Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quick Comment on The Last Weeks

I'm hoping to get out a few things in the next day or so after spending the last week absorbing the inane garbage spewing out of the race baiters as to the Trayvon Martin thing (and by the way, Chris Matthews can go to hell. He has no right to apologize for me!)  In the end when prominent black citizens speak out in support of something framers of the agenda don't like, one can see the overt hatred in the open that the left is willing to put on view. Charles Barkley and Bill Cosby and so many others got it right and the hatred from their own people only shows the true idiocy of the left. More on that tomorrow.

Along with that however, were a few other happenings which went pretty much uncommented on as the "trial" is everything it seems. We had the Muslim Terrorist, Major Hassan go on trial, you know the person who fomented "workplace violence" while "defending Taliban fighters" according to his defense. We have the various scandals, all "blips on the radar" as characterized by the left and the media, just something to "try and bring down the President". So many other things, but let's just mention one other for now which in turn will lead me into what has become one of my favorite times of any week, Judge Jeannine Time.

As is known, the Rolling Stone put the Boston Bombing terrorist on it's front cover and surprisingly enough some outrage was in fact shown. Of course, the NY Times and the rest of the propaganda industry defended the fluff piece on this. heinous piece of garbage. In any event I was starting to put together my thoughts on this and other absurdities, especially as to how somehow the puppet masters have bastardized the justice system and our values in general, choosing over and over to make excuses for the poor criminal rather than concern about the victims of crimes when lo and behold, here comes the Judge with the exact thoughts I would have hoped to convey and with the emotion I am not sure I could put into words.

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