Friday, February 26, 2010

After The Circus

So, when all is said and done, what did we get out of the circus called the Health Care Reform Summit yesterday? First and foremost, I made the horrendous mistake of actually watching the entire thing! Not because I wanted to mind you, but because I feel if I'm going to comment on something as important as this, I should try to be well informed. In this case for sure, watching it was the way to go! In a nutshell, I was extremely disgusted! What a colossal waste of time and effort! Not to nitpick here, but has there ever been a nastier charade then that put on by the President and his lackys? As such, a few observations from my little world.

First and foremost. What in the hell is this guy trying to do? Lead? Not! He put himself up, for want of a better word as a moderator. I don't want my president to be a "moderator"! I want him to lead!

Condenscending. The President, in his reactions and his words was at the least condenscending and at his worst downright disdainful towards the Republicans. He lectured. He bascially, when all was said and done said my way or no way. He "will listen to the suggestions" provided they are in line with what he wants. In no way did he make an attempt at compromise. He did however do his best to throw his ultra Elite attitude out for all to see. He came across as "I am superior to all of you. How dare you even question my motives". Elitist BS at it's worse!

As to his remark to Sen. McCain. Talk about the horse calling the kettle black! The man has been in campaign mode for three years now! Not only was the remark downright politically nasty, but it showed once again how this so called great orator cannot answer any question posed to him. Strike out at the questioner, as always his only answer. Of course, remind the world that "we won" and losers should not be heard from!

And then, we got Chairman Nancy and Comrade Reid with their assinine remarks. After a rather nice presentation from Lamarr Alexander, they lashed out with their usual lies, deciet and spite, never once failing to remind us all that they are the only people who know what is right for us, We the People. Nancy's presentation was beyond the usual histrionics, crass and completely out of touch. And for Harry, I just had to roll my eyeballs.

When the reconciliation question came up, twice I might add, the President went off on his little snit about how it has been used before and basically refused to pull the option off the table. The funniest and saddest thing though was poor, "I don't give a damn about the people" Harry. "No one is talking about reconciliation" he stated. LIES! LIES! LIES! Good grief! Even the President's press secretary has mentioned it!

And that is what we saw for the entire proceeding. Lies. Elitist Bull Shit! And in the end, a complete lack of respect for not only the minority party, but for the people of our great country. My way or the highway. A radical takeover of our country by leftists. It was there, on view for all to see.

The President made it quite clear in the end. He does not give a damn about anyone elses views! His hard core ideology, honed from years of leftist associations, indoctrination and shown vividly by the people he surrounds himself with is all that matters!

As you can all guess, I was absolutelky disgusted by the entire thing. The lines are drawn and the President has decided to take the country down the road of hard core radical Socialism (sdone will sat Progressivism). I know people take me to task for this, but the proof is in the pudding as always,in words and actions. As such, the people nmust fight back! The Tea Partiers are actually being called revolutionaries. Well, sometimes it takes a revolution to set things straight.

I did however see one promising thing yesterday. Hannity had a pollster on, Frank Lunz. He had a focus group pretty well split as to party affiliations. All but one person said the Democrats were wrong in not starting the debate from scratch. All but one person! When a President and his lackys don't listen to the people, that is bad enough. But how ignorant can someone be when he refuses to listen to his own party.

This nation is bankrupt! This bogus health plan and his other great ideas will only further our self destruction! Hell, even Sen. Byrd has figured this one out! And yet, he and his administration insist on turning their backs not only on every founding principle, but on the people themselves! That leads to dictatorship folks! Someone has got to open their eyes to this. It has to be stopped before everything this great country stands for is washed away.

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