Monday, October 4, 2010

March of the Democratic Socialst Party, Their Open Despite of America

In past posts, I have made it extremely clear I am, to say the least disgusted with both our Comrade in Chief and the hard left bias of the Democrats and so called “Progressive Republicans”. And yes, I openly refer to the President as a hard Core Commie Socialist and Racist. I say it and I believe it to the bottom of my heart. I and others have been taken to task for not only the above, but for also backing up our statements with facts, in most cases using their own words to show one what we are trying to refer to. For that, we are treated with deep contempt by the Obama Propaganda Machine (that’s the Main Stream media to you lobbies out there) as well as anyone on the left (including idiots like that sap in Alaska who lost on the Republican side).

One has to give the lefties credit though. Just when you think they can’t stuff their feet any deeper down their throats, they manage to dig their selves a deeper hole. If I were a comedian, I’d have to give them credit for the reams of material they were giving me. Unfortunately, this isn’t comedy. It’s reality and our country is in great peril thanks to the positions taken by the Commie buzzards now in charge. And for the record, I do not say this out of spite. I say these things because I firmly believe these people are Anti-American in their positions. Pure and simple!

That brings me to the “One Nation Working Together Rally” held in D.C this last weekend. Openly Anti-American and endorsed by our Socialist in Chief!

Others have pointed out not only the extremely dishonest reporting (boy, I must be mellowing on that last statement), the filth these people left behind and so on and so on. Below are just a few of the organizations which backed this rally. Please note again. The full list is huge and easily attainable; many sub splinter groups, etc. As I said, others have done a far better job of informing the public of this and I thank all for their work and writing.

Communist Party USA (CPUSA),
Americans for Democratic Action,
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation,
International Socialist Organization,
New York City Democratic Socialists of America

BTW: Couldn’t resist here. How can one do anything but equate this fiasco to a Communist Social rally? For God’s Sake! They were marching to and singing the old Soviet anthem!

I have a thought here, one that should cause even the Democrats to stop and take a good look at their selves. This rally was endorsed by Obama himself. In other words, our president endorsed and backs Socialists, Communists and every other fringe leftist group bent on destroying our country and her ideals! What you saw on display is the Democratic party at its worse (I guess I should say at its best if you listen to the cry baby propaganda machine). Pat Caddell , whom I’ve referred to in past posts among others has been pointing out for some time now that the Democratic party they knew had been hijacked! Wrong! The Democratic party for all intents and purposes is now dead! In its place now stands the National Democratic Socialist Party! I cannot even remotely express my contempt for people who are so blind to the threat facing our country. Only the Main Stream Press and their willingness to openly lie about what is going on disgust me more!

As to our Racist in Chief. Just the other day in a speech he stated "it took time to free the slaves." in trying to defend his failed policies. I could only take that to mean he feels anyone against his socialistic policies wants people to be and remain enslaved. We have the Black Panther controversy, one in which he openly supports his ultra racist attorney general as he dropped an open and shut case of voter intimidation purely because the defendants were black. Yes, I know I’ll be called the racist, but fact speaks for itself. The leader of the free world doesn’t even have the balls to correct a shameless illegal act. So much for bringing the people together! Again, there are so many examples of this horrible hypocrisy, provided one actually looks for it rather than just march lockstep to the party line!

Back to our little (I mean that, it WAS LITTLE) march on Saturday. I’ve tossed in a few of the racist groups below. As I know I’ll be taken to task for this, one point. The NAACP was once a proud organization with a valid goal! What happened to them? When did they decide that Racism is all right if practiced by them? As for “Push” and” LA Raz”a. Push is nothing but a sham front for Jesse and his extortion racket. And La Raza is openly one of the most hateful groups there are especially when it comes to (oops, dare I say it?) ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

Rainbow PUSH Coalition,
National Council of La Raza

Our country is being destroyed from within! When Kruschev banged his shoe on the table all those years ago, he stated that exact intent. And it’s happening as we speak. Do we as a nation have the love of country to fight this? Or is the President correct and we instead settle for being like the rest of the third world failed countries? Class warfare, Racial Hate and Socialist practices all being espoused by the President and his hard left advisers and Congress. Are we to late to stop this? Thw world is looking for our leadership. We are not followers!

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