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Christian and Jewish Genocide: History Repeats As Leadership Ignores Thus In Effect Agrees

This is a long one folks and my apologies in advance.

It is no secret I hold Barak Obama and his followers in what could be called high disdain to say the least. I feel he is a traitorous bastard who does not in one bit give a rat’s ass about this country and her ideals. And I feel his utter hatred of this country and it’s must somehow be communicated to the brain dead electorate who for whatever reason has chosen to ignore the real facts behind this clown. Sadly enough though, just the above alone isn’t the worse thing about our exalted leader.

The other day, Clueless Barak ordered airstrikes against ISIS outside Erbil, citing along with a lot of bullshit and outright lies, the need to “prevent a possible genocide” as one of his reasons for, after ignoring the already committed genocide for close to 6 months, finally acting against the scum that is another radical Islamic faction! 

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I've directed our military to take targeted strikes against ISIL terrorist convoys should they move toward the city.

Then of course, off to the golf course.

I’m trust our messiah so I’m sure he is really torn about the 1,000’s of Christians (and let’s not forget his ignorance as to the real tragedy that is happening in Israel because of his “Muslim brothers and their sheer hatred for Jews and humanity in general) being eradicated as per the goals of this Muslim scum. Bullshit!

Before I go off any further here, Judge Jeanine:

I for one have always believed he doesn’t give a damn whether Christians are eradicated any more than he does about the Jews. So riddle me this.

As the MSM and of course this administration only want to report the civilian deaths CAUSED BY HAMAS and in turn use it to vilify Israel and the so called Muslim haters, can one assume we will be seeing the video of the innocent civilians that will be killed by our bombing of ISIS? Short answer. NOT! I can’t imagine any scenario in which his loyal lackeys would allow their esteemed leader to be portrayed in any manner that would tarnish his Nobel Prize and his march to sainthood. And one wonders why he and his minions make me sick?

I mention above this clown doesn’t give one damn about Jews or Christians. Also I’ve mentioned the fact that any actions this guy is taking to “prevent a possible genocide” as was the B.S, line yesterday is purely a political move to save his sorry ass and hopefully his party’s.

‘Genocide’ Taking Place Against Christians In Iraq and White House Saying Nothing

“Virginia Republican Rep. Frank Wolf says there is a genocide being perpetrated against the Christians of Iraq and the White House hasn’t said a word about it, much less acted to stop it.

The terrorist group the Islamic State, an al Qaida off shoot that has taken over large swaths of Iraq in recent months, told Christians in the Iraqi city of Mosul they had to convert to Islam by July 18 or they would be killed, according to the Economist. The only other option they were given was to leave Mosul, a city which has had a Christian presence for nearly two millennia. So thousands of Christians have now fled the city in fear for their lives.

“It is genocide. It meets the test of genocide,” Wolf said Friday on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, which this writer guest hosted. “The definition of genocide was put together by the UN by a guy named Raphael Lemkin. But it is the eradication of a group of people – race, culture, ethnicity, religion. So this meets the official test of genocide.”

Asked if President Barack Obama has spoken out against this atrocity, Wolf said he has not.
“No, the president hasn’t said anything, the State Department hasn’t said anything,” he lamented. “Frankly, nobody is saying anything.”

Asked what the United States could do about the situation in Mosul, Wolf listed several options.

“There is a lot we can do,” he said. “One, the President of the United States can urge the Kurdish government to continue to guard and protect the Christians.”

“Secondly, we can give some of the foreign aid that we are already giving, give it to a group like Catholic Relief or World Vision or a group like that, to provide relief – water, food, clothing,” he continued. “Thirdly, we can tell the Maliki government to start protecting the Christian sites and the Christian communities. [Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-]Maliki flew out – all the Shia were flown out of Mosul – and they left the Christians there to die.”

“And lastly,” Wolf concluded, “every person who is listening should call their congressman and their senator and insist that they insist the White House do something.” 

Well, here it is in spades, his too political and “save my sorry ass” motive!

“The situation near Erbil was becoming more dire than anyone expected,” said a senior administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe the White House’s internal deliberations. “We didn’t want another Benghazi.”

From “this is a Javee team” in January to the above. And nothing but bullshit excuses and a charge by President Bozo that this was in fact an “intelligence” failure! Intelligence failure my ass! Complete incompetence by the Clown in Chief and for that matter, maybe it is a lack of intelligence. I guess the so called smartest man ever to grace the office is nothing more than a brainwashed ideological lemming, blindly clinging to his hard core leftist, ideals.

And as I say above, he sure as hell doesn’t care! If he did, he would have actually listened to the people who were in a position to know. But then again, that is probably hard to do since he is firing every competent soldier or leader in all of our armed services and
clamping a vise on our intelligence community!

“We didn’t want another Benghazi!” my ass!

He ordered airstrikes for one reason. To look Presidential and hopefully once again bullshit a lazy, uninformed electorate into once again thinking Mr.Wonderful will once again come to the rescue!

