Friday, February 26, 2010

After The Circus

So, when all is said and done, what did we get out of the circus called the Health Care Reform Summit yesterday? First and foremost, I made the horrendous mistake of actually watching the entire thing! Not because I wanted to mind you, but because I feel if I'm going to comment on something as important as this, I should try to be well informed. In this case for sure, watching it was the way to go! In a nutshell, I was extremely disgusted! What a colossal waste of time and effort! Not to nitpick here, but has there ever been a nastier charade then that put on by the President and his lackys? As such, a few observations from my little world.

First and foremost. What in the hell is this guy trying to do? Lead? Not! He put himself up, for want of a better word as a moderator. I don't want my president to be a "moderator"! I want him to lead!

Condenscending. The President, in his reactions and his words was at the least condenscending and at his worst downright disdainful towards the Republicans. He lectured. He bascially, when all was said and done said my way or no way. He "will listen to the suggestions" provided they are in line with what he wants. In no way did he make an attempt at compromise. He did however do his best to throw his ultra Elite attitude out for all to see. He came across as "I am superior to all of you. How dare you even question my motives". Elitist BS at it's worse!

As to his remark to Sen. McCain. Talk about the horse calling the kettle black! The man has been in campaign mode for three years now! Not only was the remark downright politically nasty, but it showed once again how this so called great orator cannot answer any question posed to him. Strike out at the questioner, as always his only answer. Of course, remind the world that "we won" and losers should not be heard from!

And then, we got Chairman Nancy and Comrade Reid with their assinine remarks. After a rather nice presentation from Lamarr Alexander, they lashed out with their usual lies, deciet and spite, never once failing to remind us all that they are the only people who know what is right for us, We the People. Nancy's presentation was beyond the usual histrionics, crass and completely out of touch. And for Harry, I just had to roll my eyeballs.

When the reconciliation question came up, twice I might add, the President went off on his little snit about how it has been used before and basically refused to pull the option off the table. The funniest and saddest thing though was poor, "I don't give a damn about the people" Harry. "No one is talking about reconciliation" he stated. LIES! LIES! LIES! Good grief! Even the President's press secretary has mentioned it!

And that is what we saw for the entire proceeding. Lies. Elitist Bull Shit! And in the end, a complete lack of respect for not only the minority party, but for the people of our great country. My way or the highway. A radical takeover of our country by leftists. It was there, on view for all to see.

The President made it quite clear in the end. He does not give a damn about anyone elses views! His hard core ideology, honed from years of leftist associations, indoctrination and shown vividly by the people he surrounds himself with is all that matters!

As you can all guess, I was absolutelky disgusted by the entire thing. The lines are drawn and the President has decided to take the country down the road of hard core radical Socialism (sdone will sat Progressivism). I know people take me to task for this, but the proof is in the pudding as always,in words and actions. As such, the people nmust fight back! The Tea Partiers are actually being called revolutionaries. Well, sometimes it takes a revolution to set things straight.

I did however see one promising thing yesterday. Hannity had a pollster on, Frank Lunz. He had a focus group pretty well split as to party affiliations. All but one person said the Democrats were wrong in not starting the debate from scratch. All but one person! When a President and his lackys don't listen to the people, that is bad enough. But how ignorant can someone be when he refuses to listen to his own party.

This nation is bankrupt! This bogus health plan and his other great ideas will only further our self destruction! Hell, even Sen. Byrd has figured this one out! And yet, he and his administration insist on turning their backs not only on every founding principle, but on the people themselves! That leads to dictatorship folks! Someone has got to open their eyes to this. It has to be stopped before everything this great country stands for is washed away.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Have We already Lost Our Country?

A few days ago, I was watching O'Reilly and saw the following which really knocked me for a loop. (From his Talking Points for Thursday)

"A recent Gallup poll is simply incredible. Thirty-six percent of Americans have a positive image of socialism, including 53 percent of Democrats. Just 17 percent of Republicans think socialism is good.

Now, socialism is the exact opposite of capitalism, which is our system in America. A socialist believes the government has a right to control and/or seize private property and regulate the distribution of goods and services.

That means the government has all the power. You have none. Can you say Fidel Castro? And 53 percent of Democrats think that's a positive thing? It's hard to believe."

As I Googled, etc., in preparation to comment on this, I was literally hit between the eyes with the realization that for all practical purposes we have almost completely lost it as a country! I mean this with all seriousness.

Think about this. Our founding fathers gave us the foundation for what is most likely the greatest country in history. This foundation was based on Freedom! Initiative! Self-Reliance! Fundamantal Rights! And yet over 1/2 of Democrats and close to 20% of Republicans have a positive image of Socialism?! Something isn't right here!

