Monday, March 22, 2010

The Throwing Away Of The American Legacy

Last night, we witnessed a watershed event in our history! Showing blatant disregard to the wishes of the electorate, Congress passed the Government takeover of one sixth of our economy. And make no mistake! This is not reform! This is a Government takeover! Along with the auto companies and the banks, the Government now controls over 50% of our economy. And anyone who thinks for one moment that the health care industry will be better for this has their heads so far up their asses they’ll never see the light of day again.

Personally, I am ashamed and in fact I am grieving for my country. Our day as the greatest country this world has ever known is coming to the end, hastened by Marxist Socialists who do not believe in any of the ideals this country was founded on. In less then one year, leftists have taken this country down to the level of Europe and even Venezuela. As usual, I will be taken to task by those who think government is the answer for everything. And of course, there is the fact that people are “entitled”!

There are many problems and some of what I say today, I’ve said before. But it has to be said over and over! I want my country back!
1: Career politicians who have placed themselves as lord and masters over their subjects versus the electorate which hopefully is waking up to the creeping poison that has permeated Washington. When any politician can defend the inane statements from the hard left advisors and reps, it is time for a change! The facts are clear. This president and his administration are not only out of touch , they are enemies to our republic and the ideals it was founded on. The treasonous actions of this administration must be stopped. I say once again, We are the ones at fault! We the people (those that bothered) marched into the voting booths without bothering to do our homework. We listened to the Big Lie and believed, therefore it is up to the people to stop this insanity! This isn't rocket science folks! This is the future of your country and the erosion of your rights. If you choose to ignore it any longer, we will keep marching head on into a Soviet Style dictatorship!

2: The battle has barely begun! It is incumbent on every citizen to clearly vet these people themselves, a co-opted press aside. This must be done by using the Truth and Facts! This must be done by educating yourselves! Keep an open mind, but dig up everything you can from both sides. Then make an informed decision. As we go forward, we will be called fear mongers and worse! WEAR IT AS A BADGE OF HONOR. Radicals of any persuasion FEAR the truth and facts, so shout it out as loudly as possible. This is our country. Love for country and the ideals it was founded on IS NOT HATE as the hard left keeps saying. Opposing bad policy IS NOT RACISM as we are charged with! Fight the BIG LIE with the TRUTH! Our country depends on this. The people goofed this last election cycle. They didn't pay attention.

It's bad enough that the electorate did not do their homework on the hard core radical in the White House. As such, it should come as no surprise that he has hard core leftist radicals advising him! I'm not even surprised that we have the usual left loonies defending the policies and appointments of our comrade in chief (His own words in his book as to his admiration of Marxist professors and ideals). However, I am fed up with the leftists calling me and others liars, racist, or anything else when I and others point out the truth! The fact that they and their leaders can in anyway keep defending these people when confronted with their own words and writings completely baffles me! History teaches us that once the type of government this administration is pushing down out throats is in place. Freedoms are lost. The so called free press will be shut down, including the ones that support all the change in the first place. BTW: I learned all of that from books!

3: As has been the case since he has been in office, Obama's administration has chosen to talk down to or ignore the general populace! As the electorate was stupid enough to allow this man to be voted in due to their own refusal to take their jobs as voters seriously, this is the kind of government you get. It has been pointed out more then once that the president and his minions do not care what the silent majority thinks. As Axelrod said about protesters, "They are Wrong!" Condescending as always, they talk down to us, their perceived superior intellect and/or sheer idiocy ( I can't tell which is which anymore) put on display in as usual the most vulgar of ways (last part of that is also aimed at the morons on the right who also do nothing but call names or use the worse of biased or racial terms!). One thing sticks out to me! They defend EVERYTHING that is wrong with this Country! The are ok with the corruption from any group they back. They are fine with the march to destruction this administration is leading us on. They are blinded by ideology, hatred for our ideals and most of all sheer ignorance. And that folks is a sad commentary on our leadership.

