Sunday, May 4, 2014

Impeachment Is not Good Enough As to Benghazi! Our People Died, Obama Lied!

I have more then once gone off the deep end as to the cancerous growth in the White House that is Barak Obama. The open hostility towrds the electorate and our principles in general as exhibited by him and those of hos administration as well as the entrenched Republican scum makes me sick to my stomach and quite honestly leaves me in the mood for the though of open revolution. And like I said in the past, we as a people can revolt at the ballot box, that is provided the Commie bastard in the White House and his underlings don't find a way to really rig elections (or matial law. Who knows what this guy would try)

The coverups, lies and direct disrespect of out laws by this President in themselves should have already led to the removal from office of him, Holder, Hillary and far to many others who not only participated in orchestrating the proceedings but all in fact lied to "We the People" better known as their employers!

Rather than go off into one of my rants, I'll let Judge Jeanine hit him where it counts.

This has gone on far to long. The IRS, Fast and Furious and Benghazi in the real world of the past would be wold class scandals and a blood thirsty media would be sending in their attack dogs, that is if there was such a thing as an impartial blood thirst media! In many ways, (Don't forget kids, Freedom of Speech means just that and as such, we can't do anything about the lying sacks of shit in the media who refused to do the work of true journalists and in fact overtly backed and promoted this scum bag) one could wish we could indict and convict the Press, but even ideological idiots have the right in our country (that is until our out of control Commie led government succeeds in silencing the people). And make no joke about that as there has been a bill introduced by a brain dead Democrat to do just that.

I for one have had enough. The America the entrenched elected scum want, especially as envisioned by the like of those sad sack Reid (What an embarrassment he is to this state) and Pelosi as well Putin's dancing doll Obama is not my America and it sure as hell should not be yours!

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