So let's look at this a little closer. First and foremost. Socialist governments fail! The USSR, Britain, Greece, Cuba! Wherever you look history shows Socialism is a complete and utter failure. Look no further right now then Greece. Their Socialist policies have them at the point to where they need to be bailed out by others! So what are we doing? The Socialist thing! We are spending and spending. The debt is unsustainable, yet we are told we must spend more. So we borrow more that cannot be paid back! Our debt is greater then the entire GDP of this nation! That translates to one thing! Bankruptcy, just as Greece is facing now with other European Socialist based governments right on their tail. And we're going down the same track!

You see, this economic crisis we are in is not just centered here in the states. Every Socialist based government in this world is in serious trouble, including China! It's like a domino effect. Every one of these entities, including us and our leader, Chairman Obama, keep pursuing a " government is everything" mentalilty". In the process, they are destroying their countries. And yet, many people here have a favorable impression of a failed policy! Why?

20% of young Republicans refer to themselves as progressive while Democrats come in at 67%. What is a Progressive? It is a Socialst! History shows how the American Communist party and the Red movement change their names and tactics, spewing pablam for the masses. They infiltrated our schools and media. They have indoctrinated folks to the point where the Reds are in fact winning! This isn't a joke folks! This is fact!

This isn't shrill Red Scare stuff as most conservatives are accused of. Entitlements, a "Government is meant to take care of me" attitude, the rich are evil and want to keep everyone else poor, and so on and so on. This is being taught to our children. The history of these failed policies, the genocides, the dicatorship aspects are not taught anymore. The very basis of our ideals are villified by teachers and government officials. Schools all over are turning out students that either do not believe in or have not been taught our basic principles!

We are inundated daily with Socialist propaganda. Global Warming? A theory that has in fact been presented to the world in a veil of deception! Yet when presented with facts from an opposing view, the powers that be tell us to F... Off! Cap and Trade, Carbon Credits, etc. Nothing but a Socialist way of controlling the economy and in turn the everyday citizen. Health Care Reform? A governmant takeover of 1/6th of our economy. Oops! Socialist!

Harry Reid. Nancy Pelosi. Obama and his advisors. All speak as one voice! The president's advisors are all radical leftists! Just a basic fact here folks! It is proven time and again. In their words. In their actions. He has surrounded himself with the very people he identifies himself with! Radical Socialists!

I could go on with example after example. It all points to the same thing. Our nation is at a crossroads! Either we somehow fight for our basic rights or we cease to exist as the United States of America!

The mass media and the Democrats especially, villify the likes of Glen Beck! But he is right! He and others like Mark Levine and even Dennis Miller have been begging us to open our eyes to the coming tyranny. They have pointed out the inevitable collapse of the free market system that is being caused by the Draconian government policies. They have pointed out the lack of any Constitutional authority this adminstration and Congress has as to do what they are in fact doing! They have proven beyond a doubt that the indoctrination of our children and in turn the public thru the propaganda being spewed by the Mass Media is in fact destroying the very essence of our country! Oh, and while I'm at it, don't forget the complete disdain shown to the public when they speak out against bad policy as well as their attempts at silencing Freedom of Speech! Don't forget. We have an FCC head that believes Chavez in Venezuela has the right idea as to Freedom of the Press and Speech.

Are there leaders out there that have the gonads to stand up to this? Or are we as a country willing to go the way of every other failed Socialistic society in our history. Do we not care about our most basic ideals anymore? Someone has to do something quick before we slip into anarchy as every other failed society in history has.

BTW: Just one other rant here. As we all know, Comrade Obama has decided to cut NASA funding. Basically this means four things.
One: Thousands of jobs are going to be lost in the space related industries. How will they play with the unemployment numbers on that? Common sense on that one folks.

Two: A huge dampner has been placed on exploration, one of man's basic instincts.

Three: A huge loss of science and technology discoveries.

Four: And most importantly!
Comrade Obama has ceded space to his handlers in Moscow and China! As we are retiring the shuttle, I'm assumming our astronauts will have to hitch a ride with our Asian friends. How much money are we going to be sending over to Putin and friends to finance the space station and so on. Apparently we can't do it here, not according to Presdident Bozo!

Do I sound mad about this? You're damned right I am! Who in the hell does this guy think he is? What gives him the right to not only destroy our space program, but in effect give up another of our nation's greatest legacies? Why is it that the Progressives or whatever they call themselves are so intent on changing our nation into a third world, Socialistic society? Who in the hell gave him and his lackys the right to tell America that dreams and exploration don't count for anything? Why do these people so fervently believe we are the problem with the world? Why do they think we are second rate? Why, when one really digs deep, why do they hate this country and our ideals.