A few comments from around the news sphere:
Allen West:
“Last night, President Obama had the chance to define a clear and present evil in our time. ISIS represents the Nazis of this century. There is no clearer portrayal of 7th century barbarism than this movement which we have allowed to gain strength, momentum and victory. Its blitz across Syria and Iraq can easily be compared to that of the 20th century blitzkrieg of Hitler. And the savagery being inflicted is beyond belief — consider the marking of Christian homes — history does repeat itself.

President Obama hid behind the excuse of Iraqi government reconciliation — destroying ISIS is not linked to the success or failure of Iraq’s governance. The destruction of ISIS is a global imperative — and someone has to lead. President Obama referred last night to opening discussions with other partners, the UN (who backs Hamas), and I suppose he will chat with a local Kiwanis Club and the Boy Scouts. Last night was a moment where Barack Hussein Obama could have shown Churchill-like leadership — instead he took the cautious path of Neville Chamberlain. And again, why was he so anxious in Libya and not now?

There is a quote, sometimes attributed to Sir Edmund Burke: “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” In the grander scheme, bombing some artillery pieces is doing nothing. If I were Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi listening to Obama last night — and trust me he was – he isn’t threatened. Evil has knocked on Barack Obama’s door on his watch. You can’t just turn up the volume on the TV inside and attempt to ignore it. Frankly, it’s like Obama turned on the sprinkler system to try and scare it away.”

The below from Catholic Inline is extremely pertinent in my view because I have in the past and will continue to equate Barak Obama with Adolf Hitler! For six months he ignored an ongoing genocide! Then he lied about it, citing “intelligence failures” or whatever. 1,000’s of Christians have been slaughtered and the leader of the free world ignored it! Where was the outcry from Lord Obama and the ass hats in D.C? He stood by and watched! People like Barak Obama are a shameful reminder of the worse in humanity and his inaction puts him in good standing with the past despots who were willing to allow or commit ethnic genocide. And in my view, this guy is an open Jew hating, Christian hating bastard every bit as bad as his predecessors!

From Catholic Online:
 “Decades ago, the world watched as the Jews, and many others, including a large number of Catholics, were rounded up, persecuted by Nazis. Nobody outside of the European continent believed these people were being systematically killed on an industrial scale.

Yet they were. We've seen the haunting images and video. Smiling Nazi officers standing beside their victims in the moments before they shot or gassed them. Today, Islamic State terrorists are posing with their victims, making videos, and even tweeting crude jokes about their carnage.

They glorify and revel in their killing and believe with all sincerity that they are doing the work of Allah.”

Herr Obama claims intelligence failures.  Below from Newsbusters is a reminder and history lesson. It was true for the Germans and Jews in the forties as it is now for the complete Islamic goal. Death to Jews and Christians. And once again we stood by and watched because of what appears to be open hatred by our leader, that is until he has to scramble to save his sorry ass!

From Newsbusters:

“All of which says that there is, as the saying goes, nothing new under the sun.  There will always be dupes, collaborators and fools in this world.

Hannity’s willingness - and that of others at Fox - to call out Hamas and the larger problem of  the rise of Islamic radicalism is a reminder that there were, in fact, courageous journalists in the 1930’s who covered Germany and understood exactly what all that anti-Semitism that was at the core of the rise of the Nazis actually meant. As noted here in the pages of The Atlantic a couple years ago,  (in a Q&A with Andrew Nagorski, author of Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power) journalists like Edgar Mowrer of the Chicago Daily News understood exactly what Hitler was about, Mowrer writing of Hitler: "What he's saying about the Jews is serious. Don't underestimate him.”

So too did CBS Radio’s William L. Shirer, a foreign correspondent for print outlets as well, understand exactly what he was seeing in Germany. As with Hannity in Israel,  Shirer in Germany was unafraid to report what he was seeing in unvarnished, straight-up fashion - with moral clarity. Wrote the New York Times at Shirer’s death in 1993:

“While reporting the 1936 Olympics from Berlin, he was publicly condemned by Joseph Goebbels's propaganda ministry for exposing Nazi anti-Semitism.

"All Jew baiting is officially off in Germany during the Olympics," he wrote, because Hitler meant to turn the games into "a huge propaganda triumph." Mr. Shirer was accused of being a "German hater" and was threatened with expulsion.”

As to the “possibility of genocide:


In an interview on CNN, businessman and Chaldean-American leader Mark Arabo described the atrocities being done to Christians by ISIS:

“A Christian Holocaust is in our midst. We are actually calling this a Christian genocide… Day by day, it is getting worse and worse.”*

“…There’s actually a park in Mosul where they actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick… this is crimes against humanity. They are doing the most horrendous, the most heart-breaking crimes that you can think of.”*

“They are absolutely killing every Christian they see. This is absolutely a genocide in every sense of the word. They want everyone to convert, and they want sharia law to be the law of the land.”
For god’s sake! There is a huge amount if video evidence as too what is going on and still this bastard ignored it and the lied! So again, how about a bit of Presidential Bullshit!

