Saturday, September 10, 2011

What Speech? I Heard Nothing! I Saw Nothing! I Know Nothing!

After a nice break, I’m back and hopefully with a vengeance. I’ve done a lot of thinking this last 4 weeks, trying to not only put the disaster that is this current administration, but also this entire country’s complete loss of direction into some kind of perspective. I stepped back to not only refresh my mind, but in fact I had hoped I could find a way to see something, anything good as to what is actually going on and in turn, not go off on one of my mad eyed tangents. Alas, that was not to be. Between the horrible racist accusations, the “Fast and Furious” cover up, Backdoor Amnesty for Illegal Aliens (including Uncle Omar) and of course the fiasco that is this President’s fiscal/economic/ or “whatever policy”, all I’ve managed to do is get even more irate at the situation and in turn find I in fact have to vent and for that matter loudly and as is my wont sometimes crassly. So, let’s go for a ride kids! If nothing else, I know for sure I have to be who I am, and stand true to my convictions.

I mentioned 3 things above that I feel warrant comment and before I get to my main thrust of today, I want to add a fourth (all of which I will be posting on over the next two days). That is the situation in Egypt and the break in and ransacking of the Israeli Embassy. No surprise here! Hope you’re happy Barack and company! And ooh, we’ve expressed our “displeasure” at this. They’re shaking over there and at the UN over that for sure! NOT! Israel is in the crosshairs and this administration is oblivious to this and any other Islamic action against her! Arab Spring my ass!
Now, for my main thought of today: As all know, we had another wasted hour Thursday night in which, according to the Obama Pravda propaganda machine he is now completely focused on jobs! Before my thoughts on this, I share from Scared Monkeys the following which pretty much sums it up in a nice way (as compared to my upcoming tirade).

… What was the market’s reaction a day after Barack Obama’s more of the same class warfare, jobs speech … the Dow lost 303.68 points, 2.7% and fell below 11,000 to 10,992.13.

Now I can sit here and go on and on as to “it’s the same warmed over Rhetoric” or “it’s just another campaign speech” or whatever! All that would do is get us to the same place we’re at right now. Still, for grins and giggles, (and the fact my evil twin is pounding at my head to get out) here are some thoughts on “Barack’s Jobapalooza” or “How Too Appear Completely Out Of Touch With Reality”!
“Pass this bill!” Over and over! Good God, does this idiot think we don’t understand his words? Moron Alert! What bill? Excuse me, but is this another pass it to find out what’s in it thing? More spending! A Jobs Bank? More money for infrastructure? Extend unemployment benefits? Wasn’t that what the last trillion dollars or so was supposed to do? Spark the economy. Create more jobs? Take care of folks until they could take care of themselves. What exactly am I missing here?

Of course, our beloved leader couldn’t stop with just more spending! No sir! We had to have our daily dose of class warfare thrown in! Can’t let a speech go by without taking another shot at putting everyone at each other’s throats! He sure managed as usual to demonize business in general and reinforce his support for the corrupt unions and their practices. Funny, not one word about the Boeing situation. How many jobs is his NLRB preventing from being given out as they persue this suit against a company that “left the reservation” in their eyes for greener pastures? How many Mr. President? Hell, you couldn’t answer that if you wanted to as you probably can’t hear or see what’s going on what with your head stuck so far up Trumpka’s you know what! As always, you are who you associate with and it was apparent just in who was with your wife!

The administration now says 9.2% unemployment will be the norm for the next few years. Not my words! And of course, they have to blame the usual culprits. Nice not to here’ Bush” the other night, but as usual he made it very clear Conservatives are the enemy of the people! “It’s the Republicans! They blocked everything I tried to do.” Blah Blah Blah!

What I didn’t hear was any substance, just worn out Bull! How is one to believe he is now “focused on jobs and they economy” when in fact he is prescribing more of the same failed policies that are destroying it? Obamacare is a costly boondoggle! Not to worry, it’s the cornerstone of his economic recovery! Ask him! He’s stupid enough to believe it just as he believes in redistribution of wealth rather than self responsibility and incentive. That is fact!

We must assume Comrade Obama knows his stuff though. After all, he had this Simpson/Bowles study that had recommendation to try to fix this. OOPS! Didn’t fit his beliefs I guess as our brilliant leader basically said “stuff it!” Shouldn’t worry though! After all, he talks down to and addresses the entire electorate as morons or worse. As such, we have to believe him We’re too dumb to figure out finances on a grand scale. Government is different than real life everyday finances. I know., he said so!

What happens when a leader becomes insignificant? In three years we have lost the respect of the free world in general. We have turned our back on our allies! We watch as the crazed Islamists openly defy every tenet we hold dear and are told to “understand”! And now, we are supposed to believe someone in every move he has made has finished, (As I have said in the past, many on both sides are responsible. He just openly show his anti-capitalist nature) destroying our country’s finances? Millions of jobs have been lost thanks to his policies, policies that were pushed through a compliant super majority legislative branch. Policies that were not vetted by that branch! And let’s not forget the fact that the Democratic Senate to this day has refused to address a budget! All lead to uncertainty in the business community!
There’s no inflation. Must be true, he through his propaganda machine says so. Yet business and individuals are paying more through the nose for fuel, raw materials, etc! Yet he proposes as usual to continue raping the very folks who pay most of the taxes! We all know the figures! We all know over 50% of the populace do not pay a cent in federal income tax! Yet, this hate monger chooses as usual to pit the taxpayers against those who don’t pay. Class warfare at its finest! But the MSM says it needs more fairness as he says! This of course comes under the heading of incredible BULL!

Bottom line here! The man ain’t got a plan! After the debt ceiling debacle we got an unconstitutional panel to decide our financial future. Our leader chose to go on vacation and fed us the “I will make an important jobs speech when I return: line. We were told he would put forward a plan1 I didn’t hear any plan I did hear something about let’s spend more money we don’t have now and sometime in the future I’ll tell you how we’ll pay for it! The man who is so focused on jobs and the economy sure couldn’t be rushed to come up with something to fix it! And in turn, he hasn’t in fact come up with anything now! The man ain’t got a plan!
Now that I really think about it, I didn’t hear anything of substance from this pathetic facsimile of a leader just the usual garbage! I would have been better off going to bed!

One last word here! I notice the usual RINOS coming up with their “we must compromise with the President” B.S. stand! Grow some cahoonies guys! No compromise on the basic principles that built this country! No compromise as to Socialist government programs as wanted by this clown! No compromise with anyone, be it the President, Senate, House or whatever when that compromise can and will hurt the country. As always, you morons put your own sorry asses first, worried about your jobs and power. Tell us the truth! We can take it. Once you do that, look at that truth and act on it as you should. Of course, this would entail everyone of you corrupt morons to actually adhere to an ethic and principle much less actually putting aside your power lust for the good of the people! Crap! I forgot, that’s what you’re in government for. You and the moron we call President are in it for the people! How could I be so stupid as to forget that? After all, you all tell us you’re about us, not you, especially the leftist in charge! Lies are truth to you , be it the economy or apparently anything concerning the good of the United States in general!

And that goes for the President and his speech the other night. All lip service but not a damned thing said! And to think someone actually said he is the greatest orator of our time! I’d wager the likes of Stephen Douglass (a Democrat BTW: I probably have to wonder if many have been taught the Lincoln/Douglas debates though) are rolling over in their graves being compared to the mind numbed robot that is our supposed leader!
Wake me up when he says anything I should hear! As of now, he’s not even a broken record anymore, merely the proverbial screeching fingernail on the chalkboard. And that fact alone bodes badly for our future!

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