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The Charade Known As The Budget Talks or "Where Were You When Country Went Belly Up?"

We are in the process of witnessing what could well be the sorriest moment ever seen as to our government! From the little boy who stalked out when in effect “his bluff was in fact called”, to the scumbag Reid who deemed a plan that was in writing as the worse piece of legislation ever seen in D.C., to scumbags on both sides who are willing to kick the can down the road once again to ensure their own phony baloney positions, the smell emanating from the halls of power are overwhelmingly sour!

Before I get into the clips and other comments, one really has to wonder about a President whose only worry seems to be a deal that “that will take us through the next election! Even the President has been quoted as “wanting this to extend beyond the election”!

From the Detroit Free Press:

“Obama is insisting that the debt ceiling extension be large enough to ensure that the issue does not arise again until after the 2012 elections...”

Well Hell’s Bells! At least we now know what’s important! Certainly not the fact that in anything these clowns are even remotely discussing, there isn’t one iota of thought as to actually cutting spending to the point of incoming revenues! No Sir1 Everything from not only the leftist scum, but also way to many on the right indicates a desire to continue spending at a frenetic pace far and beyond revenue stream. In other words, we still would have to borrow!

A few posts ago, I cited the clown’s statement that he was ready to roll up his sleeves and focus on the economy. Well, that was I though one of the top comic moments of his administration! God knows what he was concentrating on before that! But of course, President Bozo still had some more humor in his arsenal! Now, he is a leader! Now he is the “only adult in the room! Now as the media wants us to believe, he is the only person with a plan! The examples below from various sources of course belie that inane notion to be sure! Leadership from this moron!? Yeah right. The only thing he’s leading is this country’s march to the garbage heap of history!
So let’s start with our so called President’s statements as he whines about the nasty Republicans who refuse to pay him lip service!

“I've been left at the altar now a couple of times,” the steely-eyed president said. “And I think that, you know, one of the questions that the Republican Party's going to have to ask itself is, can they say 'yes' to anything?” (Oh My! His little feelings are hurt because the patsies didn’t roll over?)

Obama said that he had put forward a package that would significantly cut deficits and debt in a way that does not raise individual tax rates. It is compatible, an exasperated Obama said, with the no-tax pledge that “a whole bunch of these folks signed on to, because we were mindful that they had boxed themselves in.” (What package? What plan? Except for the phony budget that not one Democrat could vote for, the man and his party have not offered jack shit in over 800 days! MORON ALERT! It has been stated more than once that the Democratic party has no intention of passing any budget. They cry about their opposition blocking it! Yet they when they had an untouchable majority refused to enact a budget. If one looks back they then proudly stated their open intention to demonize the right for their failure to act as they are now!)

The challenge, he said, “has to do with the seeming inability, particularly in the House of Representatives, to arrive at any kind of position that compromises any of their ideological preferences – none.” (Compromise my ass! The definition for the word in our benevolent dictator’s world is “Republicans, go F… yourselves! It’s my way only! Don’t you dare question me! This from a man who apparently doesn’t understand the first thing about the definition of the word budget!)

The Democrats had done their part and agreed to compromises that were difficult to swallow, he said. Now it’s the Republicans’ turn. (see above)

“If you want to be a leader, then you got to lead,” he concluded, then turned and walked briskly from the room. ( Choking with laughter at this one, albeit it a laugh of scorn! If this man is a leader, I’d hate to see or for that matter want to know any of his followers!)

I apologize because I forgot to note the site I lifted the next thing from. It is a cool statement though!

“Now the President is outraged because the GOP House leadership called his bluff and ended discussions with him because they deemed him an obstruction to any real solution to the debt crisis.
He has been deemed a lame duck president. And he is angry now because he is being treated as such.
His foreign policy strategy has been described as “leading from behind.” Well, that’s his domestic policy strategy as well. Why should he be surprised that he’s been left behind in the negotiations when he’s been leading from behind on this debt crisis?”

We now turn to our friend John Boehner who at least seems to have grown a bit of spine!

“Boehner sent a letter to his Republican colleagues explaining his decision to pull out of talks for a “grand bargain.”

Folks – The White House is misleading reporters tonight by claiming that new revenue in the framework that was discussed would have been generated by letting the current tax rates expire. That is simply false. Under the framework, a CEILING was offered by the White House that would generate $800 billion in new revenue over ten years. This would be done through comprehensive tax reform that would clear out deductions, credits, and loopholes in the system – and spur economic growth.

After the gang of six plan came out, the White House moved the goal posts and insisted on $400 billion more in higher taxes – a 50% increase in revenue – and wanted that to be the FLOOR instead of the ceiling. The President acknowledged this in his remarks tonight. “Letting tax cuts expire” was never part of the tax reform agreed to.

