Friday, November 2, 2012

Trust A Liar For Four More Years? NOT!

I have been loath to write anything lately ( little sis, all is ok. I've just been bummed out is all)  as when I re-read my stuff I find (in my eyes) I put what I would call way to much raw emotion into it. Folks have told me I shouldn’t worry about it so I let it go from the heart and yes, it is sometimes callous and nasty to say the least. As this election season has gone on, I find not only has the intense despite for the current occupant of the White House increased, but in fact I feel a deep hatred for this man and everything he stands for.

Of course, those who refuse to take of the rose colored glasses of blind loyalty (or open stupidity, take your pick) will immediately accuse me of letting out my deepest racial hatred and leave it at that, yet those who have read my stuff know better than that. The road this President has chosen to take is as Anti-American ideal as it can be! His open scorn for the Constitution, our armed service men and so much more is offensive! And on I can go.

I’ve sat back now, wondering about how the American electorate is willing to put up not only with the loss of everything our forefathers fought to give us but also the blatantly open dishonesty of this administration (and let’s not forget the lying sacks of crap in both parties here!). And of course let’s not forget the media (speaking of the media and such. I’m not going into examples and such today as I try to do normally. Others have documented these treasonous lies and actions much better than I)  and so forth. The refusal to vet this clown in 2008 and tell the public the truth has led this nation to the precipice. Yet, the lies go on!

Well, the straw that breaks the camel’s back finally landed on my shoulders and I have all but snapped! We now know (as we did in the Fast and Furious fiasco) that this administration led by the President is willing to openly lie and cover up anything that would be proven adverse to their mad out of control power. We now know they are willing to ignore and as such sanction the murder of our people on sovereign American territory and in turn openly lie! And where is the media on this? Oops. Nothing to see here!

Four Senators have asked questions. Four out of a hundred! And where is the House? Seriously, this in my mind is treason of the highest order. Where are the articles of impeachment?! Where is the media outcry?
The “President” says he is highly offended to be accused of dereliction of duty in this case?! Give me a break! I am highly offended that the Commander in Chief either didn’t bother or was too stupid to know what was going on and in turn four Americans died!

I want to be clear here! The President, Hillary, Panetta and so many others not only failed and in effect aided and abetted those who attacked our embassy, something that is Sovereign U.S. Territory, but then in fact acted together along with their propaganda industry comprised of the co-opted media along with the worse press secretary of all time (and let’s not forget Axelrod, Rahm, Gibbs and the other blind mice) to cover up an act that can only be seen as treason of the highest order. The openly blatant lies being put forward to their employers, the Legal Taxpaying citizens of the United States could very well be the lowest point in this nation’s great history.

In the past, I’ve gone on about the “Chamberlain” slant of this Bozo in the White House. Well, I was wrong. As it seems with almost every action this man has taken, he appears to be hell bent on delivering this country into the third world chaos or even worse, the extreme suppression of basic freedoms and so on as practiced by the Soviet or Muslim style dictatorships and Socialist failures he so deeply admires! This man and apparently many in his administration do not give one DAMN about our country or our ideals!
So I ask again! Where are you Senators and House members?! Why in the hell are you sitting with your heads up your asses with an election that is going to determine the fate of our country right around the corner! Why are you not doing your due diligence and demanding answers now!

And for the sorry bastards that call themselves journalists, I can only express open scorn as to the fact that the “Watchdogs of Freedom”, the so called Free Press have chosen to participate in the cover up.
The Clown in Chief when asked a question about Benghazi stated “This election is not about Benghazi”.  “It is about Trust” in another statement. Well, he is wrong! It is about Benghazi as well as “Fast and Furious, the lies as to the job numbers, the lies as to the economic recovery and on and on.

In our lifetimes I cannot remember any political party, administration or member of the U.S. propaganda industry known as the MSM so openly lying to the electorate! Yet even now the lies continue unabated! How can this be? Is the electorate really now that brain dead and at the point that they believe the big lie as Goebbels and others said they would?

Those of you who follow this site know I pretty much hold most politicians in disdain, especially when it comes to “stretching the truth”. Still, I can’t remember anything like this. And as usual, the cover up is always worse that the initial screw up. But in my memory, I can’t remember people getting killed in the other instances as in this case and the Fast and Furious fiasco.

A while ago I penned the following in regards to the tea party that really seems apt here as I follow it with a question.

“For those of you who prefer to live in a cave, the Tea Party from my view is not just about returning to conservative principles. The people who are aligning themselves behind this movement are looking for so much more. We are looking for men and women of principle! We want representatives that obey the will of the people, not their leaders or their own power lust! We want a return to the bedrock principles this country was founded on!”

As one looks at the last 3 sentences above, I have to ask the following. Is the American electorate either completely numb to the lies or ignorant? Is it now accepted by the public that lies are truth, that in fact there are not any more honorable people in government so we can in fact live with the lies? This in fact could be the most important question facing us in this coming election.

Openly blatant lies by our officials that are proven as such, yet such a high percentage of the electorate who choose to believe it! A percentage that apparently no longer believes in the basic principles of not only our country but in fact the basic moral principle we all should live by!  If nothing else, where are the men and women of honor in the supposed profession of the press, you know, the Watchdogs?
In the Lybia case, officials from the highest levels of government have lied to their employers, the American Citizens. Yet this clown speaks yesterday of TRUST! Throwing folks under the bus (and I wish Patreus had stated the obvious sooner) isn’t the answer. And the MSM has chosen to ignore it and call it a political circus orchestrated by the enemies of the President!

