Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Anthem From The Heart By Our Kids

I find myself wondering sometimes as to whether our younger generation "actually gets it" After all, with government indoctrination now the order of the day in our schools, what with history being rewritten or not taught combined with the open Commie Leftist lies emanating not only from the so called "free Press", but also openly and blatantly from our elected officials and their minions, including the lying sack of crap in the White House,one indeed has to wonder about our future leaders and how their education and standards as taught by a treasonous philosophy will in fact affect our great nation.

Yet, as I have said in past posts, every time I start to worry about our kids, something comes along which reinforces my faith in their ability to "get it right". One such case is below with this viral video of over 1,000 students in Kentucky.

 Those who follow me know of my love for my Chicago Blackhawks and the rendition of the anthem as done by Jim Cornelison. For those who have witnessed it, be it at the stadium, at Soldiers Field for that great playoff rendition a few years back or especially after the last 2 Stanley Cup Triumphs when over 2,000,000 fans joined in at the parade and ceremonies, it is as I have said in the past truly one of the electric moments in all of sports with "Love of Country" being displayed openly and proudly. ( 2 of Jim's renditions are included below just as a reminder)

Well folks, as I said above, our kids will always find some way to reaffirm our faith in them and their care for the future of this country and in this case I now have a legitimate rival to the Blackhawk's Anthem.. When I first watched the video from Kentucky, I felt the same electricity I felt when I first heard the Anthem in Chicago, first by the great Wayne Messner (as great as it is now, there was nothing and will probably never be anything again to rival the Anthem in the old Chicago Stadium!) and now Jim Cornelison. This is beyond fabulous and once again a sign that "the kids will be alright" as long as we as parents and mentors do our best to instill the qualities in them that made this the greatest country ever.

  "Students attending the Kentucky All-State Choir leave their Hyatt Hotel rooms a little before 11 pm each night during the Kentucky Music Educators Association conference, and stand on the 18 inside surrounding balconies and sing the National Anthem". (Quote lifted from Maggie's Notebook)

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