“My team has been vigilant, even before ISIL went into Mosul, about foreign fighters and jihadists gathering in Syria, and now in Iraq, who might potentially launch attacks outside the region against Western targets and U.S. targets.  So there’s going to be a counterterrorism element that we are already preparing for and have been working diligently on for a long time now.

We can assist and our military obviously can play an extraordinarily important role in bolstering efforts of an Iraqi partner as they make the right steps to keep their country together, but we can’t do it for them . . .

We have to make sure that ISIL is not engaging in the actions that could cripple a country permanently.  There’s key infrastructure inside of Iraq that we have to be concerned about.”

And how about this one?

“Obama: Bad Intelligence Behind ISIS Underestimation,” Breitbart TV, August 9, 2014 (thanks to Paul):
Saturday from the White House South Lawn, President Barack Obama blamed “intelligence estimates” for not anticipating the speed in which ISIS would capture large sections of Iraq.

The President, who has been under harsh media criticism for likening ISIS to an Al-Qaeda JV basketball team in January said, “There is no doubt that their advance their movement over the last several of months has been more rapid than the intelligence estimates and I think the the expectation of policy makers both in and outside of Iraq.”

The president also made clear no troops would go into Iraq during this operation of humanitarian aid and military airstrikes on ISIS.

In turn, how about a bit of sanity and truth?

“Gingrich: ‘Nobody Wants to Tell the Truth’ About Radical Islam,” by Tina Nguyen, Mediaite, August 8, 2014:

This morning on New Day, Newt Gingrich came on to discuss Barack Obama‘s proposal to combat ISIS in Iraq — and, judging by his response, thinks that Obama isn’t recognizing that this is a problem of “radical Islam.”

“Nobody wants to tell the truth,” he complained. “The truth is this is a radical Islamist group. They say openly if you don’t convert, we’ll kill you. It turns out they actually mean it. There’s no complexity…The president couldn’t even honestly describe ISIS last night because it goes against his ideology.”

And, just to be clear, that ideology is that ISIS “has a very clear religious background, just as Hamas does, just as Boko Haram does. There’s a war against Christians across the region, and the fact is that we’ve got to be prepared to be honest about this,” he told CNN’s New Day.

“Nobody in the American State Department, nobody in the White House, not just Obama, but for three or four administrations, we’ve not had the courage to confront how bad this is, and it’s getting worse.”
Last, but not least, let’s include this incredible lie of bullshit doublespeak:

He said this at last Friday’s presser about ISIS [as he refuses to do a thing]: “I mean, the fact of the matter is that in all these crises that have been mentioned, there may be some tangential risks to the United States. In some cases, as in Iraq and ISIS, those are dangers that have to be addressed right now. And we have to take them very seriously. But for the most part, these are not—you know, the rockets aren’t being fired into the United States. The reason we are concerned is because we recognize we got some special responsibilities. ”

Obama and his protectors in his party and the media want us to swallow the bullshit and ignore the realities. Reality is as follows. The Scum Muslim bastards want Jews and Christians dead! They have announced for all to hear and our President, in his inaction and if one would just look at his own writings, his embrace of everything not only anti-western civilization, but in fact Jew and Christian hatred is astounding, astounding in the fact that so many are refusing, or in fact stand with him to see the realities!

Let’s be perfectly clear here. I despise this President. I honestly feel he and his ass kissing lackeys have no use for the U.S. and here ideals. I do not back away from the fact that I think he is a racist, embraces his Muslim bretheren (in his own words!) and feels the laws of this great nation do not pertain to him! Whether it be Obamacare, Immigration or the various scandals which engulf his administration (if only the MSM would get their heads out of their asses and report it as news), in my eyes the hatred for everything he swore to uphold and defend is evident.

But nothing in my eyes can be worse than his embrace of stated genocide aimed at both Jews and Christians! I don’t want to hear the bullshit that we have to tread carefully and “talk” to all the factions! And make no bones about it! This isn’t a Chamberlain situation! This is pure open hatred and it was ignored and laughed off by our so called President! History is repeating itself and the 30’s are happening again, unfortunately being pushed along by an unqualified moron who just as Hilter did, fed the electorate a line of shit and they ate it. Look what we have now!

“Back in Germany years ago, a cancer appeared which ended up being Nazi Germany. The people, listening with their hearts instead of their brains, were stunned when they found out they had been deceived and worse as their liberties and so forth were taken away from them. So it is here now and the world sees us for what we now are, a paper tiger that does not have the courage anymore to stand for what is right.” 

We haven't learned from our history and hell is now breaking out! And as usual, our benevolent dictator of a leader is on the golf course.  Our country and our way of life is dying and this clown along with his propaganda industry and hos racist lying Attorney General, moonbat senators and Congress people apparently don't really give a damn! Well I do and I pray the majority of this country do. If not, the hell that is coming can only be blamed on us all!




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