Freedom does have a cost, but it sure as hell isn’t the murder of four Americans caused by an administration that doesn’t give a damn about anything other than their own power! Wake up people!!
The answer is an electorate that, somehow once again take pride in their country and its bedrock principles and in fact cleans house come election day. Anything short of that can and probably will bring the end of the Great Experiment (Franklin, wasn’t it?) that is our country. The ramifications of that prospect are really too dire to contemplate at the moment. Our future as the greatest country is at risk and it is now squarely on the shoulders of the electorate!

What is it to be America? Are you willing to wallow in mediocrity as your Freedoms and self worth are stripped from you?   Are you able to stomach the overt lies and callous racism being thrown at you by an administration that has nothing viable to run on record wise? Are you comfortable with a President and his lackeys that did not lift a finger to aid our men and women when they requested aid? Are we so bankrupt as a nation morally that lies and deceit are now the accepted norm? One has to wonder as we watch time and again entrenched political whores re-elected over and over.

The “President” is offended that anyone would have the balls to question him as to his honesty as to Benghazi and says it is not “what this election is about” He says it is about “trust”. Well guess what folks. I am highly offended! I am offended that we have in office and positions of power people who seem to only know how to lie!

Tuesday, we have a choice. We finish destroying our nation or we hold our leaders accountable! Seriously, I think Obama should be impeached if possible. His actions and those of his underlings in my mind are treasonous! Lies and cover up in the Fast and Furious scandal and now Benghazi. And people died!
So yes, Mr. Obama! This election is exactly about Benghazi and Trust (the economy speaks for itself!), as well as the rest of the twisted figures and facts you and your propaganda industry put out as “truth”, something that in itself is a laughable term when it comes to you especially Mr. Obama! You Lied! You have lied from the beginning of your political career and you have kept lying up to this very moment. Our country was not founded on lies, but ideals, something which you and so many others in government either seem to have forgotten (gee whiz, I’m being charitable to the bullshi…ers known as politicians, aren’t I?) or I suspect in your case you and your wife never believed (one only has to look at the people you surround yourself with, the Commie Van Jones for instance to come to that conclusion)

Your open disdain towards the Constitution, the people and our military is evident for all to see. But mostly in my eyes it is simply your open hatred (here it comes! LOL!) towards anyone who would dare question your lying ass! According to your MSM Propaganda industry, questioning you is racist! And I take offense to that! Hell, anyone with a bit of an open mind would have to question you and your overt Anti-American agenda. The economy is a shambles. Respect for this country is at the lowest point ever. And now 4 people are dead because you or your minions could not be bothered to take action. You sure got your sorry ass onto the plane to Vegas while all of that was going on though, didn’t you? (another aside here. I had to sit in traffic for over an hour yesterday here in Vegas as you once again brought your Big Lie tour to our city and screwed up the works. How do your Green Czars feel about you causing so much pollution from the tied up traffic that resulted from your sorry ass being here? Oops, forgot! Doesn’t apply to your perceived royal ass, does it?

Nope, when everything is said and done here, this election is about one thing, Honesty and Trust, something this President, his advisors and Cabinet officials and for that matter the so called cream of the Media Elite (and again, let’s not forget the rest of the RINO scum and other entrenched political whores who years ago sold their morals down the road for power). You lied about Fast and Furious, choosing to use Executive Privilege to cover up for your sorry assed Attorney General. Your administration lies about the job numbers. You lied about your own life (Ayres? Never knew him! Bullsh…!!!).

 But worse of all, you lied to the American people about Benghazi. 4 people are dead! Yet you lied about it being because of a video. You lied about not knowing as it was going on and you had your representatives lie! Panetta and his “we don’t have enough information bullshit when he was watching it in real time? Hillary and her “we will investigate everything” horse crap? And so on and so on. YOU LIED! The American public cannot and must not re-elect your lying ass! Moral compass? Apparently the only moral compass you and your party hacks have is pointing directly to the trash heap of history because that is where we are headed.
Yes, you do disgust me Mr. Obama! You disgust me because you stand against everything I hold dear and are willing to set the example of lying as a good thing if it protects you! You don’t deserve protection. You don’t deserve respect. You only deserve the same disdain and scorn you heap on the American public every day. 4 Americans died under your watch and you lied! You have earned nothing but my scorn. I cannot and will not respect any politician that can so openly lie as well as show the hatred you do  for not only our ideals but our allies ( sorry Barak, the hatred and contempt you have for Israel is evident in your eyes and voice every time you have to address it).

The time has come for all of America to look in the mirror and decide the future of this country. It is time for responsible LEGAL citizens to take their most sacred right, the right to vote seriously and save this country from itself! As I say above, Freedom comes at a cost and it’s not only the brave men and women who over the years have given so much for all of us. It is our responsibility to take back ownership of our country. As such it is incumbent on us all to throw out a man who cannot be trusted! Honesty and Trust are two morals all of us should have in our leaders. At this moment, there is none! This man is asking for our trust! A man who has been caught time and again in open dishonest discourse wants our trust. BULLSHIT!! Get him the hell out and start removing the stench that is emanating from this corrupt administration and it’s lap dog media. This could be our last chance!

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