Summary of the White House ‘walk backs’ during discussions of the ‘framework.’
• The White House agreed to a revenue total that would set a ceiling of about $800 billion in new revenue over ten years that could be generated through economic growth and efficiencies in our tax system (not tax hikes).

• After the ‘Gang of Six’ plan was released, and in the wake the reaction from Hill Democrats, they moved the goal posts and insisted on $400 billion more in higher taxes – a 50% increase – and wanted that to the floor instead of the ceiling.
• At the same time, they struck principles of tax reform that were already agreed to, including
No a protection against tax hikes on small businesses
No and a guarantee that there were would be only 3 tax rates and highest one would be below 35%

• There was an agreement to change the way government calculates inflation that would significantly extend Social Security’s solvency
• The White House moved off of a previously agreed to solvency target, suggesting a weaker level with 25% less in savings”

Now I’m not going to pretend to know exactly what was said or not between the Speaker and the President! Anyone who knows me will realize I don’t trust any of the entrenched scum in D.C. and certainly not the MSM reporting on this from the President’s pocket. Having said that, if one looks closely at Mr. Boehner’s stuff above, we as usual see the usual “it’s my way” B.S. from Comrade Obama! No surprise here!

Senator Rubio of Florida put into words exactly what I feel as to the President’s so called “I’ll compromise stance (that’s the President’s “ I’ll feed these clowns whatever bullshit I have to to make it look like they’re the culprits in this” stance). Please note: There cannot be anything called a plan if the CBO cannot score it. There is nothing on paper, there is no plan! Just lies and distortions from the President and his lackeys Reid and Pelosi!

Rubio responded by speaking truth to power:

"I have watched the President give press conferences, I have watched the President give speeches, but I have yet to see a plan from the President. And with all due respect to my colleagues in the other party here in the Senate, I haven't seen a plan from them either. They are the majority party. They control this chamber. They control the Senate. And I haven't seen a plan from them.

"A moment ago we heard this talk about -- well we have to compromise. Well it's really hard to compromise when the other side doesn't have a plan. What do you compromise on? Where is your plan? You can't compromise if only one person is offering plans. There is only one plan that has been voted on by any House to deal with this issue, and it's the one we're on right now, Cut, Cap and Balance. I would submit that if you don't like Cut, Cap and Balance, if you don't think we need to cut spending, cap spending and balance our budget, then show us your alternative.

"Or maybe you do believe we need to cut, cap and balance, but you don't like the way this bill cuts spending, caps spending and balances spending. Fine. Offer your version of Cut, Cap and Balance. Let's proceed to this bill. Let's get on this bill that the House has passed and if you don't like it, change it. You've got the votes here to do it. If you've got a better, bring this bill up and amend it. Put your ideas on it.

"But how could you ask for compromise? How could you ask the House-- how could you scold Republicans in the House for refusing to compromise if you don't have a plan of your own? How can you compromise if you don't have any ideas of your own? It's not a fair thing to say. And so I would urge the leadership of this chamber and the President of the United States to offer their ideas on paper. Put your ideas on paper and offer them so we can begin to work on this concept of compromise that you've offered. Because you can't compromise and you can't negotiate with people that will not offer a plan.

"Let's get -- why don't you vote to proceed to cut, cap and balance? Proceed to this bill so we could have a debate on this bill and so you could offer your ideas on this bill. This is the perfect opportunity to do it. Let's stop negotiating in the media and through press conferences and start doing it here on this floor, which is what people sent us here to do."

From Newsbusters, I’ve seen this great stuff from Mark Steyn:

“As I said, these are structural problems. In theory, they can be fixed. But, when you look at the nature of them, you’ve got to wonder whether they ever will be this side of societal collapse. Blockbuster went bankrupt because it was wedded to a 1980s technology and distribution system. In government, being merely a quarter-century obsolete would be a major achievement. The ruling party in Washington is wedded to the principle that an 80-year-old social program is inviolable: That’s like Blockbuster insisting in 2011 that there’s no problem with its business model for rentals of silent movies with live orchestral accompaniment. To be sure, there are some problems parking the musicians’ bus in residential streets, but nothing that can’t be worked out.”

“Obama ... claimed to have a $4 trillion deficit-reduction plan. The court eunuchs of the press corps were impressed, and went off to file pieces hailing the president as "the grown-up in the room." There is, in fact, no plan. No plan at all. No plan whatsoever, either for a deficit reduction of $4 trillion or $4.73. As is the way in Washington, merely announcing that he had a plan absolved him of the need to have one. So the president's staff got out the extra-wide teleprompter and wrote a really large number on it, and simply by reading out the really large number the president was deemed to have produced a serious blueprint for trillions of dollars in savings. For his next trick, he'll walk out on to the stage of Carnegie Hall, announce that he's going to play Haydn's Cello Concerto No 2, and, even though there's no cello in sight, and Obama immediately climbs back in his golf cart to head for the links, music critics will hail it as one of the most moving performances they've ever heard.”

