Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Heroic Example Our Leaders and Americans in General Can Learn From

I really wanted and in fact was starting to go into one of my tirades as to the numerous scandals that are now a part of the Obama administration. Fast and Furious, the Solyndra green scandal and of course what I said was the worse off all of it, the overt open racism being shown by this administration, the propaganda industry known as the MSM as well as various elected so called leaders. As such, as I was doing some more research to bolster my contentions, it became more apparent than ever that in this president, there is not the first trace of leadership ability. This also of course trickles down to Holder, Reid, Waters and so many countless others who profess their “care” for this country and its people when in fact they despise everything we as a people stand for. Leadership is so much more than just lies and false promises, although you could not prove this by the actions of this president. However, a person can be judged by who they associate with and their actions with the people they choose to aid them, Of course in this case, the record is clear.

My main problem with this is that I sense not only a hatred for everything we stand for as a country, but in point of fact I see an elitist press as well as our elected officials openly lying to the public. The hate of the racism being espoused by so many and being met with silence by the President is bone chilling. And the correct word is hate. Make no mistake about it. I honestly believe there are two many folks who don’t give a damn about not only this country, but their fellow man in general. It is and always has been all about them. Jesse, Sharpton, Obama, left biased journalists, it doesn’t matter as long as they keep their so called power and the spotlight is on them. Real everyday Americans be damned. This is the real facts of life here now.

So as I was saying earlier, I was researching so I could write what I hoped would be a blistering but factual slam at the cancer I see that is part of what is destroying this country. Lies and open hatred and in my eyes a lack of basic humanity has gotten me almost to the point of despair as I feel we have for all practical purposes gone off the deep end as to our chances of survival as the United States of America. The inner enemy I felt has just about taken over. Then, I stumbled across the story below on a site I follow, All American Blogger. Just as one thinks our Great American Society is coming to an end as we know it, there occurs a miracle of goodwill, sportsmanship, faith or whatever one wants to call it to remind us that this is what we are as a people! If only our leaders understood this!!! Josh Ripley, the young man described below does understand and is someone we should all aspire to be!

Hero: 16 Year Old Runner Carries Bloodied Competitor A Quarter Mile to Safety
By Duane Lester at All American Blogger:

“When 16 year old Josh Ripley came around a corner during a 5K cross country meet and saw a freshman leaning against a fence bleeding, he didn’t think about the race.
He thought about getting him medical attention:

“I had heard this scream, and as I rounded a corner, he came into view,” Josh said. “He was against a fence holding his ankle, and it was bleeding pretty badly.
“I picked him up and ran with him in my arms. I asked if I could say a prayer for him, and he said that was fine. And I just tried to reassure him that everything would be OK.”

It was quite a sight when the two runners finally rounded into the view of their coaches. There was the 6-foot-5, 185 pound Josh, from Andover High School, cradling the 5-foot-5, 100 pound Mark, a freshman at Lakeville South H.S., in his arms.

“I am waiting for all my kids to go running by, and there is no Josh, no Josh,” his coach, Scott Clark, said. “I was wondering, ‘What was going on? Why was he so far back?

“Then I see Josh. … He’s got the kid in his arms, like you would carry a youngster.”
Josh dropped Mark off and then got back in the race. He was dead last, but passed 50 kids by the end of the race to finish 211th.

It turns out that the kid he helped needed some serious attention to that leg. He had been spiked and the wound required 20 stitches and a walking boot.

“I really feel I just did the right thing,” he said. “Any of my teammates would have done the same thing. It wasn’t an act of heroism. It was an act of kindness that I know I needed to accomplish.”

Most acts of heroism are acts of kindness. Well done, son. Well done.”

In this young man, we see what not only a true leader is, not only what a hero is, but in fact we see the very essence of what makes real Americans what they are. Here we have a young man, who gave of himself for his fellow man. He prayed to his God, adhering to his faith as all good men do. His humanity took over and he cast aside his own aspirations. In every quality, this young man shows us what a man is and from my point of view, he is thousands of times the man (or woman as I am speaking of character here) our President, so many elected officials and the members of the MSM can ever hope to be. Character, something of which there is a complete lack of in people who we stupidly call leaders and advisers!

Josh, you give us hope! Thank You from one who now and then seems to think there isn’t any hope left. With great young men and women like this, we can in fact save this country. We still have the nucleus of a great country. We can still be the America we were always meant to be.

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