Sunday, August 8, 2010

On Crybabies And Circumventing The Law

Busy day today kids. There are 2 other things I really want to comment on. First off, something that registered quite high on my “Oh you poor overworked bastard scale” of “you got to be kidding me” bullshit that seems to come out of the propaganda mill daily as to this sad sack administration. I read this and almost choked:

“ President Obama’s economic team is exhausted, according to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, and that is one the reasons Christina Romer announced her departure Thursday.
Gibbs dismissed reports that Romer, the outgoing chairwoman of the president’s council for economic affairs, was leaving because of conflicts with Larry Summers, the director of the National Economic Council.
The press secretary told The Hill on Friday that Romer and the rest of the economic team have worked the equivalent of six years during the 18 months they’ve been in office, and Romer wanted to return to her normal life”

I can’t make up crap like this. What exactly have they worked on? Oh, that’s right. The bankruptcy of our nation as we march to Socialism! Seriously, that couldn’t have taken much work on their part, could it? After all, the radical left has had their marching orders from their Socialist handlers for years. All they had to do was implement it (that’s force it down our throats for you libbies out there). Certainly not much thinking or planning here, No Siree! Simply deliver our country to the Socialist bastards that have happily destroyed the rest of the world! I’ll tell you who has worked for the equivalent of 6 years in 18 month! The men and women who have fought and are fighting now to give us the freedom and rights we enjoy, things that while, unfortunately they are taken for granted by far too many people, are in fact being taken away from us by the very bastards who are crying how overworked they are! Give me a break!

Finally today, I want to reprint a brilliant column I found by Charles Krauthammer. Brilliant in it’s analysis and, I think, exactly what I have been trying to say in my own way as to the complete disregard to our laws and our Constitution! This is exactly what is happening! I have said more than once we are headed for a hard core, hard left dictatorship! This ain’t rocket science folks! This is fact! Our country's very survival as we know it is at stake!

Is 'Consent Of The Governed' Thing Of Past?

By CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER Posted 08/05/2010 06:24 PM ET

Last week, a draft memo surfaced from the Homeland Security Department suggesting ways to administratively circumvent existing law to allow several categories of illegal immigrants to avoid deportation and, indeed, for some to be granted permanent residency.

Most disturbing was the stated rationale. This was being proposed "in the absence of Comprehensive Immigration Reform." In other words, because Congress refuses to do what these bureaucrats would like to see done, they will legislate it themselves.
Regardless of your feelings on the substance of the immigration issue, this is not how a constitutional democracy should operate. Administrators administer the law, they don't change it. That's the legislators' job.

When questioned, the White House downplayed the toxic memo, leaving the impression that it was nothing more than ruminations emanating from the bowels of Homeland Security. But the administration is engaged in an even more significant power play elsewhere.

A 2007 Supreme Court ruling gave the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to regulate carbon emissions if it could demonstrate that they threaten human health and the environment. The Obama EPA made precisely that finding, thereby granting itself a huge expansion of power and, noted the Washington Post, sending "a message to Congress."

It was not a terribly subtle message: Enact cap-and-trade legislation — taxing and heavily regulating carbon-based energy — or the EPA will do so unilaterally. As Frank O'Donnell of Clean Air Watch noted, such a finding "is likely to help light a fire under Congress to get moving."

Well, Congress didn't. Despite the "regulatory cudgel" (to again quote the Post) the administration has been waving, the Senate has repeatedly refused to acquiesce. Good for the Senate. But what to do when the executive is passively aggressive rather than actively so?

Take border security. Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., reports that President Obama told him about pressure from his political left and its concern that if the border is secured, Republicans will have no incentive to support comprehensive reform (i.e., amnesty).

Indeed, Homeland Security's abandonment of the "virtual fence" on the southern border, combined with its lack of interest in completing the real fence that today covers only one-third of the border, gives the distinct impression that serious border enforcement is not a high administration priority absent some Republican quid pro quo on comprehensive reform.

But border enforcement is not something to be manipulated in return for legislative favors. It is, as the administration vociferously argued in court in the Arizona case, the federal executive's constitutional responsibility. Its job is to faithfully execute the laws. Non-execution is a dereliction of duty.

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