Sunday, July 28, 2013

Phony Scandals (Or As I Would Say, Presidential B.S.)

 As to what is starting to be a tradition with me, let's start of with the fabulous judge Jeannie:

Ah yes. The President is once again going to "focus like a laser" on the economy.  He just has to find a way around the "phony scandals" which have been drudged up to bring him and his policies down. After all, the right hates him because he is black or liberal or whatever other nonsensical reason the left gives so as to defend their Hard Left Socialist hack of a leader. Must be interesting comments when he actually "tries" to do something though. One can easily imagine the following conversation our so called leader might have with himself:

"Christ! I'm trying to focus on changing this nation and implementing the policies needed to help the middle class. But no matter how hard I try, those damned Republicans fight and block me. Can't be my fault. Whatever, all I see is a dark tunnel no matter which direction I look. There has to be a light somewhere. What's that? Take my head out of my ass? Gee Whiz! No wonder it was so dark!" Holy shit! The scandals are real! We got caught being the Anti-American scum we really are. I think I'll put my head back up my ass until the reporters who all agree with me fill the public's mind with enough horse shit so I can force my way down their throats."

As one can guess, I couldn't believe the absolute baloney that was spewed by Chairman Obama and his lackeys as to false scandals and lost priorities as well as blaming the horrible conservatives who  oppose his destructive policies. And While I'm at it, let's not leave out the racist hate so many people have for Obama and his lackey in the Justice Department. After all, the President wouldn't lie to us would he?

Oops! Forgot, not only is he a politician so in fact a confirmed liar as so many of both sides are, but he is in fact an admirer of a system and people (Commie leftists and Muslim Radicals for starters.) that is firmly based in ideals that are exactly opposite to those this country once held dear.
I for one am and have been embarrassed to even acknowledge this American Ideal hating man as out President but unfortunately he is in the office thanks to a brain dead electorate that failed in its responsibility not only as voters but as Americans, choosing to ignore the truth and facts of who and what this man really is and instead adhering to a "give it to me" attitude that promised everything (that for you lefties out there is called feed the masses bullshit so as to hide the reality and in turn amass more power).

IRS (we were lied to), Benghazi (we were lied to and people died), Gun running (we were lied to and people died), NSA spying ( we were lied to) and so on. Yet this is all phony scandals that take away from our exulted leader's directorial agenda. After all, why would a "Constitutional Law Professor" (I choke with laughter every time that is mentioned) lie and circumvent the very document he is supposedly an expert on?

People like me are accused of hate! Yet if one just opens one's eyes and ears there is in fact hate. Hatred for our ideals from this President. Hatred for facts from this President. Hatred towards those who seek the truth by this President. The list goes on yet we who seek the truth are according to Chairman Obama are the haters! Just makes me sick and as so much of the public believes this tired bullshit, one does in fact need to worry about our future. As the U.S now lacks credibility anywhere in the world thanks to this Bozo combined with an electorate that is still in many cases refusing to accept the facts or even look for the truth, we are in deep danger.

Phoney scandals my ass! This President, his appointees and those who shill for him has chosen to openly lie to the American public and in turn accuse we who really care as being the problem, not the power mad scum politicians of both parties who are willing to scrap our democracy for a Soviet Union like Socialist system that does nothing except insure power for them while destroying the social and economic fabric of our society. And that my friends is the biggest scandal of them all!

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  1. Right on the money. Unfortunately too many people in USA are ignorant to this. They do know who won American Idol though.