Monday, October 18, 2010

President Liar!

I and others have been quite open as to our disdain for this Leftist piece of garbage that now inhabits the White House. I have been taken to task more than once for referring to him as a Marxist, a Racist and most of all one of the most despicable liars I have ever seen when it comes to politicians. The fact is politicians from both sides of the aisle are guilty of these shenanigans in one form or the other. Once they have had a taste of the power as to their office they will destroy their own party and of course throw any shred of dignity out the door to keep that power. all we need to do is witness not only our girl Lisa up in Alaska, but the behavior of the "establishment" Republicans and Democrats when it comes to someone from outside the cocoon.

Still, I don't think anything these clowns do is close to what the President has done! The man has backhandedly driven this country to the edge of bankruptcy and irrelevance! Openly lying about and denying every position he took in the past and would take, the electorate bought into this wanna be socialist dictators lies. And don't forget. President Bozo had a super majority in both houses yet couldn't (luckily) get parts of his Anti-American agenda passed. Of course that's the Republican's fault. After all, why blame it on his lackeys, you know the ones who didn't need one Republican vote to pass their failing agenda. Easier to lie about the opposition than accept responsibility for being an ideological moron.

It comes as no surprise to me that the President has been caught in another one of his lies to the public. The man has his elitest head so far up his you know what that he is to blind to see that the electorate is in fact paying attention. They are not stupid and they are tired of being talked down to and lied to. This is easily one of the most pathetic creatures to ever inhabit the White House. And there are people who actually applaud this clowns leadership? What leadership. Lies and deception. that's all there is. Want proof? Just look at this! Case in point:

From the PBS News Hour (Thanks to Michelle Malkin’s blog)

JIM LEHRER: Speaking of President Obama, there is this big piece in your newspaper’s Sunday magazine that’s already been read by everybody, at least anybody who has got an advanced company and who is interested in politics, about President Obama.
What do you think of piece?

…MARK SHIELDS: He didn’t have to do this. What he is doing, a retrospective before the election.

I mean, we have gone from perhaps the least introspective president to the most introspective president. I mean, he sits there and talks about what it means to him and all this. For goodness’ sakes, he’s got a responsibility to his party.
How would you like to be a Democratic member of the House fighting for your life right now, getting hit over the head for having voted for the stimulus bill, and have the president say in The New York Times Sunday magazine, there’s no such thing as a shovel-ready project?

JIM LEHRER: Yes. That was — that’s the piece that’s been — that particular quote has really been drawing the flies — the fleas, has it not?
DAVID BROOKS: Yes. Well, I shouldn’t have confessed this. He said this to me off the record about a year ago. But it hasn’t…

JIM LEHRER: Off the record? So, then you can’t talk about it.

DAVID BROOKS: Yes, because Peter Baker is a better than I am, because I couldn’t get him to go on the record with that thing.

JIM LEHRER: He said this to you a year ago?

DAVID BROOKS: It was obvious. I mean, you are trying to build a stimulus package. And when they were trying to build it, believe me, they would have loved to have filled it with infrastructure jobs. But the projects just didn’t exist. They couldn’t do it. They couldn’t find them."

Moron alert! The President openly lied to the public as to shovel ready projects, part of his so called stimulus package. He lied and he knew it!

While I fully agree that the Democrats record must be put forward first and foremost, the fact is that the lies and deception must also be emphasized.

The president says in The New York Times Sunday magazine, there’s no such thing as a shovel-ready project!

LIES and DECEPTION. In this the Democrats rammed close to a trillion dollars debt down the country's throats, based on a LIE!

Maybe what I'm trying to say is the lies and deception are part of their record and as such, it must be exposed for what it is.

The man has been living in his lie for years. The public must not allow this pattern of behavior to continue. Our elected officials must be held up to a higher standard. Barney lies about his involvement as to Freddie and Fanny. The list goes on and on, both sides guilty as charged. It has to stop now! Any incumbent who lies to their constituents, who talks down to them, tells them they are to dumb to comprehend the issues, etc. must be run out of office now! As to this Anti-American president, in my view his lies and deceit are tantamount to treason in my book. From my little corner of the world, he has not done anything except do his best to deliver us into the hands of his Marxist handlers and push our country closer to Third world status.
A lying President! Think about that folks. Oh, they all do it, but have we ever seen anyone so open about it?

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