Monday, April 30, 2018

The Iran Deal Is Based on Lies! And I Think Obama and Kerry Knew it!

As one can guess, I have not been a fan of the phony deal put forth for Iran as to nuclear capabilities as put forth by the rancid Muslim loving ex President Obama and his head in the sand Secretary of State. I always felt it was based on lies and even more, Obama's entire idea being to stand behind his radical Muslim brethren. 

Well, the truth has come out thanks to the Israelis. Mountains of evidence proving Iran is still mounting a program for nuclear weapon development and more. And don't think for one moment I do not think those lying sacks of crap Obama and Kerry didn't know it.

Below watch as a real leader shows the truth and pray that President Trump, who has this information also does the right thing and cancels a deal that can and will end up in catastrophe! These radicals must be stopped and the world as a whole has got to stand up to them

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  1. And the American electorate sleeps on -- but maybe not as much as two years ago.