Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama Lied! People Died! And He Wants Our Votes?

As I have said more than once, this is the most important election of my lifetime coming up tomorrow. There really isn't much I can rehash or say as to the complete failure that is Barak Hussein Obama! It is in fact an open cancerous wound that this country will have many problems overcoming. His Leftist Socialist agenda combined with his open disdain for America's founding principles is already enough in my book to disqualify him from office. /his destruction of the economy, his war on oil and his open class warfare slant are there for all to see. I and others have more that once documented this man's failures and so forth, so I'm leaving it at that. There is however one thing that stands out and it has to be addressed! His treasonous lies and lack of action in the Benghazi case as well as a few other cases!

There are three glowing examples as to why one cannot vote for this cancer that is Barak Obama and it all has to do with trust and honesty.

1: Barak Obama used Executive Privelege to protect his Attorney General as well as his sorry ass from the ramifications of the Fast and Furious Scandal. He chose to cover up the actions taken by various agencies and even now the truth has not come out from the administration. People were murdered because of this fiasco, but that doesn't matter to the so called President. might make him look bad!

2: He still has not called the Fort Hood massacre what it is, a Terrorist Attack! The radical Muslim who killed 13 soldiers has still not come to trial, but good ole Barak wants to make sure not to offend Muslims so the charade goes on!

3: And most importantly, even now he continues to lie about the Benghazi debacle! 4 Americans died! For over two weeks he and his lackeys lied! It was the Video! Yet we know not only did he know in real time what was going on but furthermore they were watching it in the White House Situation Room. The President first claimed it wasn't a terrorist attack. He then claimed he said it was the next day, A LIE!. He then said once he knew what was going on he ordered details into place. A LIE!. Panetta said they didn't have enough information. A LIE. And so on and so on. Even today, the MSM is doing it's best to hide the truth and the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief is still openly lying to the American public! This is one of the most disgusting occurrences in our country's history yet he wants us to vote for him again. A person that doesn't give a DAMN about this country or it's ideals and for sure its soldiers. What is he drinking? People have DIED and Obama has LIED! End of story!

Forget everything else, the economy, the open overt racism as demonstrated by the left, the misuse of our schools for indoctrination, the complete hatred shown towards our allies, especially Israel and so on. Just ask yourself one question! Is it acceptable for the President of the United States, members of his administration and other elected officials of all stripes to openly lie to their employers, the LEGAL TAXPAYING CITIZENS of the United States? Has it become the norm that we now accept the lies of the politicians as true and if so, what does that say about us morally. Are we so brainwashed the the Big Lie as Goebells and others have preached is now the accepted truth. Are there that many people out there that actually are willing to accept the lie over the responsibility of exercising their sacred right to vote in a sane fashion?

Our country is dying. This scum ball in the White House along with various others in both parties are doing their best to fulfill the promise made by Krueschev so long ago. "We will bury you!"  My disgust run to my core of being as to this subject.

Bottom line again! Obama LIED, People Died! We cannot accept dishonesty and in my view treason as a qualification for office. Barak Obama and members of his administration sat with their fingers up their asses while our people died. They then lied about it! This man has no right to be the leader of the Free World! I cannot and will not ever vote for such a person! Please folks, think about this before you vote tomorrow. The future of our country rests in our hands and I really do not feel voting in a want to be dictator bent on destroying everything this country stands for is a good thing. But most of all, I cannot and will not vote for a lying sack of you know what! Politicians are bad enough about that as it is without sanctioning open dishonest by re-electing an openly brazen liar! We cannot accept this anymore form our leaders and must hold them accountable! Vote this guy out now or our country as we know it is coming to an end!

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