And finally, why did the people of the United States abrogate on their most sacred right and responsiblity, the right to vote, and elect a cadre of Socialists who stand against everything that makes us what we are. Why are we now not educated enough or engaged enough to learn about a person before we elect them? Is there anyone out there that can explain this to me?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Horse Racing Survival 3 - Some Good, Some Bad

I want to start this with the announcement that the owner of Oaklawn Park has upped the purse of the Apple Blosom Stakes to 5 million dollars if Zenyata and Rachael Alexander agree to run in that race. Following is what I wrote mainly on Pricci's columns as to what can be a great event. This might seem a bit disjointed. my apologies.

1.On JP’s blog, I posted this line. THE PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT! And not just racing fans. This could be one of the few events that transcend the normalcy of the sport. Only the Derby (not even the Breeder’s Cup Races) commands this much attention, especially from the casual and normally non-fan. Yet the mention of this race is bringing Derby kind of talk and publicity. Can one race save racing? No. But as long as folks like Charles Cella and others are willing to lay it on the line, there is still hope.

As to the two would be competitors. Only if both are fit! We do not know how race ready either one is. I would expect nothing less of either camp then to do what is right for their horse, and if that means the Apple Blossom is too soon, so be it. I’m sure both will need a tightener of some kind and even a tiny setback could goof up the timeline.

Again, my broken record sound and all. People are talking about this. For whatever reason, it has caught the nation’s fancy as few races ever have. And if it comes to fruition, if we end up with four or five races between these two horses, if they are as close and as thrilling as the Affirmed/Alydar matchups as an example, this could very well be like another Seabiscuit story.

Bottom line here. This race and hopefully a series of races between these two are in the public eye! That is good for racing on every level if it attracts the less then casual fan! Which of course leads to my usual disdain for the industry leaders, politicians and others who have let our great sport slowly die.

2. As you know, I have more then once called for consolidation and at least some modicum of co-operation. I’ll paraphrase something I said in the Hialeah postings that is true for all of racing and which you so elegantly state in your last paragraph.

Here is a chance for someone, anyone to lead! Listen up everyone in the the horse racing industry! You’re running out of chances. Show us we are wrong! The problem is as always. To many egos, political shenanigans, and corporations forgetting the basics of any business! The customer!”

3: JP is 100% correct! He asks where is the damned leadership?

The main problem though is an industry that has lost touch with itself! Most tracks are now run by bottom line corporations that quite honestly don’t give a damn about racing of any kind. To expensive! Slots. That’s the answer! And so on and so on.

So in my view, as JP says, we need consolidation as one entity, governed by one set of rules and ownership that cares about racing! So I say again as JP does. “Where is the damn leadership?” Are we now so berift of ideas that it is in fact to late? Has this industry regressed completely into the welfare state of mind that pervades so much of society? Unless this industry can act as one, remember the fan, make up for the fact that they ignored two generations of potential fans and somehow stop shooting themselves in the feet, all is then lost.

4: Finally, I can't help but throw in a comment that in many ways relates to the complete sad state of racing in this country. Goes with the last few paragraphs quite well.

As all know by now, the Governer of New York finally named a slot operator for Aqueduct. Rather then go ballistic on this, I'm throwing in comments from various media and industry people.

From the NY Times (imagine this one. A far left paper wanting an investigation of a Democrat!): "The Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, is so angry about the results that he wrote the governor warning that he would not sign off on the deal until certain conditions are met, including assurances that no one connected to this company has been denied gaming licenses elsewhere or convicted of a crime in the last 15 years.

Mr. Silver may have preferred another bidder. But his demands seem more than reasonable. He should also insist that the governor release documents showing how this bid was chosen. It shouldn’t stop there.

The Aqueduct deal begs to be investigated. Mr. Cuomo; the Commission on Public Integrity; the state’s inspector general, Joseph Fisch; the comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli — at least one of them should be on the case."

From the NY Daily News: Gov. Paterson's top lawyer conceded Friday that politics was a key factor in picking the winning bidder for an Aqueduct "racino."

Peter Kiernan's stunning revelation came as Paterson hustled to cast the controversial selection of Aqueduct Entertainment Group as squeaky clean, insisting the losers who told of secretive and shady dealings were voicing sour grapes.

From the NY Post: "Meanwhile, sources involved in the discussions told The Post that Paterson's senior advisers had favored other bidders as more qualified than AEG in terms of financial resources and gaming experience.

