Sunday, August 8, 2010

Imperialistic BS! Queen Obama's Trip

I found the below on various blogs and news sites. I’m not going to pretend I know exactly what is paid for privately as opposed to “by the taxpayer” other than we can safely say the Secret Service Protection and flights are most likely paid for by you and me. I will however be more than happy to agree with the premise that brands her as “a modern-day Marie Antoinette”. And yes, my anger is indeed mounting as to this foray into “princess Land” by our first lady. Again, my apologies as I forgot to copy the site name I got this from:

“Michelle Obama today faced a fresh wave of attacks over her lavish break in Spain with 40 friends, which could easily cost U.S. taxpayers a staggering £50,000 a day.
The First Lady has been lambasted for her extravagance at a time when the economy is still struggling. One blogger went so far as to brand her a modern-day Marie Antoinette.
And her critics will be further annoyed when they learn that the president's wife had a Spanish beach closed off today so that she, her daughter and their entourage could go for a swim.
Spanish police cleared off a stretch of beach at the Villa Padierna Hotel in Marbella after the Obamas had finished a busy day of sightseeing. . . .
For a start, they will be paying for the 60 rooms booked at the 129-room Hotel Villa Padierna. With basic rooms starting around £380 each, the nightly bill will be no less than £22,800. . . .
The meal cost about £40 a head, according to El Mundo - which means a bill topping £1,600 would have hit the table if all 40 friends dined together.
Stretched over five nights that's £8,000 for dinner alone. . . .
The per diems for the secret service team runs at around £172 each, which amounts to nearly £60,000 for the length of the summer break.
Use of Air Force Two, the Air Force version of a 757, comes in at £91,900 for the round trip. This does not include time on the ground. . . .
Conservative estimates already put the total cost at £150,000. With Majorca to come, the bill will be more like £250,000. . . .
Back in the U.S., anger was mounting - especially as it has emerged the First Lady will have enjoyed eight holidays by the end of the summer. . . .”

So, once again we see not only the sheer “We are royalty and the public as a whole had better start treating us like it” attitude of this President and his Queen, OOPS! I mean his wife but also the sheer disdain as evidenced by the present ruling class (that’s the leftist Democratic radical scum in office now as well as any other politician who thinks they are above us for those of you off in La-La leftist heaven) foe the taxpaying electorate as a whole.

Some years back, there was a controversy as to an elegant first lady and the White House China. As we all should remember, Nancy Reagan was taken to task quite harshly when after she had found the White House did not have a matching set of China, she had the old China replaced. I can’t get over the fact how the left honed in on the “perception of Royalty” and how they demeaned Mrs. Reagan’s attempt at giving the country something to be proud of. If memory serves, the Marie Antoinette charge was thrown at her quite viciously. The problem with all of that! The only reason was to try to show Nancy as “above” the everyday man. What was lost, and the leftist scum to this day will never admit to is that not one cent of taxpayer money went to replacing that China! Nancy got her “friends” to pay for every piece. This is better known as private donations. People who were proud of their country replaced the China, not the taxpayer. Nancy Reagan was a good honest, god loving patriot.

On the other hand, look at the current first lady. She puts herself out there as a queen. And don’t think for one moment she doesn’t think that (or maybe I should say Czarina. After all, the President seems to be Red Russian in nature). Where is the outcry from the left? Hell, shouldn’t the Marxists be crying about the waste and regal posturing emanating from their rulers? Of course not! Seems to me the ruling class of the hard core Red Socialists also lived as fat cats while the Proletariat suffered! This isn’t even a double standard anymore! The fact that this president, his wife and the powers that be in general choose to keep shoving it up the ass of the American taxpayer is more than enough proof of the complete disconnect between this administration (and it seems most members of Congress) and the people! Funny how the main Media outlets also choose to glorify Queen Michelle instead of chastise her. And people wonder why I’m sick of all this!

This current First Lady brings dishonor to her position. But we shouldn't be surprised, should we? After all, she has more than once expressed her disgust and dislike for our great country. Just like her husband, she is nothing more than an Anti-American radical. Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan, Mamie Eisenhower, Lady Bird Johnson, Jackie, hell even Hillary Clinton do not deserve to even be mentioned in the same breath with "Her Highness Michelle" She is an insult to the people who have proceeded her as is her leftist husband!

BTW: One quick question here. Why has the media, in covering Chelsea's wedding treated it, for want of better words, a royal affair, yet when Bush's daughter got married it was treated as an afterthought or worse, described as excessive as to the pomp and circumstance? Is the hatred for anything from the right prevalent as to the press that they even impose their double standard on the kids? Just wondering.

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