALL!

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