Saturday, May 10, 2014

Benghazi! 4 Of My Brothers Died! Get Answers Now!

Hillary says a select committee to investigate Benghazi is unneeded. Nancy says it is at the peril of the Republicans to keep an investigation going that has no evidence of any wrong doing. Jay Carney says Bengahzi happened "so long ago" and of course ny document with the word "Benghazi" as part of its narrative is in fact not about Benghazi. We have members of State refuting the facts as presented by the lying sacks of shit that are this administration and their media lackey lapdogs. And of course we have the rancid piece of crap in the White House who seemed more worried about heading here to Vegas than worrying about our people in Libya.

No matter what one thinks, if they look at it with an open mind, the Benghazi affair is not just a scandal, but in fact an indictment of everything that is wrong with this President and his party's intent of indoctrination through Orwellian tactics. Lies and more lies, change the subject, vilify the messenger but most of all do their Nazi like or Soviet like best to force the American people into believing their incredible bull shit.

Now, the RINO garbage known as Boehner has finally appointed a committee that will hopefully get to the bottom of this mess. One can't be to sure of this of course as Comrade Obama and his minions will stonewall all queries as well as withhold any modicum of the truth that would in fact indict them or worse. One only has to look at the Democrats crying like stuck pigs! "We might not participate". "We want equal numbers of representation (something they would never allow for sure if they were the majority)". And so on and so on. Both parties are guilty of major hypocrisy when it comes to these kind of things, but the extent the Democrats and the piss ants in the major media take it (and can anyone tell me why the media on a whole refuses to report on this?) is beyond sickening!

Let's start off with my question above as to the media. Their steadfast refusal to even mention Benghazi as well as other scandals is serious enough, especially when at one time the media was the "watchdog of our Freedoms". While we can make a rather coherant statement that they are in fact in bed with this President and his leftist agenda, what happened to the "I smell blood, I don't give a damn who it is, let's go after them" mindset like they had for Watergate and so many other scandals on both sides of the aisle (Wilbur Mills and Fanny Fox come to mind here. A democrat caught with his pants down and they went after him like a hound chasing a rabbit)?

Below is from October of 2013, but Rep. Gowdy asks the questions that we should all be asking as to this situation, but especially hits it out of the park as to the Press in general. Where in the hell  has the Press been on this? Has the MSM got their heads so far up Obama and Company's asses that they have completely lost sense of what journalism is (dumb question there I guess, but still has to be asked)?

 Now we have a select commitee packed woth lawyers and at least 2 ex prosecuters who will hopefully askr questions and not speechify or worse as is usually the case in most of these hearings. This isn't a time to defend President Bozo, ex Secretary of State Hillarity or any other lying scum bag! It is time to get to the truth of why 4 American citizens were left to die!

Two completely asinine statements from Commissar Pelosi below as to what she and her brain dead party think of the panel:

"House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi had a tough message for Republicans Thursday after GOP lawmakers pushed through legislation to create a special committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks.

“Republicans’ unending eagerness to exploit these deaths is disrespectful to their families and unworthy of the American people,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said. “Our nation deserves better than yet another deeply partisan and political review.”

And, she said, “It is clear that House Republicans will do anything to divert attention away from their failed leadership and do-nothing record.”

"Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) ignorantly and falsely declared that Benghazi is an issue of the past by condemning the GOP’s decision to enact a Select Committee in an effort to bring justice to those whose relatives were killed in the violent terrorist attack two years ago.

Speaking at a news conference Friday, Pelosi told reporters “Either people have gotten tired of Benghazi or they never knew about it in the first place.”

The lies from the onset as to the video and so forth were for one purpose only, to protect this sad sack Commander in Chief and the lies go on today.  General Lovell and others have testified to the inate falseness of the narrative put forward by this out of control administration, but the press (and the Democratic scumbags(  has chosen to ignore it.

Via The Hill: 

U.S. military personnel realized early on during the Benghazi attack that it was a “hostile action,” and not a protest that escalated, a retired U.S. general told lawmakers on Thursday.

“What we did know early on was that this was a hostile action,” Retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. “This was no demonstration gone terribly awry.”

Lovell served as deputy director for intelligence for U.S. Africa Command headquarters in Germany during the Benghazi attack.

But, the question remains, could the four who died have been saved?  

Today, while testifying before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell, who was at AFRICOM headquarters in Germany while the consulate attack was going on, said that not only was the attack not a demonstration against a YouTube video, but that “we should have tried” conducting a military response to the attack.

Rep. Tom Cotton hits it out of the park in a speech on the House floor in regards to the fake outrage byt the left as to supposedely politicizing this matter:

"Mr. Speaker, couple lessons I learned in the Army were you moved to the sound of gunfire and the most important step in the troop leading procedures is to supervise the execution of you orders.

When Americans were fighting for their lives in Benghazi, Barack Obama did neither. He sent no quick reaction force and didn’t even stay in the situation room to supervise the execution of his orders. We expect more from the lieutenants in the army than our president gave us that night.

For two years he’s covered up this failure of leadership by stonewalling. Not anymore. We will now get to the truth.

But what do our colleagues on the other side of the aisle say to this? They express great outrage at politicizing this matter.

When I was leading troops in Iraq in 2006, men and women who were being shot at and blown up by al Qaeda, where was the outrage as they fundraised endlessly off the Iraq war?

Where was the outrage as they viciously attacked our commanders?

Where was the outrage when they said soldiers were war criminals?

Where was the outrage when they said the war was lost?

Where was the outrage when they said only high school dropouts join the Army?

Forgive me if I don’t join my democratic colleagues in their fake outrage. Four Americans lost their lives that night in Benghazi. They deserve justice and the American people deserve the truth.

One other lesson I learned in the Army is that we leave no man behind. And we will not leave these four men behind".

In summation, the left is charging the Republicans and in turn the families of 4 dead Americans with "Politicizing" the Benghazi  affair and cover-up. Who in the hell do they think they are?! Benghazi in the estimation of the Nancy Pelosis of the world is old news! Tell the to the families of the murdered Americans you rancid pieces of shit! Hillary lied to the families from day one and in turn this scum bag of a President and his underlings have been lying ever since! 4 Americans died and in my eyes they are every bit a part of my family as they are of the families who desperately want answers but are instead lied too, ignored or held in contempt by this administration and those in both Houses as well as the MSM! 4 people died and the administration and MSM has lied! When is the MSM going to get their collective heads out of Barak's ass and do their jobs? Is the blind ideology of the press so ingrained that truth has no place anymore? Has the Press in effect become the Orwellian propaganda as in 1984? It sure as hell seems like it!

Finally, how is it that so many here in America are refusing to ask for much less accept the truth in regards to their government? How is it the "all government officials lie and it is now accepted as the norm"? How is it that 4 Americans died due to the ineptness and ignorance of an Anti-American ideals President and no one seems to care? When in the hell are we as a people going to demand the truth form our government, be it Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious or whatever? If not for ourselves, we owe it to the families of Ambassador Stevens and the others who died! What about it Barak, Nancy, Harry, Hillary and whoever else refuses to tell us the truth! When in the hell are you going to tell the families the truth?!

4 of my brothers died, 2 of whom fought for hours while this piece of shit President chose to apparently let it go having a much more important engagement in LasVegas. The Commander in Chief let our people die!Hillary let our people die! They and others than lied about it and to this day are still lying! I want answers and every American should want and deserves those answers! Those of us who chose to ignore this issue or believe this failed administration do so at their own risk! Ignore things like Benghazi, one in effect is turning their very Freedom over to a wanna be dictator and his fawning minions, all who seem to answer to anyone other than the people!


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