While I would agree that a big part of this movement is indeed linked to "Democratic" spending, I think the root cause is much deeper. Caustic disregard for the electorate. Career politicians who have forgotten what they were sent to Washington to do. There is blame on both sides, from the spineless creatures in the GOP to the Socialist Anti-American agenda of the Dems. Doesn't change the facts. We have bankrupted our grandchildren We have destroyed this nation with senseless inane entitlements and regulations. And it's our fault! We (those of us that even bother) keep electing the same scum into office. We listen to the "here's what I'll do for you BS". We do not make informed decisions when we vote.

4: I for one am sick and tired of being talked down to and lectured not only by all of the political scum in both parties, but also people blinded by ideology or insane hatred for our country’s very foundations. As I have said in the past, I hold most politicians in high disdain. Doesn’t change the facts. Health Care, Cap and Trade, or anything else this administration is trying to push through is social engineering pure and simple. I have concluded this from studying everything I could get hold of. As for me, last time I looked I live in the United States. Supposedly no one has the right to force me how to think or what to do. And our elected officials (our employees) should keep in mind they do not have the right to shut off debate and or the voice of the people! The people must stay engaged and fight this.

More sheer moronic idiocy! At last at least some of the truth is finally coming out. You will pay more in taxes (in other words, the government will confiscate more of your earnings)! Seniors will see benefits cut! The middle class will pay another tax, penalty my ass!, when they find they cannot afford their insurance. Now we have them claiming savings. Fat whoopie doo when the program is going to cost trillions! Bottom line. There is no way in Hell this can and will work. It will however finish the complete monetary bankruptcy of our country and drive us into the third world status that every socialized country in the past has experienced! My God people! We're already in a depression here and the idiocy continues! BTW: I still haven't heard one elected representative saying they'll give up their royal benefits for this plan. What hypocrisy

I know, I and others have said this over and over. The facts are there, in the open for all to see. The people have elected and put into power a hard left government, one that follows an ideology directly opposed to everything we hold sacred. This isn’t even all about income redistribution as some would say. This is clearly a Marxist leaning government hell bent o destroying the very foundations of this country. We are bankrupt! We are beholden to countries like China for our debt. We have bankrupt our grandchildren. We have taken away every incentive for anyone to want to succeed as we will have to give our hard earned income to those who are entitled to it as per the socialist agenda advocated by this administration.

Last night as I watched the speeches, oops, I meant the lies and mis-direction, I felt a sadness that completely overwhelmed me. I thought of my father and 3 step fathers, all good men who fought for our country and suffered in the aftermath of WWII. I thought about our founding fathers and the fact that they acted on their principles. I considered the hundreds of thousands men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives and blood so I and my children were able to inherit the greatest country ever. I remembered Sen. Moynihan, a great American and his fight against the “Dumbing down of America”! As the final tally was shown, I sobbed as I knew right then that unless we stop this madness now, this country as we know it is obsolete!

In the “Return of the King”, King Theodin as he laid dying says something to the effect of this (paraphrasing here). “I can now face my ancestors, in who’s mighty company I will now not feel ashamed”. I thought of this line and wondered, how can I or anyone else face our maker and our forefathers knowing we allowed this disaster to occur. As such, I close as I have in the past with this plea. I'm begging everyone out there to stop and consider what this country really is and means!

And please consider this one more time (again, this is from a previous post of mine) It's up to "WE THE PEOPLE" to start the revolution. That's right folks! Revolution! Only we are the one country in the world that can do it the correct way, peacefully through the ballot box.. It starts in local elections and works it's way up. "WE THE PEOPLE"! Reminds me of a Star Trek episode in which the Constitution played a huge role, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the episode, but it's true. "WE THE PEOPLE"! These are easily the most powerful words and the greatest document ever written. Take back our country! "WE THE PEOPLE" can do that! We have to! Our very survival as a free country depends on it! We cannot let our forefathers down again!

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