Thursday, December 7, 2017

December 7th. A Day To Remember

As all should know, today is Pearl Harbor Day. As such, we must not only remember that "the Japanese attacked us", but that in fact we as a country and more were saved by the blood and sacrifice of countless individuals in our military and more.

As the no count bastards on the left  (and some on the right) continue to rewrite history and in turn suggest that we had it coming and worse, one must keep reminding everyone of not only that "Greatest Generation", but all who have sacrificed for this country.

Far to many young people don't even know of Pearl Harbor Day. One of my grandkids wrote an essay on it and I was distressed when his teacher noted that while it was well written, she felt it was given to much significance in light of what she felt we as a nation have become. Of course she has the usual leftist/socialist slant, but at least she did not dock him on his grade for a well written paper, just got in her leftist digs.

We owe so much to our military and that does not begin with Pearl Harbor Day. The freedoms and rights we enjoy were paid for in life and blood. Pearl Harbor Day not only awakened a sleeping giant, but in fact was the grand emergence of our love for our country and more. We will fight to the death to protect our loved ones and our rights! And we did.

Now, far too many find it to be an afterthought and worse demean it and our fighting forces as well as what we stand for. This has to stop!

I cannot begin to express how much I believe in and honor our military. I am able to write this freely (although the hard left wants to keep me and others like me silent or brand us as hate mongers due to our Patriotic views) because of their sacrifice.

I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart and remind everyone once again that we are the greatest country in the world, the leftist pigs not withstanding. In turn I want to remind everyone with an ounce of a brain. Resist the mind washing and the rewrites of history by the enemies of what we stand for. We fought far to hard to lose our liberties and sovereignty to the Socialists and worse. And that would be a Dishonor to our fighting forces that is not deserved and should not be tolerated

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