Friday, November 5, 2010

Election Thoughts and The Impending Depression

Something of extreme importance occurred yesterday which I will address after I throw out my post election comments.

This past week's elections, while having a rather good result, still leaves a lot to be desired. First and foremost, what in the hell is wrong with the people in Nevada? Hell, these folks don't even rate a Moron Alert. One of the reasons I left New Jersey was because the idiots there would always vote to shoot themselves in the foot, raise taxes and overspend. Those numb skulls had never met a tax hike they couldn't support. Well, the voters in Nevada managed to out dumb New Jersey! For that matter, the same can be said for the nimrods in California also. A state that is beyond bankruptcy elects the very people that drove them to the edge. I hate to think Biden was correct in his view that the electorate is stupid, but you sure have to wonder about the Democrats as to that. I for one am disgusted by my fellow Nevadans. As the stories of voter fraud flood in, the fact is we have only ourselves to blame. As usual, the electorate idiotically returned an entrenched politician to to the fold.

This election was a repudiation of the socialist policies advocated by this rancid administration. But do you think our so called President got the message? NOT! After he cried and moaned how he didn't get his message across to the people that only his asinine policies could save us, he once again claimed he would try to find compromise with the other side. Can one say "Crock of Shi.."? Who's this guy trying to kid. Moron Alert! The man is a committed Socialist. He intends to deliver this country to third world status. He does not in any way shape or form believe in the American way of life. His arrogance is astounding! After the most pathetic (maybe Carter was worse in this respect) press conference I have ever seen, one in which he, in my estimation basically told the American to blow it out their you know what! And if any one thinks for one minute this man is going to back down, forget it. He will pretend to play nice and continue to blame the other side as his policies further destroy our country. Lame ducks, executive orders, all will come into play here.

One other thing, The President is leaving on a trip that in some stories I've read will cost the American taxpayer 200 million a day (again, I do not know the true costs, but as the Navy is also involved the cost has to be horribly high. 3000 people are needed for this trip? That's 2 billion dollars for a ten day trip and for what? I notice the majority of people going with him are pretty much the same radical crowd he surrounds himself with. I'm assuming this clown will once again demean our country, apologize for our exeptionalism and once again remind the world that he will save it from us evil Americans. Personally, I find it hard to respect the man in the Oval Office. He surely does not represent me and I surely do not want him to. He is an embarrassment to our country and our way of life. In my view, he is a traitor. I feel that with every bone in my body.

While waste is apparent as in this trip, it and everything else going on pales in comparison to the horrible thing that was announced yesterday and how convenient that the President is escaping the country rather than have the balls to explain why he advocates devaluing our dollar by close to 20% This isn't a joke folks, this is fact!

Explanation. The Fed announced yesterday it is going to buy 600 billion dollars of bonds or in effect debt. This on top of 1.2 trillion dollars already spent for this. They call it "Quantative Easing". Can you say Bull Sh...? Basically, the Govt. is buying up it's own debt. But how exactly are they paying for this? Easy answer here folks. They are printing more money. In other words, in effect they will print 1.8 trillion new dollars. As there is nothing to back this, the dollar will shrink in value. Goods and services will cost more! In other words, we will suffer!

The Fed had promised not to "monetize" the system. Moron Alert number 2. They lied!!!
They said this has never been tried before. They lied!!! Germany, Argentina and countless other countries have printed money to cover debts only to bring on hyper-inflation. Beranke has openly admitted this sd to help raise stock prices. Gee Whiz. Sounds like the late 20's all over. The government today says the risk of a double dip recession is gone. No Shit Sherlock! (excuse the French) They aren't mentioning the coming depression. You kno,. the one that past history has always shown would happen when governments continually print unbacked money to cover their reckless spending. The Weirmar Republic (Germany) did this and look what that led to!

History! Why do we never learn from it? Why do our government officials constantly lie to us? Quantative Easing is nothing more than printing worthless money. We rename it or repackage and say it's never tried. The morons in D.C. in turn hope they can convince the public of this deception. And history repeats itself as one way or another they spend us into oblivion! When are we going to stop this?

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