Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Race Hustlers Are Out! The Uusal Then Ensues!

I’ve wanted to comment on the situation in Ferguson for a while now, knowing full well anything I say will most likely be labeled as racial hatred and so forth by the brain dead lemmings on the left as well as the far too many of those who have chosen victimization and heeding the call of the true racists like Sharpton and Jackson as their reality. 

Fact: Sharpton and Jackson are race hustlers of the worse kind, yet Sharpton is in effect a closet advisor the Racist in Chief and his blind Attorney General, you know, the one who supports the illegality of the New Black Panthers over voting rights. And let’s not forget how fervently his Justice Department is charging a white clown with hate crimes for his actions in a so called “Knockout Game” incident against a black man. 

Funny though how he conveniently IGNORES THE FACT THAT 99% OF PEOPLE ACTUALLY COMMITING KNOCKOUT GAME CRIMES ARE BLACK! Yet these don’t qualify as hate crimes! Pure racism being practiced by Holder and company! In other words, Bullshit!

Before I go on, Bill O’Reilly hits it on the head here. 

There are far too many times, we have a situation in which a white officer has shot a black person which in turn has led to the deplorable scenes we witness after such an event. And what do we see time after time? First and foremost, outside agitators coming in to foment disorder! And of course, they loot and destroy, but not the neighborhoods of those they blame for the so called injustices against them. No, they destroy their own neighborhoods then blame everyone but themselves. In turn, clowns like the President and company can’t even bring themselves to blame the true criminals, instead resorting to the same tired racist bull! 

This however goes far beyond Ferguson and for that matter our so called social justice. As O’Reilly states in the facts he presented above, 91% of shootings against black men are by blacks! That is a cold hard fact. Where the hell is the outcry about that?

In my hometown of Chicago, innocent blacks are being shot or killed and as above, well over 85% of these shootings are by blacks! I still haven’t heard one damn word from the rancid no count in the White House! People are being slaughtered by their own people, yet the Racist in Chief only sticks his head out in the less than 10% of the cases in which it is opposite to his narrative! Where is the outcry?

Let’s not forget, when good people like Bill Cosby and others openly state a cold hard fact like telling black men to stay with their families and be real fathers and more, those voices are vilified by not only the rancid black leadership, but the apologists and racists in the media because this does not follow the victimization narrative!

A few examples I’ve stumbled across below.  Please note these are not white people! These are people who are expressing something that far too many are afraid to say!

I mention above how we see time and again the black community destroying their own neighborhoods. Gilbert Arenas puts it out there simply and factually. I’m sure he’s taking heat for his comments:

“According to Breitbart, Arenas says that Al Sharpton is such a polarizing figure that his inserting himself into racially-charged situations actually reduces the chances of justice being done.

Arenas also argued that the black community only hurt itself in riots, because they occur in predominantly black neighborhoods and therefore damage property owned by black families…“About 10 riots from the black community over the years and the only thing damaged, was the BLACK COMMUNITY by The BLACK COMMUNITY,” he wrote.”

I found this on the Daily Smug on the 8th. One can only imagine the hatred being aimed at Mr. Gentry by his own people:

“On Tuesday, Johnathan Gentry became an Internet sensation when he went on rant against the black community following the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Friday, he doubled down in a passionate appearance on Fox News, calling out everyone from President Obama to the NAACP and Al Sharpton.

“I hate to say this, but I’m going to tell you what you need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear!” Gentry, identified by Fox as a minister and who is based in Los Angeles, said earlier in the week. “All we know how to do is blame the police and white folks for our actions. That’s all we know how to do is blame police and white folks.”

“‘They mistreating us,’” he added in a mocking voice. “‘They beating on us. Oh slavery still exists. Oh oh.’ I’m sick of it!”

On Friday, he picked up right where he left off, turning his attention to Al Sharpton and others after he was asked about them.

He started by asking Sharpton “Where were you?” in regards to shootings in Chicago and California.
“You only come around when something happens with the police or Caucasians. You’re not there for the black community so you need to stop fronting — and NAACP as well. I want to call them out as well! They’re good for nothing. All they do is perpetuate hate.”

He also referenced comments from NBA player Gilbert Arenas, who called out Sharpton, too.
As for Obama? “Same old song and dance.”

“It’s just PR in my opinion,” he added. “Someone just handed him a note and said, ‘Speak.’”
He also went on to place blame on Brown and his friend for what happened:

If you two brothers would have just moved to the sidewalk like the officer said, we would not be here. If you would have just moved to the sidewalk and obeyed, we would not be here. 1 Samuel 15:23: “Rebellion is at the sin of witchcraft.” This went from stage one, stage two, stage three, here we are, stage five. Total chaos.”

Finally, Ray Innis chimes in and in my view he is dead on. I truly wish he had expressed feelings like this in the past because he is dead on here:

“Innis acknowledged that the loss of a young life in such a manner is a tragic event, but nonetheless had harsh words for the community’s violent response and for so-called ‘black leaders’ who have stepped in and ramped up the racial unrest with their words and actions.

“These racial arsonists, like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the New Black Panther Party, they’re a disgrace. They are the villain; they are a danger to our community. They are a danger to our civilization,” Innis contended.

He then brings up the never-ending violence that occurs on a daily basis in Chicago, Obama’s hometown, and calls Obama and Holder, as well as the racial arsonists before mentioned, for their failure to address the dire circumstances within that community. Innis compares the violence in Chicago to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars adding that it’s safer for a black person to be in Iraq or Afghanistan than on the streets of Chicago.
Referring to Holder as Obama’s consigliere, i.e. advisor to a crime boss, Innis unleashes on the the President and Attorney General for fanning the flames of racism and making themselves out to be victims rather than calling for calm and rational actions as we await the full investigation to be complete.

I am sad Mr. Brown is dead. However, I want the facts! I want them out in the open and presented by a non-biased investigation. Sadly, because I truly believe in  my heart, Attorney General Holder, President Obama and his shadow advisors such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson among others are in fact racist to the core as evidenced by their actions! 

The sad commentary is the fact that this is so. And again I also ask, where is the outcry?

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