Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just more Lip Service

I once again really wanted to leave the Health Care BS alone, but as usual, our friends in D.C. keep trying to blow hot air up our collective asses! So, first, a quick recap.

The President holds his Health Care summit. Promises co-operation with the other side. Promises to consider other options. He then immediately turns around, tosses the other side a small bone and tells then it is still his way or the highway. The Senate will push it thru come hell or highwater. Reconciliation. And the best one. The people don't understand!

Now today we get this from the AP:

Sebelius: Bid for GOP support delayed health care
(AP) – 1 hour ago
WASHINGTON — Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (seh-BEEL'-yuhs) says health care reform would have been "dead on arrival" if the White House had sent a finished proposal to Congress last year.
The secretary also blames delays in passing the measure on President Barack Obama's having to spend "far too much time talking about what's not in the bill" and trying to counter "wild accusations" by Republicans.

Excuse me? Did I miss somehting here? From my little vantage point of the world, I do not remeber seeing even one sincere attempt at reaching out to Republicans by this Senate, or the House Democrats. For that matter, the President pretty much went forward believing the Republicans were nothing more then a fly to be swatted away. His "we won, they can bite me" attitude was and still is there for all to see and one would have thought would have carried over to Congress.

In both houses, there was a super majority of Democrats! Yet they could not pass this bill! Why not? The President's lackys will have you believe it is because of Republican scare tactics. The people don't understand the bill. One actually came out with what we all know is their view of the people. "The common person can't possibly understand anything of this scope!" As usual, first and foremost, demaean the electorate.

Heaven forbid that the only thing the people are against is a BAD BILL! How could that be if we don't understand it in the first place? But we do understand. Unfortunately, the President and members of Congress have made it perfectly clear they have no intention of listening to us.

Now, looking back on the last few weeks we see even more BS. The President was going to make jobs his highest priority, wasn't he? Yet, he is still pushing the Health Care bill as the most important piece of legislation ever. And jobs are still being lost! Of course, I assume he believes as Prince Harry does. "We only lost 36,000 jobs last week". "That's good!" (Harry's words). So maybe the job thing isn't that important now? You sure would be led to believe that way. After all, all that seems to matter to these guys is takeover of the health care industry by them.

Look folks, I know I keep going on about this, but somewhere along the way, people have to get their heads out of their butts! This is a bad bill. They know it. Yet, the hard left Socialists, which includes our so called President, insist on this bill! Every estimate out there points to trillions more going to the deficit! Based on past performance (Medicare, SS, Fannys, etc.) the thought of something this important being taken over by a government that has proven beyond a doubt that the only thing they can do is bankrupt our nation should scare the hell out of everyone!

So what is it President Bozo? When are you going to stop blaming the oppostion for your screwed up policies? When are you going to stop lying to the people? When are you going to step back and possibly grasp the ideals this country was founded on? And I sure as hell don't mean socialized medicine! When are you and your hard left cronies going to reject the very policies that have failed everywhee in the world. Check out Greece or Venezuela! It doesn't work!

One comment and question here. Have you ever stopped to think for even one moment that in fact you are wrong? Are you so arrogant that you feel you, Nancy, Harry and the others are so superior to us common folk that in fact you are willing to finish bankrupting our country, our economy and our collective society by continuing to push failed Leftist policies? Get this straight Mr! You and the others are just men and women. The only thing superior about anyone in DC is the arrogance and ignorance displayed by all of you! Nothing else! You are our employees! Start listening to us!

BTW: From all of us know nothings out here. I go back to the start of this missive. You had a super majority. Yet you couldn't push this thru. You're quick to point fingers at the "obstructionist Republicans", but seem loathe to point the finger at the real problem. You! You and your party, the one that didn't need the Republicans to pass this in the first place! There is nothing more disgusting in my view then someone who doesn't have the balls to own up to his or her mistakes! Stop pointing fingers you imbecile!

This is failing becuase the people realize this is a Socialistic government takeover, pure and simple. At it's very core, it is completely Anti-American! The fact that you refuse to admit you were wrong on this and start out new only reinforces my feeling that your main aim is to change our society into a Marxist/Socialist country. I know it is your core belief. Sadly, the electorate on a whole failed to do their homework on that one. So be it. You and others like you disgust me! Yes, I do hold you in high disdain for one main reason. I feel you do not give one damn for our country as to it's basic ideals and principles! And that is a sad indictment as to your poilies and governing style.

Finally, one other word. I am once again seeing numerous articles (Huffington Post comes to mind right off) stating I and others opposed to your policies are racist! I am sick and tired of this BS. As we have seen this in statements by your own advisors in various guises, I would like to offer one word of advice. If you have any gonads at all, get out there and squash this premise. It's bad enough you are willing to put class warfare and failed policies out there as your poster child as it is. But for you to condone the racist vitriol emanating from your lackys is repugnant! For me, to oppose an Anti-American agenda that will bankrupt our children and grandchildren, a debt that is unsustainable, and hard left Socialism is not racist! You ran as a uniter. Are you so full of yourself that you are willing to stand by the very thing you ran against? Oops! Dumb question! Of couse you are. You've proven more then once your utter disdain for our ideals and equality for all. After all, you've made it extremely clear you are above us mere mortals. So consequnces be damned!

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