Sunday, February 16, 2014

9th Circuit Rulling On CCW: Bet This reaction Is Tame Compared to Herr Obama's

This week, the 9th circuit Court actually got it's head out of it's collective ass and threw out a concealed weapons law in California basically saying it was unconstitutional.This is indeed a good thing although the cynical amongst us out here might wonder if they possibly felt it would take away their own personal protection against the gang bangers, druggies and whatever else that is and has been running rampant in California and elsewhere thus in effect saving their own asses. None the less, a great ruling actually based on the Law of the Land, something that is rare in the liberal courts of today. So Kudos!

Unfortunately, one must assume the loony left is taking this ruling quite hard. This wanna be dictator in the White House and his lackeys around the country are hell bent on disarming the people, just as so many totalitarian societies have in the past. Simply put, control of the people is power. Unarmed citizens means unlimited power. Not hard to figure out here. As such, one can only assume Herr Obama (as well as Bloomberg, Cuomo, Emanual in Chicago and so many other leftist loonies out there) is at least in as much of a snit as our good friend Adolph is as to the loss of control that is wrought thanks to the Second Amendment.

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