Monday, August 8, 2011

Downgrade Madness

I have a post ready to go as to the absolute bullshit going on as to the debt and downgrade issue. Before I post it though, Comrade Obama is about to speak. Nice of him to make an appearance over two days after the downgrade and the ensuing panic in the world markets! I guess that's understandable though seeing he had to give his lying propaganda ministers a few days to get on the Sunday talk shows so they could demonize the Tea Party and any other responsible citizen and set the table for him to once again feed us a colossal line of crap as he rides to the rescue. More to say on this later. Let it suffice for the moment that in my mind, Comrade Obama has succeeded in delivering us to his handlers in Red China, a country that now is in the position to lecture us! The word, power and trust of the U.S. has been thrown into the crapper, courtesy of Comrade Obama and company. And let's not even begin to address the lies and hypocrisy as to Immigration, the criminal Operation Gun Runner fiasco or the open ignorance shown to the increasing black on white crime wave (yes, what these events are are indeed a crime)!

At the moment as I'm finishing my major posts, I am madder than a wet hen1 As I've been extremely crass lately, I hope the coming posts reflect more thought than obscene passion! Hang in their kids! The fun is about to begin!


  1. Angrier than a wet hen? I've never heard that one before. Crassness is understandable in such trying times. The important thing is to channel the energy into convincing as many voters as possible that conservative representatives in every branch of government are all that stands between America and fiscal immolation.

    In that sense passion must be coupled with rational discussion as it is the only way to change hearts and minds of those who have been misled into believing that fiscal conservatism includes yet more unsustainable debt.

  2. LOL! Its a term I learned in my youth. Actually, it was used an awful lot by the horse men and farmers in Michigan for example when I was running the computers at the horse tracks as well as my old man way back in the "60's). Never did know where it originally came from though!

    As always, I appreciate your comments Dean. I've discovered in my later years I have lot of pent up anger but as you say I need to aim it correctly. I'd like to write more, but job and other pressures prevent that as you well know from your own experiences so when I do get the time, I let it rip! The other thing about it is I want to think I researched deeply before I throw it out. Funny thing is the more I research, the madder I get which I'm sure makes sense to any sane person. LOL!