“The only "plan" Barack Obama has put on paper is his February budget. Were there trillions and trillions of savings in that? Er, no. It increased spending and doubled the federal debt.”

“How about Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader? Has he got a plan? No.”

“... It seems reasonable to conclude from the planlessness and budgetlessness of the Obama/Reid Democrats that their only plan is to carry on spending without limit. Otherwise, someone somewhere would surely have written something down on a piece of paper by now. But no, apparently the Department of Writing Down Plans is the only federal expense the president is willing to cut. ... the ruling party of the Brokest Nation in History has no spending plan other than to plan to spend even more. ...

... The domestic media coverage of this story has been almost laughably fraudulent: To the court eunuchs, a failure to raise the debt ceiling by a couple of trillion would signal to the world that American government was embarrassingly dysfunctional. In reality, raising the debt ceiling by a couple of trillion without any spending cuts would confirm to the world that American government is terminally dysfunctional.”

This folks is sheer brilliance! Straight and to the point it is the perfect illustration of what is wrong not only with our Commie leftist leaders, but D.C. and government in general! As I’ve said many times, the blame is there for all to share. It goes back 5 or 6 decades! The balloon is at the bursting point and the renegades in D.C. don’t seem to care. Insatiable lust for spending our money is all that matters!

Finally, let me really bust the Left’s balls (although I’m not sure of that as to our President) with some wonderful thoughts from one of their worst nightmares, the great Sarah Palin! (I couldn’t resist throwing in the boogey man here)

“After listening to the President’s press conference today, let’s keep in mind the following:

This is the same president who proposed an absurdly irresponsible budget that would increase our debt by trillions of dollars, and whose party failed to even put forward a budget in over 800 days! This is the same president who is pushing our country to the brink because of his reckless spending on things like the nearly trillion dollar “stimulus” boondoggle. This is the same president who ignored his own debt commission’s recommendations and demonized the voices of fiscal sanity who proposed responsible plans to reform our entitlement programs and rein in our dangerous debt trajectory. This is the same president who wanted to push through an increase in the debt ceiling that didn’t include any cuts in government spending! This is the same president who wants to slam Americans with tax hikes to cover his reckless spending, but has threatened to veto a bill proposing a balanced budget amendment. This is the same president who hasn’t put forward a responsible plan himself, but has rejected reasonable proposals that would tackle our debt. This is the same president who still refuses to understand that the American electorate rejected his big government agenda last November. As I said in Madison, Wisconsin, at the Tax Day Tea Party rally, “We don’t want it. We can’t afford it. And we are unwilling to pay for it.”

Finally, let me once again express my disdain for the atrocity that is President Obama!

The man is the epitome of evil in any sense when it comes to not only his hatred of his country and its ideals, but also his complete lust for power. As stated in the Detroit Free Press, ‘Obama is insisting that the debt ceiling extension be large enough to ensure that the issue does not arise again until after the 2012 elections…” one definitely gets the impression that his only concern is keeping his position long enough to finish delivering us to his Leftist Soviet Style handlers! And make no mistake about this! The man is a hard left Socialist and a wanna be dictator!

Every action he takes, every word he, his wife and his cohorts utter, every obstruction he and his lackeys put out there be it the economy, his “I’m, above the law” attitude (let’s not forget the impeachable offense now being orchestrated by Bozo and his A.G. as to Project Gun Runner), every openly blatant lie to the electorate and every cave in to the Radical Islamic fundamentalists in supporting his open hatred for Israel and in my eyes the Jewish race in general combined with his complete disregard for our basic principles just reinforces the perception of his Socialist, dictatorship style way of governing. Mix that with an ineptness that makes Jimmy Carter look like a saint and you have the recipe for the disaster that is now facing us.

Let’s also not forget so many of the brain dead electorate who not only refused to do their homework on this idiot, but in fact still support him! Hell, the majority of Jews here in the states will would supposedly vote for him again, someone who is open in his hostility towards them! And let’s not forget the likes of Hanoi Jane, Comrades Harry and Nancy and the rest of the entrenched political scum of both parties who are more than willing to bury this great country for their own power lust! And even as I write this, millions of dollars are being funneled to his campaign from “big business and lefty millionaires! I really wonder if when God was handing out brains if these people weren’t of in the north forty or something!

There is a lot of blame to spread here! This man’s purpose in life is to destroy this country as we know it. He expressed this in his books, his associations with radicals of any ilk and most of all in almost every action he has taken in his so called leadership roles points to this one sad conclusion. It is there for all to see. As such, he is in the greatest sense destroying our economy purposely so as to achieve the Soviet Style Socialist status he feels is the way to go! Again, his words actions ad associations provide more than enough proof of my statement! Why we even pay lip service to this abomination of a so called leader is beyond my comprehension!

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