Those advisers include Secretary Larry Schwartz, Lottery Director Gordon Medenica and Budget Director Bob Megna.

"AEG was not recommended by the governor's senior staff at any time," said a source involved in the discussions.

Another legislative source said it was the biggest Paterson fiasco since his botched handing of the naming of a successor to Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate seat.

Sources also said a preliminary assessment of the top six racino bidders by the Lottery Division listed AEG near the bottom of the pack"

Why do I bring this up? In a nutshell we have on exhibit one of the main problems racing is faced with in this country! It's not just New York. As I have said many times in the past, just look at the dysfunctional family known as New Jersey. Look at California or Kentucky, the so called Home of Racing! Everywhere in this land political hacks combined with out of touch bottom line corporations are destroying the very fabric of the sport! The very heart of this sport is being ripped out of the carcass by loony tune hacks. The Golden Goose is now an ugly duckling thanks to the ineptness and greed of the industry and polticians all of whom felt the free money would keep rolling in.

And saddest thing of all is that the industry still has a problem in helping itself! An opportunity exists right now with the proposed race mentioned above to hit a publicity home run. There are not many chances left to save this sport, as I have stated before. Are any of the industry leaders listening? Are the commissions listening? Does anyone really care anymore?

Quick Hitters

Instead of one of my normal long winded tirades, a few quick hitters today.

1: How can the unemployment rate go down when over 20,000 more jobs were lost? I have to believe these are pumped up numbers usung the 1000's of temporary census taking jobs! Whatever the case, common sense says the unemployment rate cannot go down when more jobs are lost! As usual lies and misdirection from an out of touch administration that feels the American public is "really stupid"!

2: Geitner says there is little chance of a double dip recession and " the U.S. government "will never" lose its sterling credit rating despite big budget deficits and a newly increased debt limit that now tops $14 trillion." Of course, the fact that we can't pay for close to 43% of this budget, much less the debt itself apparently doesn't factor into his thoughts! Nor apparently does the rest of the world's finacial problems. "Geithner says in an interview broadcast Sunday that in times of economic crisis, international investors will continue to buy U.S. Treasury bonds because the bonds are a safe investment." (From A Fox News story of an interview), while Moodey's says the government's credit rating is on the verge of being lowered. Who to believe? Another out of touch administration hack, or a well respected company that in this case for sure seems to be guided by common sense?

3: "We must do the right thing" Paraphrased, that is Obama's latest tact. He plans to keep pushing his radical agenda because "HE SAYS IT IS RIGHT!". The hell with what the people want. He still yells at the other side for obstructing his Socialistic agendas, promises co-operation then turns right around as always and does nothing but pay lip service while operating behind closed doors.

4: A well written editorial I saw asks this question. "America Is A Great Power, What's Wrong With That?" Well, what is the answer? While this administration is so busy apologizing for this country's arrogance, etc., the world laughs. Dicataors of every stripe thrill to his message. Radical Muslims (call them what they are) keep pushing the envolope, perverting their own religion in the proces,) because they can! The rhetoric from this adminstration gives them the right in their eyes because according to the administration, the problems of the world are caused by us! When does this stop? Amazing how they all have their hands out for something from Uncle Sugar Daddy when the crap hits the fan. On the other hand, pretty sad when the leader of the free world denounces the very principles that made us great!

5: Finally, back to the debt. 14.9 trillion! No way to pay it back. Yet there are idiots in this administration and Congress that say we have to "spend our way out of this"! Spend what?! We're not going to raise taxes, but yes, we are going to raise taxes. We're going to pay down the debt by spending twice as much as we take in. We're going to create jobs by offering incentives that will be paid for thru higher taxes to the people that provide the main finding for our economy! The other night on O'Reilly, he mentioned that under the new policies proposed by these morons, he would be paying over 50% of his income for taxes. 50%! Who in the hell gave anyone the right to decide what is enough for one person to have? What right does anyone have to what I or others have worked for? A good basic government, helping the helpless, basic services. Fine! Horrific waste that saps the will of the people to succeed, BS!

Redistribution of wealth and reckless government spending lead to one thing. Socialism! And in this case, the radicals this president has surrounded himself with are the worse kind of Socialists. In my view, they adhere to the failed Soviet Ideals. I'm not saying they are Stalins or Maos in the murderous sense. But history also teaches us that people who gain what they think is absolute power tend to gravitate towards the "anything it takes" way of doing things to keep that power. We already see it to some extent in the villification of anyone who spouts the basic ideals this country was founded on, starting with the vicious attacks on free speech as evidenced by the administration's war on conservative media.