Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick Hitters

Instead of one of my normal long winded tirades, a few quick hitters today.

1: How can the unemployment rate go down when over 20,000 more jobs were lost? I have to believe these are pumped up numbers usung the 1000's of temporary census taking jobs! Whatever the case, common sense says the unemployment rate cannot go down when more jobs are lost! As usual lies and misdirection from an out of touch administration that feels the American public is "really stupid"!

2: Geitner says there is little chance of a double dip recession and " the U.S. government "will never" lose its sterling credit rating despite big budget deficits and a newly increased debt limit that now tops $14 trillion." Of course, the fact that we can't pay for close to 43% of this budget, much less the debt itself apparently doesn't factor into his thoughts! Nor apparently does the rest of the world's finacial problems. "Geithner says in an interview broadcast Sunday that in times of economic crisis, international investors will continue to buy U.S. Treasury bonds because the bonds are a safe investment." (From A Fox News story of an interview), while Moodey's says the government's credit rating is on the verge of being lowered. Who to believe? Another out of touch administration hack, or a well respected company that in this case for sure seems to be guided by common sense?

3: "We must do the right thing" Paraphrased, that is Obama's latest tact. He plans to keep pushing his radical agenda because "HE SAYS IT IS RIGHT!". The hell with what the people want. He still yells at the other side for obstructing his Socialistic agendas, promises co-operation then turns right around as always and does nothing but pay lip service while operating behind closed doors.

4: A well written editorial I saw asks this question. "America Is A Great Power, What's Wrong With That?" Well, what is the answer? While this administration is so busy apologizing for this country's arrogance, etc., the world laughs. Dicataors of every stripe thrill to his message. Radical Muslims (call them what they are) keep pushing the envolope, perverting their own religion in the proces,) because they can! The rhetoric from this adminstration gives them the right in their eyes because according to the administration, the problems of the world are caused by us! When does this stop? Amazing how they all have their hands out for something from Uncle Sugar Daddy when the crap hits the fan. On the other hand, pretty sad when the leader of the free world denounces the very principles that made us great!

5: Finally, back to the debt. 14.9 trillion! No way to pay it back. Yet there are idiots in this administration and Congress that say we have to "spend our way out of this"! Spend what?! We're not going to raise taxes, but yes, we are going to raise taxes. We're going to pay down the debt by spending twice as much as we take in. We're going to create jobs by offering incentives that will be paid for thru higher taxes to the people that provide the main finding for our economy! The other night on O'Reilly, he mentioned that under the new policies proposed by these morons, he would be paying over 50% of his income for taxes. 50%! Who in the hell gave anyone the right to decide what is enough for one person to have? What right does anyone have to what I or others have worked for? A good basic government, helping the helpless, basic services. Fine! Horrific waste that saps the will of the people to succeed, BS!

Redistribution of wealth and reckless government spending lead to one thing. Socialism! And in this case, the radicals this president has surrounded himself with are the worse kind of Socialists. In my view, they adhere to the failed Soviet Ideals. I'm not saying they are Stalins or Maos in the murderous sense. But history also teaches us that people who gain what they think is absolute power tend to gravitate towards the "anything it takes" way of doing things to keep that power. We already see it to some extent in the villification of anyone who spouts the basic ideals this country was founded on, starting with the vicious attacks on free speech as evidenced by the administration's war on conservative media.

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