Monday, August 8, 2011

Racism and Coverup. Obamaland As Usual

I can’t let the day go by without commenting on two other issues! In Wisconsin, there were reported instances of Black on White assaults outside the State Fairgrounds. Of course, the politically correct (save for a few brave souls) refused to categorize it as such, preferring the generic “youth gang or mob” designation and openly refusing to report the truth! This has been going on in a few cities this summer and will in fact get worse as I say below!

This is not the least bit surprising! The media and the police forces themselves in all of these instances refuse to report it as is, choosing to be politically correct or in my estimation as usual cowtowing to Jesse, Al, Holder and the rest of the racists who seem to steer the narrative. The fact is these are Racial assaults pure and simple. It is Black on White! Someone has top get their heads out of their asses and report the truth! Do not expect it from either the MSM or most of the politically correct compromised police departments and surely not from the scum politicians who happily use the race card only in one direction. And that’s at conservatives. One can be sure the propagandists are already looking for a way to describe the assailants as “unfortunate victims of our racist society” rather than what the racist thugs they really are!

Moron Alert! It is not racist to report a crime as Black preying on White if it is a fact as this is! It is not racist to report a killing as being done by a Mexican Illegal Alien if it is a fact! And it sure as hell is not racist or anything else if one reports a Radical Muslim runs over his daughter in an attempt to apply their own sick version of Sahria Law if that is a fact! Jesse, Al, Holder and you also President Obama! The main Racism in this country now is being orchestrated and condoned by the very people who are supposed to disavow it! What have we heard from our moron of a President or the Attorney General about these instances, all factually documented by the way? NOT A DAMNED THING!!!

I guess one shouldn’t be surprised considering the stance as to the Black Panthers and the illegal alien situation. We have a racial problem in this country, on that most hope was easing up. That problem is being perpetuated by this President and others who when backed into the corner with their failed policies choose to throw the race card. Sure as hell no balls on their part as to facing the truth! Racists? Look in the Mirror Mr. President! And while you’re at it, have Jesse, Al, Holder and all the others who have thrown out these venomous lies look in it with you! You and your ilk disgust me. You dishonor the office with your racist lies!!

Finally today, Operation Gun Runner, Fast and Furious or whatever it’s called!

“The Obama administration, at the highest levels, and likely Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama themselves, authorized the sale of at least 2,000 high-powered rifles and other sophisticated weapons to the “Sinaloa” Mexican drug cartel. That much we have learned so far in sworn testimony and documents from the “Fast and Furious” investigation by Congressman Darrell Issa’s Congressional Oversight and Government Reform Committee. As bad as the weapons sales are, it doesn’t stop there. It is now learned through sworn affidavits in U.S. District court in Chicago that the U.S. government, at very high levels, “negotiated” to allow tons of Sinaloa cocaine into the country, supposedly in exchange for “information” about other drug gangs.”

How is it (except for CBS which broke it) that the major networks and MSM morons are choosing to cover this up. The DOJ and the administration has been openly stonewalling and in fact lying about this operation. Now we find out the above! Where is the outcry? When in the hell are we going to go after this rouge above the law administration? When is this country going to demand accountability form the President on down for this miscarriage of justice? 1,000’s have died including one of our border guards, all thanks to this misguided operation. Yet we see nothing but lies and coverup! The administration knew this was going on. A brave American border guard and many others died because of this! The responsibility lays squarely on the shoulders of the President of the United States! What is going on is and has been a criminal act! The fact that this President feels he and his followers are above the law is pathetic yet there for all to see! When will it stop?!!

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